Best TUTORIAL Bleaching Knots & Plucking Lace Frontal Wigs FOR BEGINNERS

Hello everyone, today  i’ll be using 13 x4 hd lace frontal wig and the inches of 20 inches and to start off with the bleaching process, you’re going to prepare something:

How to bleaing knots for lace frontal wigs human hair

What tools is your need ?

bw2 powder a mixing bow

a little wisp

clairol 30 volume developer

The hd lace frontal straight and the knots are extremely tiny

gloves for protection

a butter knife


Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs
Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs

STEP 1. Prepare the Bleach Mixture

Firstly pour half of the packet into the mixing bow. I’m going to go ahead and pour some all developer and the ratio between the powder and the clairol developer. I like to use two to one and more powder than the developers. just so that i could have like a pasty type of consistency and one make sure that it’s pasty.  it doesn’t seep through the lace. when you’re applying it especially.

If you have a heavy hand. so when you are picking it up, you should have like a very pasty consistency and it shouldn’t drop while you’re shaking it that’s how you can tell if the consistency is good or you need to add more powder to make it thicker

Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs
Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs

STEP 2. Brush the frontal of the lace frontal wigs

Hot comb on the hottest setting and training the hair to be straight. i noticed that when it comes out of the package. sometimes the hair could be laying flat on the lace. Which could lead to the bleach bleeding onto the actual hair itself instead of just the knots.

So say for example when the hair is like laying to the right, i like to hot comb it to the left and when it’s laying on the left, i like to hot comb it to the right and that just ensures the hair is just straight and it’s not laying on the lace and we can avoid bleeding.

Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs
Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs

STEP 3. Gently Bleaching Knots on Wig

Taking my butter knife and very very light hand. Make sure have tin foil under lace and on the less shiny side, because we’re going to flip it over. But i like to tackle the front of the hairline first, because wherever you apply the bleach first is where, it’s going to turn first and the most important part is the front of the frontal as long as the front the frontal does not have any black knots.

If it has black knots in the back i don’t really care about it, but the front is what we care about the most, so you want to make sure that you tackle that first, it’s able to bleach first and again like i’m just using the butter knife instead of a brush, because the brush bristles tend to press in the bleach and again for my beginners. you just want to make sure that everything is kind of full proof and that you know you’re able to do this. 

On your first shot with your eyes closed you know. so again i’m going to go ahead and just do this same process all over the front tool, make sure i get every knot and make making sure that i’m covering every knot you guys and again light hand i am not pressing it in. i’m doing it very lightly .

Then turn over the front tool and let that sit for about 40 minutes. you guys but every hair is different you just want to make sure you check on it about every five to 10 minutes, to see if it’s turning and lifting up the hair, because some of it is still laying on the lace and i do not want the actual hair or the root of the hair to get dyed only the knots. 

Pick up the front of the hair so that the bleach can only tackle the knots and not the actual root of the hair and this rule is game changer.

STEP 4. Rinse and wash bleached knots

Around the 35 minute mark i let it sit for about five minutes and rinse it with some warm water and wash out or rinse out all the bleach first, before apply my blue shampoo and the blue shampoo is the joyco color balance blue again.

When you’re bleaching your knots you’re bleaching it to be a orange or brownish type color not to blonde and according to the color wheel blue cancels out orange.  so we’re going to go ahead and use the blue shampoo not the purple shampoo you guys and i let that sit for about five minutes after i lathered it and you guys it literally canceled out all the orange and brassy tones in the frontal y’all and rinse that out and i shampooed and conditioned.

Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs
Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs

Now keep reading to learn exactly how to pluck your wig.

STEP 1. Put your hair on the manequin head

Put the wig on the mannequin head and just t pinned the frontal on here and you want to make sure that the hair is damp and have a spray bottle with water next to you just to continuously dampen the hair.

