360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

360 human hair wigs 101

360 lace frontal human hair wigs were designed to give you more in that natural illusion hairline. It was almost like giving you the lace wig without the lid or the lace wig without having all the extra lace in the back. 

360 lace frontal human hair wigs are designed to give you that versatility with on your parting pulling up in a ponytail. All those different fun things braids whatever you name it, now when people would apply frontal, there were different methods to do it , before you can use the elastic band, you can get some song on you can do adhesive and depending on, if you’re drawing like a 360 lace frontal human hair wigs sometimes with those if it fits perfect on your head there’s just time all around you’re like good to go now with that being said let’s break down the application. 

Sew-in 360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

If you are going to do a sew in front. You need to make sure you have those edges. you need that long and I cannot stress that enough, because you want your solid to be able to have something to soul that parcel on and with that being said even with the monster edges you still will have a little bitty piece of lace around the hairline.

360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101
360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101 – monster edges

You will have to lay down even with some type of maybe gel or harder gel. You’ve got to be glue however you want to call it something. You need to kind of lay down the frontal around that little bit piece of lace, that is still able to flap up, and not have the lace move will still move, even if its own down, because let’s face it.

No one is going to have their lace so on all the way on there for you like that, I mean your hair is by here, majority of people is not, but they’re so that means say you will have that extra little lace that you will have to lay it down.

360 water wave wig lace front wig human hair near me human wigs
360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

Elastic band -360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

I do have it tends to lay more flat to the scalp, with the elastic band, you can get those put on your front go first and then get your sewing clip on orders over that you can do the elastic band after you make a wig and you know put that then in and it will hold flat here, however when you go to pull it up guess, what’s going to happen? you’re going to have a flip flip flip foot, that’s because even though the lace is tight on your head is still not tight enough to do up put on little pony.

360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101
360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101 – elastic band

What happens is you get the little flip, which means you will have to use some type of tag down that’s it again, whether your gel your got to be glue, whatever the case may be to lay that little part down, sometimes people do the baby hairs and you know why they do that, because you still want to transition that lace seamlessly with your forehead that gives you the illusion of the hair growing out of your scalp.

Adhesive – 360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

let’s move on to the third application number three, you can do the adhesive which rings from your tape, your liquid glue, your sticky glue,I will recommend either like your bowl hole a tape, number one hands down my favorite day and then you also have your clearing which is like a clear I mean acquire a white glue adhesive and then it dries clear, you have to do is take alcohol and rub it on the lace. It comes right off, I do it all the time it does not take your edges all. I use it on my client and again I will say it does not take your edges off.

Adhesive for 360 lace frontal wig edges

If you take it off right, you can’t go ripping, the glue or the unit off or the sewing off, you want to make sure you were moving it properly, with the clean it does come with its own shampoo and conditioner. I can’t get it off whatever if you use the product right, you will be able to put on and get it off, with all that being said the glue, the details are the only two applications that i have seen that actually help you have everything lay down smoothly smooth without baby hairs.

If you don’t like the baby hair or i just need a little bit of baby hair, those may be the method for you, but i will encourage you to find someone who know how to do it properly so that way you don’t leave with your edges is gone.

Maintenance 101 – 360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

Let’s move on to maintenance, most of us hold on sew-in very very long time, but the typically time that keep your head is four to six weeks, I know you don’t want to hear that, but guess what four to six weeks, eight week will be the long is that I will tell my clients. They can keep it in their head, you need to be able to have access to just got you to take that out you need to wash your hair to make sure hair isn’t getting too dry.

you need wash the 360 lace frontal wig per 4-6 weeks

You need to get it out your hair and start over, with a frontal sew in you need to do at least to me check up, I hate to say that but that’s the honest-to-god truth, so we check out because they are so much more maintenance you have to have your stylist check and make sure it’s not lifting anywhere you want to make sure that it’s not sliding back as your hair grows out all of the above is just unfortunately you want to do. 

Two weeks maintenance, if it’s looking good in two weeks then you can call your college I hey it’s not looking fine, maybe I can cancel that appointment. however you do want to call it has been,  please let my calls last minute, but into their how would that be in say, I said again frontal our maintenance lady you can’t just wear these and wearing like you would a normal sew-in and where do you suppose. I’m good for like system wait, I have to see my thoughtless,  no ,that is not the case with frontal and then also every single night when you go to bed, you want to fold a scars and you want to type it right around the front of i here and then the rest of your hair, you can put in there. by the reason why you are tying this right around the hairline is that it is training the lace to lay flat, to stay flat, to stay in place that is how you want to sleep in your lace frontal .

360 lace

360 lace are free similar pretty much the same, the difference is the way they are made with the whole. either you’re going to have the perfect one that’s going to fit perfect on your head. meaning that you won’t meet any type of adhesive and I seen that with clients most times you’re here measures between anywhere from 20 to 22 inches they seem to fit perfectly on your head. If your head is anything smaller than that or is larger. Unfortunately you will have to do a larger 360 lace frontal human hair wigs and then don’t come with adjustable strap and with that being said even though you were just those stripes

360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

The bad thing is that people order the 360 lace frontal human hair wigs support up in a pony. the bad thing would be strapped in the back is that it leaves a budge, so it’s not going to give you like that flat illusion of ponytail, because it leaves that budge back there. That’s the bad thing with the adjustable straps in the 360. now they do sell the ones without the adjustable straps and again I will only suggest .

If you have a head size of 20 or 22, because those will lay perfectly on your head your sellers can either so and then do that he’s the same thing squeeze them and make them like perfectly seamlessly on your head. I bought some beautiful ones that were done and it looks amazing on so with that being said that’s really like the gist for 360 the same thing though it maintenance you want to go for your salads every two weeks You also want to tie around the hairline that is I cannot stress that enough , you always want to be tying around the hairline that is just going to help you from looking like this.

Tie her down -360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101

360 lace frontal human hair wigs 101
360 lace frontal human hair wigs

last but not least, if you have not had a closure, you don’t even a frontal, if you have not had a frontal maybe you shouldn’t jump right into the 360 lace frontal human hair wigs. you want to learn how to start off with manipulating these laces and having them lay right by starting off maybe with a lace closure and just working your way up to the 360 lace frontal human hair wigs , sign though the 360 at some point, if you order those you might as well just get a full lace wig. I’m just saying, if you’re going to get back you might as well get a full lace wig, so yes what’s the point of giving these 360 and then sew-in bundles through the middle just plan, I’m a co-production myself, this is one of those 360’s with one of those in the middle starting to think why did I do that maybe I could have just got what’s gonna full lace wig.


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