common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair

10 most common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair

What is hair breakage?

Hair breakage occurs when the hair shaft breaks off due to weakness or low elasticity. The result is shorter, uneven strands, split ends, flyaways, slow-growing hair, and increased knots and tangles.

Breakage can occur for a variety of reasons. Some hair types are more susceptible to it due to the internal structure of the hair. Long-term damage to your locks can also result in hair breakage.

Why is my hair breaking?

If you’re wondering if your hair is breaking, you may be noticing random uneven splitting hair broken shorter pieces throughout your hair, are also concentrated areas of breakage throughout your head. Does that sound like you? There’s many possibilities of why this is happening to you one You don’t care about yourself.

Common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair

Reason #1

The first and major possibility of why her hair is snapping right off is that it is very dry and brittle, Having dry hair makes it more susceptible to damage, if you’re also not sure if you have dry hair.

Elasticity test

Here’s a quick test to see if you do, take a strand of hair, just a single strand, then you pull your strand of hair straight to test whether it has good elasticity, if you were to do this and pull it tight and your hair breaks, that mean it is hair breakage.


So that’s a simple exercise that if your hair snapped as you did that well. You need to condition your hair more.

Reason #2

Moving on another possibility of why your hair could be breaking is that it’s over processed. Over processed hair is hair that is bleached excessively, chemically treated which includes coloring and straightening treatments.

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common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair


So this one is pretty straightforward the solution to treating your over-processed hair is by taking home salon quality,Professional quality products to care for your hair at home.

Reason #3

You’re giving your hair way too much protein, Too much protein like you need to take a back on the protein. Our hair is made up of a protein called Keratin. So will we deprive our hair of protein through bleaching and processing? What we want to do is fill it back with the protein that it’s lacking. However, a little bit goes a long way, if you overdo it on the protein your hair will become so brittle, that It’s actually going to have negative effects and cause much breakage.


So you need to use protein in small doses? Right after color processes use it immediately.And then once you notice your hair is, you know getting back on track, slow it down use it less frequently. Listen to your hair.

Reason #4

You love to tie your super tight ponytails. I’m talking like faceless ponytails, the problem with doing this is you’re likely use our traditional hair type, tying it like 19 times Super super tight and each time you lock your hair if any hair gets caught in this twist, Guess what? It’s breaking. You’re probably getting lots of tiny little breakage around your hairline, Not just around your hairline, But also where the ponytail is sitting.


We try to make your super tight Ponytail look to use less often and when you’re using a hair tie, use something that is less damaging on the hair, I love love my Invisibles, because especially with my curly hair, It just locks into my curls and I literally just wrap and around my hair tight once and it stays it doesn’t move I don’t have to twist it. It’s not super tight. I can even let my hair down later and it looks fine It’s the best so, get yourself an invisible and your problems will be solved.

Reason #5

The reason number 5 which is very similar to reason number 4 very tight braiding on wet hair, if you are Braiding your hair and super super tight cornrows on your wet hair Well, guess what? Our hair is more fragile when it is wet and especially if your hair is curly. Think about the state of your hair when it is wet.

It is obviously more stretched. Now if you braid your stretched hair that is wet into a very tight braid as it begins to dry. It is trying to retract and that is what it naturally does in each woven section of the braid where the hair? Curves and changes direction it can cause breakage in those segments.


So to solve this problem make sure you’re using a leave-in conditioner. Make sure that hair is very moisturized, so that it won’t break and has good elasticity. Also try blow-drying the hair before braiding or putting into ponytails.

Reason #6

When you have your bag on the shoulder and your hair Underneath your bag strap. Guess what? You’re causing breakage. The friction of the strap of the bag is rubbing up against your hair and pulling it and Breaking it off the strand.

common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair
common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair


No, why are you doing that? Stop doing that. Your solution move your hair before you put your bag on your shoulder. Make sure the bag is not sitting on your hair the rubbing causes breakage. So just be aware of where you’re putting your hair.

Reason #7

You detangle your hair when it’s dry, I mean this was pretty straightforward, if you’re detangling your dry Knotted hair. Why are you doing that your hair could have so much potential Meanwhile, you have thousand splits all over it, because you don’t know how to properly detangle your hair.


So solution invest in a detangling spray. Detangle your hair, using a spray or make sure it’s slightly damp and always start at the bottom and your work your way up to the root with the hairbrush, To ensure that you get on all the tangles, you don’t rip your here be gentle.

Reason #8

You go to sleep on a cotton pillowcase. Who does that anymore? sleeping on a cotton ish Material anything that’s got that dry Material, one completely absorbs up the moisture in your hair as you’re sleeping and it creates a friction.

So your head and the pillow will get rubbing. There is friction. The moisture is getting lost the is fragile the hair breaks. I’m trying to work on my cursing.


So by sleeping with the satin silky material benefits you in more ways than one

Reason #9

I’m looking at you, You literally play with your split ends and your single strand knots, you don’t have like a random not some one strand and you just rip out the strands, you’re doing it to yourself.


Just stop doing that.

Reason #10

Sometimes you have naturally fine hair, It’s just more fragile because it’s small like a baby.


So you have to treat it as such with tender loving care.


So you guys the overall solution that I will share with you is just be aware of what you do to your hair. Make sure your hair is properly hydrated and get a haircut to even out that brokenness. Bring your hair back to life make the ends thicker, get a fresh cut and work towards. Saving your hair before it’s too late.

CONCLUSIONcommon cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair

Thanks for your reading the article – common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair. and I hope this helped if you are looking to get you get rid of them let me know your decision down below, if you have decided which type you’re gonna get Besides the areticle, you also check this article Best methods of 17 ways to remove hair dye stains from skin for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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