STEP 2. Run a comb through the front of the wig

Using my rat tail comb and i parted the hair and i’m going to start plucking from the back so when you’re parting the hair you want to make sure it’s like a pretty large chunk away from the frontal or the front area of the frontal.

STEP 3. Gently and slowly start to pluck the human hair wig

Plucking behind out my part not on the part and you want to make sure while plucking you’re not plucking in the same spot. you’re gonna make sure that you’re plucking in different areas to reduce the chances of you getting a bald spot. if you are plucking in the same area and the tweezer that i’m using is the revlon tweezer these are the best tweezers that i’ve used.

You should make sure that tweezers are brand new but not super duper sharp. I’m using the slant to be on the the frontal not the opposite way so the pointy part and then the slam part of the tweezer should be against and should lay right against on to the frontal it shouldn’t be plucking with just the pointy part, because that is how you create holes as you guys can see, the slant is laying directly on the frontal.

Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs
Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs

STEP 4. Repeat the step above with additional layers of hair

Then use comb just to comb out any of the excess hair that i have plucked out and cut a little section to get a little bit closer to the front area and do the same exact thing, until we get to the front.

So again just make sure that the slant is directly on the frontal. You are not plucking directly on the part you’re plucking behind the part and also to make sure that you are not plugging in the same exact spot and comb out the unnecessary or the plucked out hair that you have plucked out just so you can see your work.

I would say after every 10 tweezes comb out your hair i like to use like the forearm of my arm of course to kind of like you know get the hair away just so it could be faster than the comb sometimes picking up the comb it takes out a lot of time so i just use my hand as you guys can see to just sway away the plucked out hair and i’m just literally picking at parts where it looks a little bit dense.

Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs
Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs

Now we are on to the front part now this part gets a little bit tricky but remember do not part do not pluck directly on the hairline pluck right behind the hairline. I am not touching the front of the hairline at all and plucking behind the hairline. Like you use your eyes you know, because your eyes are there for a reason if you see certain parts are looking a little bit dense go in that area behind the hairline and pluck in that section.

I use my hands to just you know remove any of the plucked hair that’s just like my alternate to like using a comb now for the middle section. Do the same exact thing but one thing,  i would like to advise is if you are doing the middle part. sometimes i would advise you to just part your middle part.

You’re not plucking on your middle part but in the in the area that you have your middle part do not pluck in that area at all , otherwise you will have a wide middle part and i’m literally just doing the same exact thing. It’s pretty repetitive pluck behind that hairline make sure the slant is directly on the legs and do not pluck in the same areas.

Make sure pluck in different spots every single time, if you do not want a bald spot. It’s not fun and combing out the hair just to get rid of the excess hair that i have plucked. now the wig is starting to look a little bit more gradient me personally. I do not like to pluck too much, because frontal shed naturally and you just want to make sure that like you’re not looking bald you know like hairlines, even though naturally it kind of fades in the front it should not be a complete fade y’all like it’s okay for it to be a wee bit dense that’s why you get pre-plucked frontals just to make your job a little bit more easier and you don’t have to damage the frontal as much.

We are doing the same exact thing you guys like i said i like to go for a natural look for my frontals. I don’t like them too plucked out because frontal shed naturally and you know for the everyday working woman i’m pretty sure you don’t want to be replacing your frontal after one use each time so save yourself the trouble it will get you know less dense over time can y’all see that natural fade y’all like it’s giving scalpiano come on so now to check my work the hair is dry.

if you need to pluck more go ahead and pluck more, but i am satisfied with how this looks it’s looking super natural not too light, but not too dense either and these are the finished results this is the before and after of the hair before it was plucked and after it is plucked and you can see the clear difference.

Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs
Bleaching Knots and Plucking Lace Frontal wigs


To achieve the natural look, we need to bleaching knots and plucking lace frontal wigs. As a Beginner you can follow above tutoiral. Besides these, you also check this article 8 TIPS BEAST REALISTIC HUMAN HAIR WIGS FOR BEGINNER  for more tips on applying hair natural look.

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