Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming

Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming

Are you looking to have some fun in the sun this summer and don’t want to leave your wig at home. this article is for Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming that it stayed put for over two hours playing with my crazy kids even going underwater.

i am so excited to be bringing you this tip today, i have battled with hair loss and premature gray for years and actually have been wearing wigs for quite some time, but when i go to the beach or the pool, i typically don’t bring a wig with me, because i have just been terrified of that embarrassing moment when a wave hits you or you dunk under the water and your wig flies off. 

but recently i’ve been thinking about summer and having this confidence that i have on dry land, but also having it in the water and wanting to find a way to bridge that gap and secure my wig as well as possible and this one works.

Securing the wig

You can do this with just about any wig, but for me i found that there were some that worked better than others, for me i did try this multiple times and the one that worked the best was a very short style, that had an open wefted cap and that was parker.

The reason that parker worked really well for this is, because parker is very very short and comes up off of the shoulders, but also has an open wefted cap and what i found is that i was able to weave the bobby pins in and out of this wefting for a very very secure fit.

But also the ability to kind of weave in and out of these different wefts made the bobby pins completely undetectable, even when i was going under the water and coming up and my hair was like completely flat, you couldn’t see them there were no pins sticking out it was flawless. 

What is you need

In order to secure your wig, you’re gonna need three things.

– first waterproof adhesive for lace

A bottle of got 2b glued and you’re going to want the yellow bottle, got 2b glued comes in various different shapes and forms.

lace glue to lay lace front human hair wigs 1
Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming – got2b

second a really good wig grip band

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Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming -wig grip

This is my wig grip band that i chose for this process, i did try a couple different wig grip bands and this one worked the best, because it’s all velvet, the other one that is a one that has kind of a lace front and a lace mono, but i think that with this having so much more velvet, it just was grippier and was able to secure the wig a little bit better.

– third some bobby pins – At least 7

I’m gonna secure the wig and find kind of where the cap meets the wig grip band. So that’s right about here, move the hair out of the way and put the pin in between one of the wefts and gripping on to that wig grip band, then do with kind of the end that’s sticking out normally bobby pins kind of have that curvy piece, and weave it back underneath the wig.

Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming
Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming – bobby pins

that part will be hidden by the wig cap, so that way when i’m underwater and my hair gets completely slicked down, you’re not going to see a pin sticking out, because that would be like a dead giveaway that this is a wig right. 

The wig grip band kind of sticking out from underneath the wefting, the bobby pin is and it kind of loops over a couple of the wefts and then back underneath the cap, so that when my hair is down and it’s wet, you’re not going to see any change in the texture because of the bobby pin.

Repeat this process a few more times, until my wig is fully secured. I’ve got all my bobby pins in, two right here next to the temple and two about halfway up to the crown and one more sort of right here at the top and a couple more in the back for good measure.

I did five in the front and two in the back, because really the tendency for a wig is to fall off backwards. it’s more likely that if you dunk your head back, it doesn’t usually fall forward, it usually will fall backwards.

How to choose a wig

You want to think about that when you’re choosing a wig, i did try this with longer wigs and shorter wigs and parker is was the best for me, because i think that this length, it just doesn’t absorb as much water. it doesn’t get as heavy and so there’s not as much of a weight to try and counter balance with these bobby pins. 

Really at this point you could head to the pool and you would have a great time, your wig is secure, you can pull it forehead moves and back, it’s not this thing’s not going anywhere, but if you’re concerned you have a lace front wig and this lifting at all, you will still get some weft, if you don’t have that secured down and that is where the got 2B glued comes in.

Lock Down the lace

When i decided that i wanted to take my wig with me to the pool, i sort of made that decision on the fly and i wanted to be able to secure it with products that i already had at home, that is where the got 2b glued came in.

There are actually better products than this for securing lace front wigs to your head, but they are very very solid, they will gum up the lace and this is a really nice wig and so i didn’t really want to ruin the lace, but they’re also very difficult to get off. They’re really like cemented onto your head.

Some people who use those products like bold hold, they say that it can last for days and days, i did not need that kind of hold, so i went with got2b, because it was water resistant and it provided just enough hold to kind of be able to keep my wig in place, just on the lace line i wasn’t trying to keep the whole thing on, that’s what the bobby pins were for, but it did secure the actual lace front to my head pretty well even underwater.

Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming
Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming

TIPS: In total i used about a quarter sized amount

Put it right along the hairline and you want to mush it down now, you should be really careful, because you don’t want all this in the wig to get caught up in that gel, it’s seriously strong and so it’ll kind of mess up the style of your hair, so you want to kind of keep it up and back as much as possible and you can see just that amount that i added right there, it really changed the color of my lace, because the product is white and so it really kind of sets it off.

Then you need that to dry completely it needs to be fully fully dry, if it’s wet at all then it’s just going to be gummy and it’s not going to protect your lace at all underwater. in order to speed things along to hit it with a blow dryer on the cool setting for a couple of minutes to try and really dry this wig as much as possible.

Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming
Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming

Give it a pretty good solid tug here and you can see it’s stuck on there really well, the got 2b glued is pretty much dry and i want to kind of get rid of some of this ridge part, hit it with a little bit of foundation along that line to blend it in, because i want to try and make that look as natural as possible, the whole point of having a lace front right.

i hope you like the article and it helps you have a little bit more fun this summer, i know it’s helped me this is like the way, and going to be securing my wig all of the time it worked so well and i mean i did not go easy on this piece. I dunked my head under water just straight, tipped my head back i was swimming actively and this thing stayed really well.


Thanks for your reading the article Can you swim wearing wig and how to secure wig for swimming, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article Synthetic wigs maintenance hacks – how to deep condition and revive wig for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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