Best tips for brunette hair care

Best tips for brunette hair care.

We are gonna be talking about brunette hair care, the best tips for brunette hair care to keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny.

Maintenance of that rich dark hair color

The first thing is maintenance of that rich dark hair color, a couple of years ago this was a lot more difficult, we have so many more products available to us that we can use to maintain that color, super easy products to use like hair conditioners by overtone.

There are many companies that do a version of this, but if you were just looking to maintain a few richness of your color, you can get a color conditioner in the exact same color that you have and that you want to keep or you can get something a little bit darker to intensify the color.

Gray roots

Next step is for brunette hair that have gray roots, whether you’re doing the color at home or going to a salon to get it professionally done, constantly get asked what is the best way to cover gray, considering that you’re already brunette you’re our dad and an advantage that using a darker hair color is going to be best for covering Gray’s.

My tip for this is you are level-5 all over I would suggest going one to a half level darker at the root, it’s going to be great at completely covering that gray, if you’re ever in doubt a little bit darker at the root will make the color look a lot more seamless and blended, rather than having a slightly lighter color at the room. 

Use a high-quality hair oilbrunette hair care

The next tip is to use a high-quality hair oil, believe it or not I’m super lazy when it comes to the maintenance of my own hair, I want the daily steps to be down to a minimum, I like to use a good shampoo a good dinner and a good hair oil. I feel like in those three products those have to really be doing something for my hair, because I don’t want to add a ton of other steps.

My favorites is the MONAT oil and this stuff is amazing, if you are experiencing hair loss, if your hair is starting to feel a little bit thinner, applying this to the scalp and to the roots will actually help the follicles be at their healthiest state, meaning that healthier hair can grow out of that follicle.

MONAT oil  – Best tips for brunette hair care

You also can most certainly apply this oil to the ends and mid shaft of the hair, giving it a beautiful shiny look, not only is it going to give it a beautiful shiny veil, it’s also going to penetrate deep into the hair and heal the hair from the inside out.

Get trims often

The next step is to get trims often, I think definitely blonds are reminded more of this, because blonde hair will show split ends and all of that much sooner, the hair is light tracks light and it’s definitely more obvious on blonds, but it’s not to say that if you are brunette to neglect your ends, so a good trim every two to four months is ideal.

Why your hair is not growing
Best tips for brunette hair care

Add Dimension with Highlights and Lowlights

When it comes to beauty trends these days, it’s all about depth and dimension. Whether it’s your hair color or your makeup, a single shade is rarely the way to go. Rather, experts typically recommend incorporating an array of complementary shades that can pair together for one cohesive monochrome look that’s full of movement.

As far as hair color goes, that means asking your colorist for a series of highlights a few shades lighter than your natural brown color, as well as a series of lowlights that are a couple of shades darker. When getting your coloring process, you want to make sure that your colorist uses a balayage technique so that your dimension is as natural-looking as possible—after all, the last thing you want is a chunky look. The balayage technique involves a colorist hand painting highlights onto your hair to areas that the sun would hit.

Protect Your brunette Hair from the Sun

It’s not just blondes that need to shield their strands from harmful UV rays. Too much sun exposure can leave brown hair looking brassy and orange. For ideal protection, use a color-protecting cream that’ll also prevent dryness and breakage.


Another thing I love to do and this is for all brunette hair types is to get a dusting, what a dusting is the removal of all split ends, if they are traveling up the hairline rather than just cutting the ends, this will prevent the split ends from splitting further up and becoming a bigger issue, so just keeping the problem abate is key.


The last tip has to do with coloring your brunette hair to maintain your brunette shade, I’ve heard either from friends or clients sometimes saying that, in order to get to the brunette shade that they’re at that they used a 30 or 40 volume, that is so unnecessary.

The good news about that is that if you are brunette, you can use a much lower developer which is a lot healthier and easier on your hair, you’re still gonna get that AG nificent color payoff, you lower the developer the darker the hair gets,the better it is for the hair the lighter the developer the more you can lift the hair, but it is a little bit harder on your hair.

If you’re already going darker stay in the low levels. Of course this tip is for those of you that are coloring your hair at home, a good rule of thumb is if you have gray who’s 20 volume, just because you need the hair to open up a little bit more to be able to receive the color, if you don’t have any gray and you really just going darker use 10 volume.You are going to be left with shiny healthy beautiful hair and amazing color payoff. 

CONCLUSION – Best tips for brunette hair care

Thanks for your reading the article – Best tips for brunette hair care, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article  HOW TO FIX THE 3 COMMON HAIR COLOR ISSUES for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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