9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you

9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you

Thanks for you visit our blog and read the article about wig hacks, 6 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you, I mean the simplest things you can do to you with a home we don’t need a major tools or anything. 

1. Iron

First off we’re going to the iron, if you don’t have flat iron at home, please use an iron, especially if you don’t have a hot comb, you can use an iron, because I know I’m not a fan of these ways up closure parts, so you just use an iron to lead on your closure parts and also if you want to straighten your hair, just use an iron to straighten your hair, it works like magic thank me later.

9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you – iron

2. Hair pins

Next we’re going to be talking about Wig combs, if wig didn’t come with this combs, I think something that helps you adjust push your Wigs up, it can’t come off easy. You can replace it with this hair pins, gets missing easy, you just maybe use four of these, one left top, one right top, one left beneath one right beneath and you’re gone easy.

9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you
6 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you

3. Pressed powder

The next hack we’re going to be talking about is our pressed powder, we hairstylist use what we call instance that’s to match your lace color, you don’t want walking around town which are less white, doesn’t work that way.

So you make sure you get a pressed product that matches your color, always your makeup powder, then you just apply a little to your lace parts, blends with your skin, so you don’t look like you’re wearing someone else wig, 

The whole concept about these ways is for it to actually look like your hair, although people know that is know your hair, but we are joined this illusion that it’s my hair. So if you don’t have a listing or if your laces didn’t come tinted, you can use your makeup powder to blend in to matches your color. 

9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you
9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you

4.Wear a wig cap

Once you are done with prepping and plucking the hairline, the installation process begins. Secure your entire braided hair with a wig cap that resembles your skin tone. It is crucial to wear a wig cap because it protects your hair from potential breakage from friction. If you do not have a wig cap in your skin color, you can always use foundation powder along the hairline. Always clean around the forehead and hairline with a cotton pad. This way, makeup residue, dirt, and oil get removed before installing the wig.

5. Waterproof eyeliner or mascara

Next step we’re going to be talking about baldness, like I think maybe you’ve had this wig for so long and then you realize that your closure starts the hair starts ripping out of your closure, so you realize this a big cross bullets a parts or something just you use a waterproof eyeliner or mascara to seal out the holes.

9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you
Waterproof eyeliner 9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you

This wig I have here, is about lost his own hair, so it became balding, it get rid of baldness you need a waterproof eyeliner or a mascara, that’s what I use for this, so people will see it as no it’s for behave but you know that a liner that you used to stick take there, so you see some black block marks, I used a waterproof eyeliner to get rid of their baldness.

There’s no hair just dots, the thing you do is take your eyeliner, then you just fill in the holes. you filled has no hair, just create illusion that there’s hair there, so you can use an eyeliner or a mascara. 

6. Finding The Right Wig Glue For Strong Hold

It’s time to start gluing the wig. There are many types of glue for wigs on the market, but you want one with a firm hold and won’t cause you to break out because it will be applied directly to your skin. Check the ingredients of the glue so you do not suffer from any allergic reaction. Other things you need to keep an eye out for when choosing wig glues are how fast it dries and how easily it can be removed. Applying the glue in dots or putting a thin line across the hairline helps provide a clean installment, which offers a seamless look. Apply the glue three times for a stronger hold.

7. Permanent marker

9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you
9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you

Next step we have over bleached knots, I show it as gif format, it use a permanent marker to get rid of your over bleached areas, so let’s say this piece is over bleached, I just use my marker to paint it, so like I’m painting the color the brown color, the black color, so I mean I’m getting rid of over bleached hair, so you can use your permanent marker to get rid of over bleach, not to create the illusion that all your hair is black goes in the garbage.

8. Use a Hair Oil

Not for the wig, but for yourself. Before even touching your wig, consider covering your hair in your favorite repairing oil, which provides nourishment and will repair your damaged hair and prevent split ends. Think about it, if you have particularly damaged hair or want to work on  preventing potential damage, what better time than while wearing a wig? Lather your hair in a repairing oil and take advantage of the hours during the day your hair will be concealed by a wig. You’ll be rocking your new ‘do while strengthening and repairing your real hair at the same time.

9. cotton hair bands

So next step this we need follow me a lot know, how much I am against this, don’t use rubber ties , because you can’t find a hair ribbon or something, so please does the last don’t use these for your head, its tear your hair up. please get a cotton band or something I used to add cotton headbands for my clients, but anyway you go back to that, but anyway please develop the habit of using cotton hair bands, if you can’t find one just use your hair to tie it up, but please nothing should make you use these rubber ties. I love you and I love your hair.

9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you
cotton hair bands – 9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you


Thanks for your reading the article- 9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article How to highlight human hair wig at home for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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