Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig

Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig

we are going to be talking about best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig for you, there are different type of wig, you have the fullest,you have the closure, you have the five by five, you have the frontal, you have clipping extension and you have your own natural hair, you might even decide not to spend no money on your bridal human hair wig. 

Hairstyle for bridal human hair wig

This is the question i always get all the time which we should i buy, peruvian, brazilian, i’m like come on wait, where is the style that you are trying to do, what you need to do is to get the style, you can get it from pinterest, google, instagram, get your hairstyle, i normally tell people get two to three hairstyles of bridal human hair wig and get it down, don’t buy the wig , you might even surprise you don’t even need to waste money to buy a wig.

Hold on look for a stylist check stylist near you bridal hairstylist and book a consultation some of them do free consultation and some of them they will charge you it’s just like a little fee, because it’s better to do the consultation, instead of you wasting money buying the hair that is wrong for the particular style.

bridal hairstyle

This happen a lot a lot of clients they contact me and they say oh i’ve got the wig this is the start i want to do they are so excited, they show me the hairstyle of bridal human hair wig, i’m like this hairstyle and the wig you’ve got is wrong it cannot go with the hairstyle that you’ve used, then they have to spend another money to buy the wig or the hair that they need for the particular hairstyle.

Some hairstyles of bridal human hair wig you don’t even need to buy a wig at all, do the consultation show the stylist the three hairstyle that you would like to do style, one i like that style two style three, then they will help you decide, not just the hairstyle you know now, it has to go with your face shape as well

Hair volume

If you are doing this kind of hairstyle, you will need a 24 inch, not like a 24 that becomes a 22, because sometimes when you buy hair from this website, you’re buying a 24 when it comes you have like a 18 inch, it has to be 24 or you can buy 26 inch the longer the better depending on the style and some hairstyle if you’re doing this particular style you need the hair to have volume.

Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig
Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig

It doesn’t matter even though it’s Peruvian Brazilian no, just get a hair that has volume, because when it has volume it can hold the style, but if you are just doing something simple like a sheer like a bow, you can use any hair, but it’s still going to be long, you don’t need to have like a volumized hair, because you’re going to kind of slip it to the back, so that’s why you need the hairstylist to help you choose the right hair to buy, after you know the hair to buy now safe to waste it.

How to right choice the type of bridal human hair wig.

They are different type of wig. you have the front lace, some people they want a middle part in why would you go and waste money in buying full lace, when you’re going to cover the side of your hair, it doesn’t make sense because full lace is more expensive. wedding is not cheap it’s expensive, so why i say to my client is what else do you have at home, some of them already have hair at home, maybe we just only need to change the closure or they have to worry about is paying me do you understand. 

so that’s it made the stylist talk about if you have hair at home or not, sometimes you might just want to do like a ponytail which you can be able to use just a frontal at the front and then they can just slip your hair at the back, they are different type of wig to buy, you have the full lace which don’t even think about that, because you glue it and then the back start moving up. i would recommend depending on what you’re getting the front lace is good.

Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig
Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig

if you want maybe you don’t have your natural hair to do ponytail or your hair is natural, you want more like a sleek look and you don’t want to straighten your hair, get like a full lace that will just go back. Something like this and then you have just the five by five closure lace, in case you want to do like the u-parts, so this is fantastic for the u-part.

What hair length you need?

We’ve come to the length depending on what style you are doing, if you are doing a chignon, probably you get 24 24 26, not tiny closure it has to be long as well many more maybe 22 20, because you need that hair to be able to wrap and flip up, some hairstyle you need to have up to three to four bundle. You need to have a lot of hair to give you that volume.

Sometimes you don’t even like this other style i did for this lady, she said oh i want this tie my hair i’m like can i see your hair, because i know wedding is expensive and they spend a lot of money for the drinks and everything, when it comes to hair they are trying to cut corners, find out how much your hair is going to cost, because some bride will cost between 450 to 500. Depending on what time talk to your stylist, i have this hair home, can i use it, what length is it show them and let them see, because you might even end up not buying hair.

Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig
Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig – 5X5 CLOSURE WIG

That is money wasted, there are different type of wig recap again, we have the full lace wig, there is lace all around the head which i don’t really kind of, but if you want to buy that, for me i think that is waste of money, they have the front lace which is popular a lot of people buy that, that is my favorite.Depending on what you are doing, they have front lace and closure, different kind of closure for wedding, i would say buy the five by five, there’s clipping as well.

Stylist help you decide on the style of bridal human hair wig

There is a client, i use a clipping, because she contacted me, she said i don’t want to wear wig, because i want this style, i ask her whether you mind to buy a extension. She said no no i don’t mind. So i bought the clipping extension for her and put some track in prep the hair, on the day of the wedding, she was smiling and i use our own natural hair to blend the top, you can use clipping extension and you can even use like a u-part wig.

clip-in extensions

So that’s why you need to see your stylist first, to help you check. Some people do charge some people will do it for free for you, just call them this is the style i want to do, this is the style as i said you can look for the style in pinterest, you can check google just type in hairstyle for wedding, black ladies hairstyle, caucasian hairstyle different style, you want to type it into google when you type it, it will just come out then you pick the right style that you want to do, look for a stylist that is going to help you decide on the style, not buying a wig later you cannot buy the right wig for the right hair that you’re doing.

Conclusion – Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig

Thanks for your reading the article- Best tips for choosing bridal human hair wig, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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