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Best 7 tips for culry natural human hair maintenance routine

A lot of people want to know how do i get so much definition how do my curls look so basically healthy and juicy and how is my hair basically not frizzy, so i will share the best 7 tips for culry natural human hair maintenance routine.

#1. Cleansing Properly

First we’re gonna start with cleansing properly, this is super important, cleansing is important because you don’t want to cause product buildup on your hair when you have so much product on your hair, the other product and nutrients can’t get through to your hair, it does not penetrate your hair, so therefore your hair is not getting the moisture it needs and it starts to break off at the ends.


I cleanse my hair at least four times a month, so once a week and that’s also because I have low porosity hair and it’s very easy for my hair to obtain break and build-up, but what I typically use is natural cleansers such as apple cider vinegar and then I also started using bentonite clay and my hair loves the bentonite clay, it’s literally amazing I’ve never seen my curls do what they’ve done this week.  

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best 7 tips for culry natural human hair maintenance routine

I love apple cider vinegar, because it’s a mild cleanser and it’s a city acidity level is great for the hair strand and then I left the bentonite clay, because it cleanses and also conditions the hair, it is so amazing and I mix those two together.

Clean your scalp

Make sure that you’re cleaning your scalp, you want to make sure that you’re not only getting your hair strands, but all see your scalp because the new grows out of the scalp, quickly I go for it how do you shampoos I go for a sulfate free shampoos.

#2 Deep condition or hot oil treatments

Deep conditioning your hot oil treatments, a lot of people don’t necessarily realize that I want you to take care of your hair, the more that’s you baby your hair you’re gonna start to see the actual pattern of your hair, your hair pattern will change, if you give it the nutrients that it needs. I’ve seen my hair my curl pattern literally just transformed, because I take care of my hair do deep condition at least once a week or I do my hot oil treatments.

Best 7 tips for curly nautal human hair maintenance routine
best 7 tips for culry natural human hair maintenance routine – oil treatment

You need to at least do it four times and I mean low porosity at least do hot other treatments twice each month. Your hair will love it and thank you for it, if you do not up to four tims, we need to change that, we’ll do it together,it may seem hard at first, but it’s not when you really prep and you’re supposed to use and everything like that and when you plan your weeks ahead, so it helps so much.

#3 Damp on wet hair

Start with wet or damp hair, you never want to try to really detangle your hair comb your curly natural human hair when it’s dry, because the thing is the curls are so they’re all mixed together. I’m saying your hair is already dry, you’re not gonna get very far, so you want to make sure their hair is damp and you

section it off and then you start really combing through those sections and really just detailing each curl as you go, That will definitely give you definition it amazing.

#4 Denman Brush

This is optional, some naturals like to use it and some don’t, I first I love it it’s the Denman brush, I’ve been using that ever since I really like became a natural and I love it, it literally defines the curls and it’s amazing.

Best 7 tips for curly nautal human hair maintenance routine
Denman Best 7 tips for curly nautal human hair maintenance routine

#5 Gel or mousse

Gel or mousse, this is important because if you have more of a fine strand you want to use a lighter gel, but if you have like a medium to heavy density as far as your strands concerned, you’re want to use a heavier gel, for me I can’t use a gel that’s too thick, because it weighs down my curls, so you want to make sure that when you are picking out your gels, you really pay attention to how it reacts to your curls and how your cross-reactive.

#6 Light manipulation

Light manipulation, when you are detangling your curly natural human hair, you don’t want to smack and pull at your hair, you want a baby your ends, that’s how you always start from the ends and then you work your way up to the root.

You want to make sure as far as if you’re doing protective styles, you’re not again it’s not too tight like if you get braids, they’re too tight you’re gonna be upset. You want to make sure you get braids that are about they’re still tight, but we know like if it’s pulling at your scalp me you got bumps a girl no that’s a negative.

#7 Night Routine Less towels more cotton

We’re gonna go ahead and talk about our night routine, this is very essential when you are transitioning natural or when you are natural, because you would have to understand that every time you lay down your hair, if it is not assigned pillowcase or it’s not in a bonnet and it’s on a pillowcase that is like cotton and it’s just a rougher material, your strands are gonna cause breakage, because your hair is consistently rubbing and causing friction on the pillow when you are asleep.

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Best 7 tips for curly nautal human hair maintenance routine – satin pillowcase

So you want to make sure that you’re sleeping with a bonnet or you’re doing a satin pillowcase I can’t stress how much, the night routine needs to become party realized I understand, but its aren’t cute but you can get a cute one like my mom, we have real cute ones and honestly it’s like not that bad.

Scarves it’s the same thing that’s what I typically like to do, I think it’s like the more cute hairstyle, but you can also do the satin bottom, the satin pillowcase and I actually got one like five months ago and I know that it’s doing wonders.

CONCLUSION – Best 7 tips for culry natural human hair maintenance routine

Thanks for your reading the article – Best 7 tips for culry natural human hair maintenance routine , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle TIPS ON HOW TO PROTECT YOUR HAIR FROM HEAT DAMAGE for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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