best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen

Best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen

Autumn season is coming, even if it’s not quite cold yet where you are it is autumn the heat and humidity is coming down and eventually it will move towards winter light temperatures, frizzy dry dull and damaged her things we all want to avoid, but as we work our way through autumn, our hair can really suffer due to the weather. So i would want to share the best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen with you.

We first want to do is assess our hair we want to know what it what’s the current condition but before we do that we need to get rid of all the products and everything that we put on our hair over the summer all the products that got rid of frizz all the products you put in there to keep your hair moisturized keep it strong it’s time to get all that off of your hair off of your scalp.

Tips for autumn hair care regimen

#1. Do a clarifying treatment

Using shampoos to strip hair of all the products give it a nice massage, make sure if you use a shampoo a clarifying shampoo do it twice, other options are clay you could use bentonite clay make a little bling pitch night clay mix or we’re so clay, first strip your hair of all the crap from the summer.

# 2 Elasticity treatment

Do a treatment to make sure your hair has all its luster and bounce back, my favorite is the weed dog crawl recovery meltdown Xtreme repair mask, I lov this and this will help your hair bounce back, just apply it to the hair use some heat definitely use heat with these types of treatments, however you got to do and leave it on your hair for at least 15 minutes, then rinse it off and then can you really know the condition in the state of your hair and style your hair, however you gonna style it and then assess your ends once it’s dry. 

#3 Get a trim – autumn hair care regimen

Get a trim and look at those ends I doubt that you don’t have a single split in from the entire summer, because heat is very harsh to the hair, once your hair is dry and you’ve seen it you’ve assessed it, you’ve done your less juicy treatment, you’re stripped it of all the crap go ahead and either give yourself a good trim or go to a stylist and get a trim.

best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen
best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen

You don’t have to cut off a bunch of hair, just cut off those split in the stead ends, cut off those bowls that might be on the end of your hair, go ahead and cut that off it’s not gonna really go away, it’s gonna travel up the the Strand, so you want to go ahead and get rid of those split ends.

#4 Turn down the heat in autumn – hair care regimen

Cold weather can cause your hair to become very dry, using heat on your hair can make it even worse, when showering don’t be tempted to switch up the heat because of the cold weather, hot water can dry your hair out further, which can lead to damaged and split her, when you are out of the shower try to towel dry your hair rather than using a hairdryer, at least make sure you’re using a good heat protection spray or serum, before blow-drying curling or straightening.

#5 Bring back to the moisture

At this time of year it seems like everything is out to get your hair, cold weather hot showers and changes in temperature from the cold outside to the cozy inside, all these things will dry your hair out, so it is important to put the moisture back into your hair, if you want to prevent dry dull hair then look to use a conditioner treat yourself to a strong conditioner or hair mask at least once a week to bring life back to your hair.

With so many conditioner options available there should be something out there for everyone, whether you need something for colored hair something all natural something vegan or something for the kids, there are plenty of options available. 

#6 Fight the frizz cold drizzly

best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen
best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen

Damp days are the worst, especially for ruining your hair with frizz, so why not try some frizz busting products, perhaps give anti frizz shampoos and conditioners ago to help keep the frizz at bay, or you could try hair sprays and gels to keep your style in place. 

#7 Don’t over wash

We know that washing your hair in water that’s too hot than dry it out, but it’s also important to note that washing your hair too often can also lead to it becoming dry and damaged, while you need to ensure you wash regularly to keep your hair clean, washing to regular will lead to your hair becoming damaged and possibly even brittle, instead try using a dry shampoo to enable you to go longer without having to wash your hair.

#8 Be smart

When it comes to the cold weather there are some things you should avoid doing at all costs, in order to keep your hair damage free, one of these being that you should not go outside with wet hair venturing out with that freshly washed hair can be damaging in many ways, from the cold weather drying out your hair – a damaging extent to your hair freezing and breaking, if these aren’t reasons enough going out with wet hair, will no doubt make your clothes wet and you very cold.

#9 Get it out of the way

With all the wind rain and other harsh weather conditions, your hair is subject to being blown all over and becoming knotty and frizzy, you’ll probably be tempted to drag a brush through the knots to try and tame your Mane and restore your nice hairdo, but this can rip and snap your hair causing serious damage and split ends.

If in doubt then keep your hair out of the way, tie your hair up in an out-of-the-way style such as a loose ponytail fun or plot, use a soft hair tied to avoid ripping the hair with elastics, you could also took your hair away in a cute hat or you could try a head scarf to avoid hat hair 

take care of your hair b following these rules you should be able to keep your hair nourished and undamaged in this cold weather

CONCLUSION – best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen

Thanks for your reading the article – best 9 tips for autumn hair care regimen. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article The relaxed hair Q and A for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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