5 myths for synthetic hair wig

5 myths for synthetic hair wig

Myth 1: wigs can fall off when you move your head

These are no particular order by the way, the first wig myth that i think people we should talk about is that wigs can fall off or like when you flip your hair if you move your head wigs can fall off, i’m saying that’s a myth because can that happen well yes.

But there’s so many different ways of securing your wig, i do have a post which i talk about how to secure wig in all different types of wig security and with the different types there’s ones that  i don’t want to say permanent, but there’s ones that are more long line long wear options and some that aren’, but there’s such a variety of different ways, where if you are wearing the wig correctly you’ve secured it correctly it’s the right size for your particular head.

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs
How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs

There’s really shouldn’t be that much worry that your wig is just gonna fall off or fly off, if you’re gonna be going like on some kind of amusement park ride or swimming or things like that then that’s a different situation, but your regular just smuggler going to the store going to work doing your thing that really doesn’t need to happen.

Myth 2 : wigs are not & itchy

Wig myth number two is that they are hot and itchy, so this this can be true. wigs can be very hot they can be very itchy, but it’s a myth that they’re all that way. i do have some summer wig tips , but part of what contributes to whether it’s itchy or hot is the density of the hair. so if the hair if you have a really really full thick wig it’s going to be warmer than other wigs.

Also the wig cap construction i do have a article on wig cap construction, but this particular wig cap has what’s called wefts so there’s like air space in between and i think those are less hot than like a full mesh wig, sometimes the way that the hair is put into the cap it can stick down into your wig cap so wearing a proper wig cap wearing a wig cap in general will help from that to be sort of pushing down and itching your scalp.

Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig
5 myths for synthetic hair wig

They do have other things and i am looking to review, they do have sort of these like you put them under your wig cap and it’s meant to make you cool i don’t know if it works or not i’m going to test it out, but there are things like that longer styles things

That are going to sort of come down around your neck and sort of keep that heat in because you lose heat from your head just think of it like a hat, if you want to get shorter styles you want to get airier styles or you want to have the hair sort of up off the back of your neck, those are the ways that it can be sort of less warm. 

Myth 3: wigs will look fake

myth number three is that wigs will look fake, we in our minds think that they look more fake than they actually do because like we know they’re fake, but that doesn’t mean that they necessarily are looking to other people .

Wigs nowadays affordable and up to name brand wigs are just changing so much and there’s so much different innovations happening that they definitely are looking more and more natural. Related post : HOW TO MAKE THE SYNTHETIC WIG LOOK MORE REALISTIC IN 5 SIMPLE STEPS

5 myths for synthetic hair wig
5 myths for synthetic hair wig

Side note i am speaking when i’m talking about this i’m speaking mostly for synthetic wigs i wear synthetic i have a few human hair wigs, but i wear and prefer synthetic wigs i have a article on why that you can go ahead and read.

Myth 4: Human hair is better than synthetic

Myth number four is that human hair are better than synthetic, but i do not human hair is not necessarily better for a few reasons, one of the reasons why i love synthetic is because they come styled and then they stay styled, human hair is human hair you can style it any way you want which is great, but just like when you wash it get in the rain humidity, It’s going to react like human hair, so that’s something to keep in mind.

5 myths for synthetic hair wig
5 myths for synthetic hair wig

As far as quality, i don’t know that the quality is necessarily better either, it’s just a difference in preference, so it’s like you know do you want a truck or a car, it doesn’t mean that the truck or the car are less quality or have less specs and amenities that you would like it just means that they are serving different purposes, so i think that’s definitely a myth.

Myth 5: cost = quality

Myth number five is that the cost is equal to the quality, i’m going to tell you that is absolutely 100% no, i review wigs that retail for 400 plus and i review wigs that i have paid less than 12 dollars for and i’m telling you that the quality isn’t necessarily attached to the price.

5 myths for synthetic hair wig
5 myths for synthetic hair wig

In general like if you’re gonna purchase a wig, i do definitely think you need to do your due diligence. like i said just because of the cost it doesn’t mean quality either way, there are caveats to buying a wig and i do have post on that, but that’s definitely a myth. 


So those are 5 myths for synthetic hair wig that i’m sharing with you, if you have missed that you would like to share let’s do a conversation about it down in the comments okay.,Besides the areticle, you also check this article Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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