Burgundy Lace Front Wig 101

Burgundy lace front wig 101

When your walk on road, maybe you find more and more female’s hair color is burgundy, whether burgundy color is a fashion trend in this season, do you want to know more about it, today i will share the burgundy lace front wig 101 for you, please kindly keep reading the article.

What is burgundy color?

Burgundy color originated from a kind of very famous wine which made in region of France, the wine called burgundy, the wine’s color similar maroon, but lighter then maroon, and has a bit purple shade, which is a special color and can not be defined by the existing color name, so people directly call the color as burgundy.

Burgundy means noble gorgeous and fashion

When talk about burgundy, people can’t help thinking of France burgundy wine, a noble and fashion lady dress a exquisite costumes at the dinner celebration, the color seems there are some magic can tends to conjure up your inspiration and youthful vigour to make you look fashionable, charming and gorgeous.

4x4 closure straight 99j human hair wig burgundy straight wig
4×4 closure straight 99j human hair wig burgundy straight wig -Burgundy lace front wig 101

Protect your own natural hair

As you know dye your own natural hair will more or less damage it, a burgundy lace front wig is the best choice for you, if you also want to hair to be burgundy color. Please choice 100% virgin human hair burgundy color lace front wig, as the virgin human hair cut from young donor which make the burgundy lace front human hair wig look gloss, fully and tangle-free. Meanwhile the type also is glue-free, you can install it without glue, which prevent your scalp or skin be damaged and protect your healthy. The frontal lace there are very good breathability, which is benefit for protect your own natural hair.

Suit for any Occasion and skin tone

Burgundy color wig is very eye-catching when you walk on the street, the wig color is not dazzling such as red, blonde and pink, while is not dull as black and brown, which is very friendly and soft, meanwhile without lose elegant. Most people like the feeling the burgundy bring to them.

Burgundy wig suit for any occasion, whatever you will going to meet your most important client, or attending a your friends party, or dating with our boyfriend, burgundy wig will make you more confidence and all people will love your with the burgundy wig. Which also suit for any skin tone, whatever your skin tone is black, brown, chocolate, white or others, burgundy color all can brighten your skin color.

Hairstyle is variety

In wig market, there are many type of burgundy lace front human hair wig. You an choice one according to your preferences. If you want to you look gentle and younger, the straight burgundy lace front wig is best choice; If you want to get passionate, burgundy body wave wig is best for you; If you want to look cute and quirky, burgundy curly wig is the right one. Also it is suit for any age of women, whatever you are young girl, or mature lady.

How to install burgundy wig

preparatory stage

Make sure all tools you will need for installing burgundy wig is ready, Wig cap ,Wig glue,Adhesive tapes,Scalp protector,Scissor,Cotton swab,Mirror,Little brush and so on.

Step 1. Prepare your burgundy wig

Firstly you should brush the burgundy wig to get rid of tangle, then clean the burgundy wig, if you feel it is dirty. wearing a clean burgundy wig is very crucial for your hair health.

Step 2: flat your own natural hair

Braids and cornrows all can make your own natural hair flat and prevent have lumpy, which is benefit for the burgundy wig on your head look more natural.

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs
cornrow- Burgundy Lace Front Wig 101

Step 3: wear wig cap

In order to protect your scalp and natural hair, you should wear a wig cap, meanwhile it is close to your skin to make the parting look natural, it also can secure the wig and prevent slip. If you want to know more about secure the wig, please kindly reading the article: HOW TO SECURE WIG ON BALD HEAD OR SHORT HAIR HEAD.

Step 4: Use a little glue or adhesive tape

After put the burgundy wig on your head, if you want to the wig 100% secure, could use a little or adhesive tape. But make sure you are not sensitive skin for these glue.

Step 5: Customize and style your wig

Cut off excess lace that extends out in the front, and create the front hairline and baby hair to make wig looks natural. Then restyle the wig according on your preference.

Tips for maintenance burgundy lace front wig

After you know how to install the burgundy wig, now it is time to learn how to maintain it.


Same as most of color hair wig, burgundy color wig have be dyed via chemical treatment, these chemical chemical substances more or less damage the hair strands, make them loose water and nutrition, so replenishes the moisture is very important to prevent the burgundy hair became dry and dull.

Natural plant Oil

After replenishes the moisture for your burgundy hair wig, you could apply some natural plant oil on the burgundy hair. Such as olive oil, rosemarry oil or onion oil, they can make up the hair cuticle gap and prevent moisture lose, also can make the burgundy hair more shiny and smooth.

Prevent fading

In order to prevent your burgundy color fade from your wig, please do not wash the wig too often. Over-shampooing also can cause the hair become dry and dull, suggest you wash one time per two weeks, if you wear it every day. Just you occasionally wear it, you can 6-8 week wash one time. Meanwhile use the mild sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner when your washing day, maybe you can ask your hairstylist to make a specifically shampoo and conditioner formulas for your burgundy hair, they more professional for these. Don’t wear the burgundy wig expose too much sun, which also leading fade, you could wear a sunhat to protect it.

CONCLUDE – Burgundy lace front wig 101

Above is all about burgundy lace front wig 101, hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, WHAT YOU SHOULD DO BEFORE INSTALLING LACE FRONT HUMAN HAIR WIG for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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