Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth

Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth

My hair oiling experience

Hair oiling is something that i’ve been doing on and off for years and years, since i was a child actually i remember my mom would drench my hair in oil, put it in a braid and send me off to school. I’m a south asian woman and i think a lot of south asian women grow up oiling their hair, it’s something that our moms do for our hair.

At least that’s what i’ve heard from a lot of my south asian friends, but as i’ve gotten older the way that i oil my hair and the products that i use to oil my hair have definitely changed, as i’ve gotten older i have pcos and one of the side effects for some women who have pcos is hair loss, so hair growth is a big thing for me stimulating and encouraging hair growth is something that is a constant in my hair care routine.

Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth
Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth

I like to do some sort of hair oiling treatment every week prior to washing my hair, when it comes to hair oiling there is not a bunch of research out there and results can vary from person to person, but here’s the thing during those times of my life, when my hair has been at its worst those were times, when i was not oiling my hair and every time that i go back to oiling my hair, i just think to myself why did i ever stop oiling my hair, it makes my hair look more hydrated more shiny makes it grow faster even.

The reason for i oil my hair

I want to stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss, but i have pretty long hair and i do have some shorter layers that i’m working on growing out, but when you’re trying to have long hair. It’s not just about growing hair from your scalp, it’s also about length retention.

I actually do heat style my hair once a week and curly hair, sometimes i will leave it naturally, but most of the time once a week i do heat style and oiling my hair has actually helped to moisturize and minimize the damage that i can get from heat styling my hair, it’s also helped to strengthen and minimize breakage and minimize things like split ends.

Hair oil products i used

These are the three hair oils that i use this is my sweet almond oil, this is pumpkin seed oil and rosemary oil, why do i like to use these specific three oils.

rosemary oil

Rosemary oil first because there have actually been studies that compare the effects of rosemary oil to minoxidil, if you don’t know what minoxidil is it’s that active hair loss treatment ingredient that is in rogaine, in this study both rosemary oil and minoxidil actually show compatible results in terms of hair growth at six months.

Rosemary oil has also helped to increase blood flow in the scalp which can encourage your hair follicles to thrive, which might even lead to more hair growth and what’s also great about it is that it does have anti-inflammatory properties, it has antibacterial properties, so if you’re someone that deals with dandruff it can help with that as well.

pumpkinseed oil

Pumpkin seed oil has actually been shown to have the ability to block androgens, which is ultimately what causes male and female pattern hair loss, pumpkin seed oil is also rich in omega fatty acids there’s vitamin e there’s vitamin k it’s nourishing to the hair it’s moisturizing to the hair, i find that pumpkin seed oil makes for a great carrier oil for the rosemary oil which is an essential oil and you never want to put essential oils directly on your skin or your scalp it’s way too strong for that.

I do like to dilute my rosemary oil in the pumpkin seed oil and then apply that to my scalp, but we’re going to get on to that later, something to keep in mind when you are oiling your hair is results are of course going to vary from person to person, there just aren’t enough studies out there to show a definitive correlation between using these hair oils and having more hair growth, but what i can share with you is my experience and my results.

Almond oil

Last hair oil that i use this is sweet almond oil and i like to apply this to my hair and specifically, if you wanted to you could put this on your scalp as well, but when it comes to studies that show a correlation between using almond oil on your scalp to show hair growth, we just don’t have those studies or at least i haven’t found them in my research.

There have been studies that have shown an improvement in hair resilience when treated with small amounts of hair oil like almond oil, so almond oil is going to be one of those oils that is great for strengthening the hair preventing breakage preventing split ends, which of course is great for that length retention that, i’m trying to achieve.

My hair oiling routine – good for hair growth

Apply hair oil

How exactly i go about hair oiling , i oil my hair once a week every week prior to washing it and the first thing that i do before i oil my hair is give my hair a nice brush through, you need a one nice and gentle brush, and give my hair one nice brush through just to make sure there aren’t any tangles in my hair before i start hair oiling.

Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth
Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth

Once my hair is brushed out, i will take a bowl so that i can add my oil to the bowl to easily apply to my scalp and i will take three full droppers of pumpkin seed oil, one full dropper is about 1.25 milliliters, three full droppers would be 3.75 milliliters to be exact for you, then i will take rosemary oil i take six to eight drops of rosemary oil and mix it into the pumpkin seed oil, i only take six to eight drops of this because remember essential oils are very concentrated, you don’t want to apply too much of that to your scalp.

I’m also not trying to drench my hair in oil, because that’s just gonna make it 10 times harder to wash out fully drenching your hair and oil is something that you want to do then go for it, but in my experience i don’t find that it’s very necessary, i find that a light coating of oil is really all that i need.

Once i have my oils in my bowl, i just give it a good mix with my brush you don’t have to use a brush to apply oils you can use your hands your fingers, most of the time i don’t even use a brush because i can’t even find this thing half the time, in my opinion oiling your hair should be just a really simple quick thing in your routine.

Oil my scalp

I like to go section by section throughout my scalp and apply the oils directly to my scalp, i use a brush but you can just section off your hair on your scalp with your fingers and apply the oil with your fingers directly onto your scalp and don’t want to forget the back of your scalp as well. 

scalp massage

If have any additional oil left in my bowl, i will put that onto my hands and i will run that through my scalp and give myself a little scalp massage. I am personally a big believer in stimulating hair growth with scalp massage, i know that there are some professionals out there that don’t believe that massaging your scalp can lead to hair growth, but personally i just disagree.

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Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth – scalp massage

Oil hair ends

I will use my sweet almond oil and i mainly like to concentrate this on the ends of my hair, because that’s where i feel like i need it the most, i like to just take a little bit of this and put it in the palm of my hand, there’s no real measurement i can give you because i always just eyeball it, but if you’re starting out i would just start with a little bit of oil, because you can always go back for more.

I like to just take my fingers and run the almond oil through my ends and through the lower lengths of my hair, i just do this until i have a nice light coating all over my ends, because again i don’t want to drench my hair, i just want to get a nice light coating of oil in my hair, so once i’m done oiling my hair i do like to gently comb through my hair.

A lot of people say that you should not brush through your hair after you oil it, but this comb is very gentle it doesn’t pull on my hair at all, i really just like to do this to make sure that i don’t have any tangles in my hair prior to going in and washing my hair.

Bonnets – hair oiling routine

At this point my hair is oiled it’s combed through it’s tangle free, i will put my hair up in a really loose bun, when it comes to the scrunchies that i like to use in my hair, i prefer to use silk or satin or cloth scrunchies, but i like to use those types of scrunchies in my hair because i find that they’re just so much more gentle on my hair.

Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth

Then i will put one of these bonnets on my head and i have a bunch of these, but i love these because they help to protect my hair from the damage that a pillow case can cause, it helps to keep any oil from getting on my pillowcase as well.

Avoiding sleeping in hair oils – hair oiling routine

I do like to sleep with my hair oils in my hair and then i just wash it out in the morning, but if you’re someone that doesn’t like to sleep with hair oils in your hair, i totally understand that, so if that’s the case for you i would just keep the oil in my hair for a few hours at least before washing it out .

something else that i have done before when i don’t want to sleep in my hair oils is, i will oil my hair put on one of these shower caps, then i actually put on a tight-fitting beanie on my head and i do that because i feel like it helps to seal and heat, i feel like it helps the oils penetrate better as well.

Result – hair oiling routine good for hair growth

Then once i’m ready to wash the hair oils out, i will just shampoo condition style my hair as usual and that is how i oil my hair, that is what i do prior to washing my hair every single week, the thing with hair oiling is once you start doing it, it just becomes a really simple quick easy thing in your hair care routine. 

CONCLUSION – Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth

Thanks for your reading the article – Best hair oiling routine good for hair growth and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article  BEST TIPS FOR BRUNETTE HAIR CARE for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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