Best way to sleep with long hair

Best way to sleep with long hair

The best way to sleep with long hair, i’m going to start with two bonus pre-sleep tips that will help your hair while you’re sleeping and when you wake up, i’ll get into the five ways that you can sleep with long hair.

Brush your hair before bed

This will detangle your hair and help spread any oils throughout your hair, there’s not a buildup of oil on your scalp, that gets absorbed into your pillow.

Sleeping on a silk pillowcase

I’ve heard two arguments for the silk pillowcases, not a hundred percent sure on these claims, because i have not found any studies to back them up, but the two claims are one there’s much less friction on a silk pillowcase than on a rougher cotton pillowcase, the second claim is that cotton absorbs your scalp sebum your hair oils which leads to your scalp essentially producing more which could lead to a greasy scalp.

Silk pillowcase does not absorb hair oils as much as cotton does which keeps it on your long hair, to what degree both these claims are true, i’m not 100% sure and say that i doubt using a cotton pillowcase is the main culprit for a greasy scalp, i would have to say that your shampoo the environment you live in and your genetics plays a much stronger role, if your scalp is greasy or not greasy, the effects your pillowcase has on sebum production, just seemed really negligible to me.

Best way to sleep with long hair
Best way to sleep with long hair – silk pillowcase

I’m not going to buy into that claim, but that’s just my immediate thought again i could be wrong, the other claim does actually sound more true to me, which is that cotton pillowcases are rougher to the touch, they can potentially cause your long hair to either knot up or get tangled or the rubbing, the friction can break up those hydrogen bonds in your hair and cause your hair to be really frizzy the next day, especially if you toss and turn a lot in the night.

I actually think this is more true, if you have curly long hair than with straight hair, so for you with curly long hair silk pillowcase could be a really nice option for keeping your curls intact, even for you with straight hair i don’t think it would hurt to try a silk pillowcase, i mean maybe you would hurt your bank account a little bit, but if you can afford it try it out see what your results are. 

5 tips for sleep with long hair

If you following the five tips can help you no matter what pillowcase you’re using.

Tip #1 Yolo it

Yolo it keep your hair down let it do its thing in the middle of night, i will say the easiest way to do this is to throw your hair up over the top of your pillow, this will make it much more comfortable and your shoulders won’t pull on your hair, if you have below shoulder length hair, each time you flip from one side to the other, full disclosure i sleep like this like 95% of the time, because i’m just i don’t know i’m too lazy.

Tip #2 use a sleep cap

When i say sleep cat i wanted one of those like ebenezer scrooge like long ones, i thought that would be funny that’s actually why i wanted to get it not, because i wanted to keep my hair healthy i literally just wanted one of those, but then i learned that this is huge.

If you’re somebody with drier coarser frizzier hair, you probably know you wake up in the morning your head’s been going like this all night up against your pillows and your comforter, all that it tends to kind of frizz it up a little bit, but when you got one of these sleep caps on that has this like nice soft outside, more importantly this nice like satin finish inside.

Best way to sleep with long hair
Best way to sleep with long hair

It’s not just one material and like two right, like slides and slips rather than grips. I’m saying slides and slips rather than grips i’ve found that every day i wake up after wearing this thing as long as it’s still in my head, it feels way better in the mornings and also i mean sometimes i’ll do it with my hair wet, because i’m too lazy to dry before i go to bed.

Even then my hair dries in like a more controlled curl pattern there’s a little bit of volume issue, but then you just kind of fluff it up and when you wake up in the morning, this has been huge man like my hair has never been as healthy as it is right now, since i started using a shower filter clarifying shampoo and this sleek cap, this is really good.

It is a preferable one if you have curly hair, because it is a great way to avoid friction, no matter what pillowcase you’re using, because you’re using a satin lined hair cap, your hair is stay in relatively still throughout the night, which allows you to wake up with more intact curls and not a bed head frizz ball.

Tip #3 Forehead ball

This is a backwards bun most of the time you make a bun right here on the crown of your head, this is the opposite you’re making a bun on your forehead and not your crown. anytime you tie your hair up for sleeping it should be as loose as possible, not loose enough to fall out, but just tight enough to hold your hair in place without pulling or straining on your follicles the looser the better.

I use a plain old black hair tie, but you can use any hair tie of your choice the more elastic the better, because it will be a looser hold, you can use satin line scrunchies, keychain hair ties all of these are going to be really gentle in holding your hair up and they won’t lead to too much breakage

Tip #4 The twisted high ball with a hair clip

For this style you’re going to gather all your hair like you’re about to make a bun, then you’re going to twist your hair from the root to the ends and then you’re going to twist that twist again in a circle on top of your head, then you’re going to use a hair clip to hold this down.

It’s a really gentle and quick way to hold your long hair up when you’re sleeping, you can use either the hair clips that clip down like the ones your stylist might use in a salon, you can also use kind of those curved hair clips, that clip into your hair as well those will hold your long hair down pretty well as well.

Tip #5 Really loose bun on the very top of your head

Best way to sleep with long hair
Best way to sleep with long hair

This is basically the forehead ball, but instead of on your forehead it’s not going to be on your crown, it’s just going to be smack dab on the top and again the key word here is loose keep the bun as loose as possible based on the elasticity of your hair tie, the number of twists right, so with these generic black hair ties. i only need to twist and loop once through, if i wanted a tighter hold i’d twist and loop twice, but for sleep purposes one is enough.

3 Mistakes to avoid

Best way to sleep with long hair, I want to give you three mistakes to avoid.

do not wear your hair in a really tight bun at night

The reason is you don’t want that tightness straining on your hair for like eight hours, or however long you’re sleeping every single night, because that can definitely lead to your hair straining and you’re probably not balding, but over time your follicles will just become weaker and they’ll be more prone to shedding or falling out quicker than they would otherwise. 

Don’t wear your hair in a ponytail

Ponytails are typically a little bit tighter than buns with a bun, you can release the weight of your long hair by keeping it on top of your hair, with ponytail it can pull more, especially if the ponytail is getting caught on your shoulders while you’re turning it can just put more stress on those follicles.

Avoid sleeping with wet hair

Your hair is already in a more vulnerable state when it’s wet, unless you’re using a sleep cap with wet hair, a sleep cap can keep your head still and help your hair dry that way, but if you’re not using a sleep cap, then you can run the risk of just breakage and knots and when you wake up, it could just be a big mess, so avoid sleeping with wet hair. 

CONCLUSION – Best way to sleep with long hair

Thanks for your reading the article – Best way to sleep with long hair and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article PROFESSIONAL TIPS FOR POSTPARTUM HAIR LOSS for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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