Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig

Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig

One of the most important things that you can do to extend the life of your wig is good wig care, Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig, most wig brands will tell you that you should wash your wig every six to eight wears, i’ve been wearing wigs for a little over two and a half years, i have found that i can kind of tell when my wig needs to be washed.

Some of the things that i look for are it doesn’t detangle as easily as it did, when i first got it. It also starts to look and feel gummy, when those two things start happening, i know it’s time to give my wig a really good wash and condition

What products should use?

The only products that should be used on wigs with synthetic fibers are products specifically made for synthetic fibers, at Amazon you can find all of the products that you need to maintain good wig health each brand has their own line of wig care products from shampoo conditioner to detangler.

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Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig – shampoo and conditioner

Supplies that will need – Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig

The things that you’re going to need to wash and condition your wig.

Step 1 – Detangle your wig

The very first thing that i do is detangle my wig, so i need a wide tooth comb and i need detangler, once i know i have all the tangles out of my wig it’s time to wash it and i use a shampoo specifically made for a synthetic. today i am using tooth comb.

Comb hair bottom up
Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig – Comb hair bottom up

Step 2 – wet the wig down (use cold-lukewarm water)

The first thing that i do is wet my wig really well and for synthetic fibers i use cold water, so i thoroughly rinse it from the top all the way to the bottom of those hair fibers, i take about a quarter amount of shampoo, then i start working that shampoo into those fibers, you don’t want to create a lot of friction on those fibers and do a lot of rubbing or scrubbing. you really just want to gently work the shampoo through the fibers.

Step 4 Time to rinse

Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig
Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig

The next step is to thoroughly rinse your wig, you want to get all of that shampoo out of these hair fibers and again starting at the root and working that shampoo out, through the ends is really the most effective way to make sure you’re getting all of that shampoo out.

Step 5 Condition your wig

Once you’ve rinsed all of the shampoo out, the next step is to condition it. if you need a deep condition at this point you can use about a quarter size amount of conditioner work that into the fibers and then you can let that sit on the hair fibers for 15 20 really as long as you want and then rinse it out or you can use a spray-on leave-in conditioner.

Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig
Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig – conditon your wig

Using quarter size amount and gently work the conditioner through the hair fibers again, do not rub not trying to create any friction on these synthetic fibers, 

Step 6 Rise out conditioner

Once i feel like the conditioner has been worked through the fibers well, i rinse it out and i thoroughly rinse out my conditioner working from the root to the tip of the hair fibers.

Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig
Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig – squeeze the excess water out of the wig, do not rubbing

Once the conditioner is rinsed out, i will start drying the wig out, so i’m going to squeeze out any excess water and simply going to start at the top and squeeze the excess water out of the wig.

Step 7 Dry your wig

After i’ve squeezed out as much water as i can, then i will lay it on a clean dry towel and start pressing on the wig, i really want to get out as much water as i can, so i’m going to fold the towel over each other and continue to press on the wig.

Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig – dry towel

Then i hang my wig upside down and i prefer to do this outside, but if it’s cold or if weather is just not cooperating, hang it in your shower, if you have a curly wig take the net that came with it and put the wig inside the net, let it hang dry like that.

If you have a straight wig then you can just clip it up and let it hang down by putting that netting around your wig on that curly style. you’re helping those curls keep their form, gravity will always try to pull those curls loose, we get enough of that just by wearing it or letting it sit on a mannequin head.

What is so great about synthetic wigs?

One of the great things about a synthetic wig is after you wash and dry it, most often it goes back to its original style. so we want to encourage those curls to come back, we net it up, it can stay tucked into itself and maybe help reform those curls, if any of them have relaxed out.

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Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig

If you want to relax a wig that maybe is a little bit too curly, now is the time to just let it hang naturally and let gravity kind of pull those curls down a little bit, now that your wig is dry it’s ready to wear or ready to put on a mannequin head and sit for the next time you’re ready to wear.


This are my Best tips for washing synthetic hair wig, for a long time and I love this hair and I hope that you love curly synthetic hair to just as much as I do and thank you guys for reading this article,Besides the areticle, you also check this article 10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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