4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair

Are you a natural girl seeking a more manageable option for your hair or are you dealing with dry thin relaxed hair if that’s the case you might want to consider texlaxing. in this article I’m going to be giving you guys a full explanation on what it means to be Texlaxed and I’m going to be giving you 4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair to achieve a full yet manageable look for your hair.

If you’re here, it probably means that you’ve been thinking about texlaxing, you’re frustrated with your hair and dealing with relaxed hair, that’s thin and brittle or you could be natural and you’re just seeking a more manageable option for your hair, I remember being natural and spending hours and hours on my hair and that can be super frustrating.

What is Texlaxing?

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4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair

Texlexing is a chemical process, using a chemical called sodium hydroxide to break the protein bonds in the hair to loosen the hairs natural curl pattern. That sounds like a little excerpt and you’re right it is a relaxer, texlaxing is relaxing, it’s the same chemical process.

What is the difference between texlaxing and relaxing

However the difference between texlaxing and relaxing is the fact that you are purposely under processing the hair when you texlaxed and the reason why you would want to under process your hair, is because of the benefits of not damaging the hair to the same extent as a relaxer, but also because with the relaxer, your hair becomes much more manageable.

One of the reasons some women resort to texlaxing is to make their curls more manageable, particularly when it comes to straightening with thermal tools. Both texlaxing and relaxing hair alter the structure of virgin hair permanently. However with relaxing hair, the objective is for hair to be straight and with texlaxing the objective is a looser curl.”

It loosens the curl pattern although it doesn’t loosen it to the extent of a relaxer, it does loosen the curl pattern, so you get the benefit of what relaxers provide, but you have the benefit of having a thicker fuller look the the look that you get more so with natural hair, it kind of combines the best of both worlds.

Question for you guys how many of you out there are tech slack and what has been your experience and if you’re not texlaxed have you considered texlaxing before and if so what are your reservations about it.

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most popular methods for texlaxing hair

1. Shortening Processing Time

The first method that I personally use and recommend is just shortening the processing time, so shortening the amount of time that the relaxer actually sits on your hair. I like this method because I think that it gives you the best results and the most control over the results of your relaxer.

 I personally leave my relaxer on for 12 minutes before I rinse and by timing myself and knowing my relaxer time, I’m able to ensure that every relaxer that I get  the same texture every time, but I will say that it is more difficult when your texlaxing to get the same texture every service, because instead of the relaxer where your goal is to obtain straight hair with texlaxing.

You can have many different variations of textures and if you’re not consistent with the amount of time that you let the relaxer sit on your hair and if you’re not consistent with your appointments meaning that you have approximately the same amount of new growth every time you go in, the getting that consistent texture can sometimes be difficult.

2. Add conditioner or oils to mix

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4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair

The second method to texlaxing is adding oils or conditioner to the relaxer mix, to dilute the relaxer itself. By diluting the relaxer it slows the processing of the relaxed or chemical, because there’s other stuff other ingredients in the mix itself.

 I just recommend that you really monitor the hair as its processing, because if there’s any inconsistency in that relaxer makes it you’ve now added oils or conditioner to, if there’s any inconsistency with the with the lost my train of thought or the mix itself meaning the oils are not evenly distributed through the relaxer mix you may end up having patches of hair on your head, that are being processed that faster or slower rates, so I would just be mindful of that, but that is an option.

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4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair

TIPS: As an alternative, you might choose to add a small amount (approximately 1/4 cup) of oil or conditioner directly to the relaxer mix, making sure it’s completely incorporated into it. This dilutes the straightening chemicals, and weakens them before they’re applied to your hair.

3. Oil hair strands

The third method for texlaxing is adding oil to the hair strands themselves, prior to putting the relaxer on your hair, the oil acts as a barrier between your hair and the relaxer slowing the relaxer process. I don’t really care for this method though it is an option, because unless you can ensure that you are evenly coating your hair with that oil.

You may get inconsistent results with the relaxer, the relaxer day process stronger on an area of your hair where you’ve added less oil, as opposed to an area where you added more, so just be mindful of that and with the second and third method, whether you’re putting oil or conditioner in the relaxed remix itself or you’re adding oil to your hair strands.

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4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair

You may still want to consider shortening the relaxer processing time, just adding oils or conditioner may not do the job, you just have to monitor the results of your hair, which is why I really recommend that you get this professionally done. 

4. Use a texturizer

The fourth method is going to the store and buying a product that is branded texturizer, it’s the same chemical as a relaxer, it may be a lesser strength relaxer, but it’s still a relaxed using the same chemicals, the really the only difference is that in something called texturizer.

4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair

They will sometimes add different ingredients oils or butters or things of that sort, to kind of do exactly what I mentioned in the last two methods, which is just sort of diluting the relaxer, but a texturizer is a relaxer, it’s just a lesser strength.

So you can opt for that option too, if you don’t want to do kind of like a DIY version of that, but you could also buy a branded texturizer, but I just want you to know that don’t be mislead by companies marketing it as something that’s other than a relaxer, because it is a relaxer.

So those are the 4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair to achieving tech slacks hair, you can either shorten the relaxer time processing time, add conditioner or oils to the relaxer mix itself to dilute the strength of the relaxer, add oils to your hair strands to form a barrier between the the relaxer and your hair or you can opt for a market product called texturizer,

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4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair

But just know guys that that’s still a relaxer, if you’d like to know specifically how I process my hair to achieve texlaxed results, definitely leave a comment down below, letting me know that that’s something that you want to hear, thank you very much!

Thanks for your reading the article -4 most popular methods for texlaxing hair, how to fix them, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article What is difference between dry scalp and dandruff, how to fix them for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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