8 different causes ofgrey hair and how to prevent gray hair

8 different causes of grey hair and how to prevent gray hair

We’re going to talk about 8 different causes of grey hair and how to prevent gray hair, scientists have been working hard to discover different ways to either slow down the rate of graying or to prevent it all together and even reverse it .

#1 : genetics

First and foremost the number one cause of gray hair is your genetics and i’m sure you’ve heard this before if your mom and dad went gray at a very young age, then you most likely will as well.

#2 : Your ethnicity

The second factor for graying a little bit younger is your ethnicity, so for caucasians you’d be considered a premature gray-haired person, if you were around the age of 20 and then 25 if you’re asian and then 30 if you’re african-american. Your ethnicity might play a role in it and it might not, the latest finding and this was in a 2009 study that was published by the federation of american societies for experimental biology try saying that 10 times fast.

#3 : Buildup of hydrogen peroxide

They found that DNA damage in the hair follicles was caused by a buildup of hydrogen peroxide, that same product that people use to kind of make themselves go blonde, they found that a build-up of that in the hair follicle is one of the main reasons for going gray.

It’s interesting because hair gets its color from a pigment called melanin, which is produced by melanocyte cells that are in the hair follicles. What happens is if you get this buildup of hydrogen peroxide in the follicle, then it sort of disrupts that melanin production and then your hair ends up turning gray, so that is a big factor that they’re finding for the cause one of the major causes of gray hair, this information is coming straight from webmd, so i just want you to know where i’m getting my information from.

#4: Stress

Another cause of gray hair and this isn’t maybe necessarily a direct cause there’s kind of some controversy over this is stress. You hear a lot of people say like if you have four or eight year term as a president you are bound to go and gray, it when you look it seems as though like a lot of presidents have gone gray very quickly.

8 different causes of grey hair and how to prevent gray hair
8 different causes of grey hair and how to prevent gray hair

Really what’s happening is stress can cause hair thinning or shedding, and then when that shedding happens, then the hair might be replaced with gray hair. That is sort of like the correlation of it right, i find that very interesting, for example too if somebody’s going through chemotherapy and they’re losing a lot of the hair, then their hair may grow back white .

So is stress the cause of it it’s kind of like a non-direct correlation i suppose, stress is is one thing . I just want to say that these causes are not absolute, if you do one of these things or you have one of these things, then it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re going to go gray quicker, but these are just some of the causes and it might be like a combination of them as well.

#5: Smoking

Next is smoking and this is just one of those lifestyle choices, it may cause your hair to go gray quicker and it also can cause your hair to turn yellow, right from the smoke, i mean it’s just one of those things that you have to make a decision.

# 6: Low vitamin B-12

Next is low vitamin b12, I’m gonna have to read this for sure, but i just want to tell you about vitamin b12 and it’s actually really important it helps make your DNA and your red blood cells. Your body doesn’t naturally make vitamin b12, you actually have to get it from animal based foods and from supplements.It is very interesting right especially if you don’t eat animal foods, you’re more likely to develop a vitamin b12 deficiency.

If you’ve got an immune system disorder, some symptoms of vitamin b12 deficiency are weakness tiredness or light headedness having heart palpitations or shortness of breath pale skin a smooth tongue, constipation diarrhea loss of appetite or gas nerve problems like numbness or tingling muscle weakness and problems walking vision loss and then mental problems like depression memory loss or behavior changes. 

So anyways if you if you decide that you need a b12 supplement, you should probably let your doctor know, so that he or she can make sure that you’re getting enough of the supplement and not taking too Much.

#7: Thyroid disease

Another cause of gray hair is having issues with your thyroid or specifically thyroid disease, so as we get older we just need to make sure our thyroid is functioning well and you know that everything’s Okay.

#8: Vitiligo

so a final potential cause of gray hair is if you develop or have vitiligo, so vitiligo is essentially when your skin loses pigment, just like we talked about melanin in our hair follicles, we also have melanin in our skin right which produces color. So potentially if the skin on your head has vitiligo, then you could end up having your hair in those sections grow white.

How To Prevent Gray Hair?

It is impossible to stop graying hair after a certain age. However, if you are dealing with prematurely graying hair, follow the few rules to prevent the problem from increasing further.

1 – Avoid Hair Products With Harsh Chemicals

Harsh hair products, from hair dyes to shampoos, can contain ingredients that decrease the hair’s natural melanin, such as hydrogen peroxide, which can lead to early greying. Take inventory of your hair care routine and opt for natural, non-damaging products. Plus, by choosing a hair cleanser that protects your hair and keeps it moisturized, you can ensure it looks healthy even when it begins to grey.

Keep in mind that when and how quickly your hair turns grey is determined largely by something you can’t change: genetics. However, by learning how to prevent grey hair naturally, you can keep hair looking younger longer . Plus, following these tips will protect your hair even as it begins to whiten — whether you choose to cover it up or embrace it, your hair will stay healthy, supple, and strong.

2 – Eat A Well-Rounded Diet

Diet plays a crucial role in preventing gray hair. When you eat food enriched with antioxidants, the oxidative stress level decreases.

You should include antioxidant foods like fresh fruit, green tea, and olive oil in the diet. Ensure that your diet includes all the important vitamins and minerals. People, who have a vitamin deficiency, are more likely to notice premature graying hair.

In case you can’t include all the vitamins, at least eat foods that contain vitamin D-3 and Vitamin B-12. Meats, eggs, and seafood are enriched with Vitamin B-12. Cheese, milk, and salmon are good sources of Vitamin D. Thus; you can include some of these foods in the diet.

There are a number of dietary deficiencies that science shows can contribute to graying hair. Vitamin D is one of them. One study published in The International Journal of Trichology found that children who experienced premature hair graying had low vitamin D levels.2 “There was significant high number of vitamin D3 deficient and insufficient among the cases compared to the controls

3 – Stop Smoking

People who smoke are more likely to find gray hair than those who don’t. Most teenagers start smoking due to peer pressure, and they usually find gray hair before the age of 25. According to research, smokers are 2.5 times more likely to get gray hair.

This one is a given not only for hair health but for our general health as well. There’s extensive research that shows smoking is correlated with prematurely graying hair in people of all age groups.

4 – Don’t Take The Stress

It’s a cliche for a reason: Research shows that stress can trigger premature greying. Aim to reduce unnecessary stressors in your life, or learn to deal with stress in productive, positive ways through, for example, exercise, deep breathing, or meditation.

One should do yoga and meditation regularly to reduce their stress levels. Doing daily exercise will make them become active and improve their overall health.

CONCLUSION – 8 different causes of grey hair and how to prevent gray hair

Thanks for your reading the article – 8 different causes of grey hair and how to prevent gray hair. and I hope this helped if you are looking to get you get rid of them let me know your decision down below, if you have decided which type you’re gonna get Besides the areticle, you also check this article IF HAIR NEED PROTEIN OR MOISTURE for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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