best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention

Best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention

Do you want to know the best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention, i’m going to be sharing my healthy hair routine that i will be following in 2022, it will involve some scalp care, how i take care of my ends and how i keep my hair at optimal health as much as i can, i’m starting off with my hair parted the way i like it with the middle crown of my head sectioned away. 

Scalp scrub

Then i’m gonna apply a scalp scrub, which is super simple to make, you just get whatever sugar you have and mix in invigorating oil, i use the glow for scalp stimu lator,  mix those two together until you get the consistency that you want, then apply that to scalp.

First applied it on the bottom two sections, my hair is super stretched out because i did flat iron it, but scalp scrub for me is a more beneficial when done after a protective style, because it’s going to help lift a lot of the dead skin and build up of your scalp.


Just to make the cleaning that you’re going to do with the shampoo a lot more effective, once i’m done applying the scrub to the whole of my scalp, then rinse it out and start with the shampooing process, i like to use a shampoo bar this one specifically because it has a lot of slip and it’s a super moisturizing shampoo, i do want to emphasize that it’s not necessarily about the products that you use, but more about the technique and what they actually provide for you rather than specific name brands.

I like the shampoo because it has slip so much, so that i’m able to finger detangle, i realized that instead of waiting till my a deep conditioner part of my routine, it’s way better to basically be able to detangle at every stage, so that you don’t have to be fighting for your life, trying to detangle out all the big knots that you made when you were shampooing.

It also leads to less breakage for me, i really do enjoy a very moisturizing shampoo. i mainly use my fingers to detangle, but i don’t shy away from using a comb when necessary, i’m not the most effective finger detangler yet, but i do want my hair to be extremely detangled, so i go ahead with a comb when needed.

best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention
best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention

Another thing that i will be implementing in my routine is slowing down, i’ve realized that not wanting to spend two hours washing my doing my hair, that i tend to rush and that could actually cause more breakage, because i’m less patient, so i’m trying to avoid that and trying to be as patient as possible.

Finger detangling has actually helped me slow down a bit because you can’t really rush that process, i’ve soaked all of my hair in this shampoo instead of rinsing it out section by section, that’s because the shampoo is moisturizing enough to leave on your hair, your hair won’t feel stripped.

Deep conditioner

When you rinse it your hair still feels good, the next step is apply my deep conditioner,the deep conditioner i used is just a moisturizing deep conditioner and i went ahead to add some alma powder, i feel like they really make my hair feel good feel strong and feel very much defined, the the curls themselves are super defined, if that’s something that you’re going for i recommend using not just ayurvedic herbs, but any type of powders, i’ve realized when i put those in my deep conditioner, my hair comes out super defined, once i rinse it. 

Depending on what my hair needs i will change, the herbs that i use for example if i want a bit more strengthening, i’ll throw in some almond powder, if i want more protein some cassia and so on, that’s just something that i’ve been seeing a lot of benefits from and i suggest you implement these in your routine as well. i’m also applying this specific deep conditioner to my scalp i normally don’t do that, but this deep conditioner is super thin, it’s not really even looking that white on my hair, because it’s a very thin.

best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention

I feel like you’ll be able to wash off easily so it won’t really clog my scalp up. Once i’ve applied the deep conditioner all over my hair, i’m gonna go and put it in a plastic bag and let it sit for like 30 to 45 minutes, then i rinse out the deep conditioner and then immediately add my leave-in conditioner while in the shower, this is a life hack your hair absorbs the leave-in conditioner, that’s why you can kind of see a bit of product on my hair, it’s not that i didn’t rinse out the deep conditioner well that’s just the leave-in that i added

Regarding split ends which i’ve had and i realized i had a lot when i straightened my hair, i did a very good trim on my hair, i still feel like i need to trim it a bit more, but my ends were definitely in shambles, i just want to take a moment to really emphasize the importance of trimming your split ends, split ends travel up your hair, if you ignore them now there’ll be more to cut off later. 

Shea butter

Then i’m gonna go in with my multi-use butter, which is just a shea butter product to seal in all the moisture, i like to concentrate the product on my end, but make sure to also smooth it throughout the length of your hair so every strand is coated, you know well sealed before going ahead to braid it for the night.

Also i normally apply my scalp oil at this stage as well, but because i was able to apply the deep conditioner to my scalp, my scalp feels super moisturized as well, so i didn’t feel the need to do that.


this is about two days later i wanted to take down my hair, my hair is super moisturized super shiny, take down the braids i’m not trying to do a braid out, but look at the definition in my hair right now, i’m telling you guys this is mainly from the alma because my hair is not not this defined usually, when i don’t mix in any powders, but mixing in a type of powder and herb or even a clay into your hair routine can give you so much beautiful definition.

best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention
best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention

If that’s something that you’re looking to do, if you want to do a braid out a twist out and you want that extra boost of definition without the use of gels definitely try that as well, I comb out my hair, you might probably be like all that work for all this definition, but the point was not to get my hair defined it’s just a by product of the hair care routine, but i wanted to comb out all of my hair, because i’m actually going to do a protective style later this day, my hair feels super soft it’s super detangled and it’s ready to be put into a protective style.

Conclude – Best 4c hair routine for scalp care thick ends and hair length retention

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