Best after shower routine for healthy hair

Best after shower routine for healthy hair

Your after shower routine is a foundation for healthy hair, but it’s hard to know what products to use and exactly which order to use them in, so i’m going to show you the exact after shower routine which is super simple and easy for you. Best after shower routine for healthy hair

Every routine actually starts in the shower, i need you to really get in there with your shampoo, that way you start with fully clean hair, that’s important because it allows you to go longer between washes, you can use less product and less time on your hair, because you don’t have to do it as often. 

Towel dry your hair – after shower routine tips

After that great wash, you’re going to get out of the shower, towel dry your hair hopefully with a microfiber towel, but if you don’t have one it’s not the end of the world, microfiber towels tend to glide over your hair more easily, that way they don’t get caught and cause any breakage, another thing you want to make sure to do is pat your hair dry, you don’t want to take the towel and go like rubbing it all around, that will cause breakage as well.

Best after shower routine for healthy hair
Best after shower routine for healthy hair

Leave-in conditioner

Best after shower routine for healthy hair, the first thing you want on your hair is always a leave-in conditioner, you used a regular conditioner in the shower which added a ton of moisture, but the problem is that moisture begins to leak from your hair as soon as you get out of the shower. So you shoudl use leave-in conditioner comes in it locks the moisture in keeps your hair healthy and hydrated, if you use a conditioner without a leave-in conditioner you’re doing it wrong for fine hair.

You want to use about six to eight sprays, medium hair by eight to twelve, for curls hair you’d use like 12 to 16. but really you want to experiment that way you want to find out exactly how much you can use without making your hair heavy.

Leave-in conditioner also acts as a detangler, when you want to take your wet brush just start detangling the hair, i would really recommend you stay away from combs because combs tend to get caught and when they get caught, they can cause breakage. 

blow-dry cream

Anytime you blow dry or use a heated brush, best after shower routine for healthy hair, you must use a blow-dry cream and it must have built-in heat protection,  my favorites is olaplex number six which have heat protection and will make a huge difference in the texture and shine of your blow dry, most people want to use about a pea-sized amount, but if you have a ton of hair or extra long hair, you can always use more all, you’re going to do is spread it out on your palms and start working it through your hair starting from your mids and ends. If you want to get volume make sure to add some extra around the roots of your crown, that way they’ll give you some lift.

Rough drying

The next step your hair should still be pretty wet, it’s too wet to work with, so we want to remove some of that moisture by rough drying it, if you’re doing this at home, it’s actually much easier to rough dry, if you flip your hair over your head and do it upside down, the reason for that is gravity has been pulling water from the top layers of your hair and dragging it down to the underneath layers, so if you just went like this rough drying, the top is going to be super super dry and the underneath layers are going to be soaked.

You want to rough dry your hair evenly by concentrating on the underneath layers of your hair, flipping your head over is a really easy way to do that, how much water you actually want to remove from your hair, you’ll hear a lot of percentages thrown around, but 80% dry to one person is not the same as 80% dry to somebody else, don’t even go by that.

It’s also a false premise because how dry you want to get your hair is different for everyone, if your hair tends to frizz really easily, you don’t really want to rough dry much at all or else you’re just going to be creating a mess, what you really want to do is rough dry your hair until the point where you start getting frizz, so as soon as you start seeing frizz stop you’re good up.

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Best after shower routine for healthy hair

Blow drying and hot sets

Blow drying or using a heated brush on your hair, but before you do that you want to go over it one more time with the wet brush to make sure there’s no tangles, so you don’t get any breakage, when it’s fully detangled you’re going to go in and start blow, drying during the actual blow dry you want a decent amount of tension, the hair should be pulled fully straight, that’s going to give you a much better texture and your style will last longer.

You want to go at a smooth and steady pace, there’s no reason to go faster with the brush, it doesn’t actually get the hair done any faster you, want to stop doing a section when you notice it’s starting to get warm, when it’s warm that means it’s fully dry if you keep going it’s going to get hot and you risk doing damage to your hair, so now that you’re done with your blow dryer you can move on to using an iron, now you already use a blow dry cream with heat protectant, but it’s nowhere near strong enough to stand up to the heat from an iron.

Blow dryers are usually 170 degrees, but irons are usually double that at around 400, so you need something stronger my favorite are redken hot sets if you’re just starting out, i really recommend you use hot sets because it’s much more forgiving than the cream.

Heat protectants

Heat protectants are really confusing for some people, you want to remember this is not a helmet, you can’t just spray this on the outside of your hair and be done, you need it to be throughout your hair where the iron is going to be, so as you iron your hair you’re going to use this and spray it section by section.

You also want to make sure to brush it through your hair, if you use way too much of this and don’t brush it through your hair, it’s going to feel weird and give you a weird texture it, only takes three to five sprays per section and make sure to brush it out until you can’t feel it anymore, if you can feel this in your hair you’re using too much.

Hair oil

Hair oil we’re gonna use this for two things, it’s gonna protect and hydrate your ends, so they don’t get damaged and it’s also gonna make them smooth and shiny, so we’re just gonna take a little bit and i mean a little bit in our hands, you don’t wanna use too much, rub your hands together and then start applying it to your ends.

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Best after shower routine for healthy hair

Almost all of the oil will go on the ends, but inevitably there’s still going to be a little bit left on your hands, so go over your mids a little bit to smooth them out too, i just want to stress one more time, do not use a ton of hair oil or your hair will feel heavy and gross, you can always put more in, but you can’t take it out so go slowly and if you’re not sure start small. 


Hairspray is optional you should only be using this for hold, because remember it does make your hair feel heavier, so if you use this you will have to wash your hair more often than if you skip, it the number one rule of hairspray is you never want to use this on any one section of your hair for longer than six seconds, if you do you’ll be adding more weight than you are adding hold, which means your style will fall and feel gross.

CONCLUDE – Best after shower routine for healthy hair

So that is the full routine i cannot wait for you to try this out. Thanks for your reading the article- Best after shower routine for healthy hair, Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this articl BEST 4C HAIR ROUTINE FOR SCALP CARE THICK ENDS AND HAIR LENGTH RETENTION knowledge about natual hair.

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