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6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid

common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid

#1 Brushing the hair dry

The first common curly hair wig mistakes, i see a lot ofpeople making is brushing your curly hair wig when it’s dry, that makes me cringe, brushing your curly hair dry is the worst thing you can ever do, first of all it causes breakage within your hair, it also just makes your hair a lot more poofy a lot more or less manageable and just makes it look very damaged.

Oftentimes when people do this they complain about the hair being bad hair being trash hair no baby girl, whether it’s deep wave curly your hair should either be sopping wet or between 70% or 80% percent moist, firstly because curly hair is the most manageable when it is wet or moist.

6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid
6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid

It’s easier to brush through easy to manage and just easier to style, that will make your curly hair experience way more easier, some people don’t like the idea of having to spray down their hair every morning and curly hair is not for you, because you’re gonna have to use water every time you style it.

#2. Brushing the hair from top to bottom

The common curly hair wig mistakes, i see more so than the first mistake is brushing your hair or detangling your hair from top to bottom, you’re going to be ripping out so many strands of hair from the root to where you’re going to thin out your wig, you’re just messing up your texture overall, that also does not serve for good curl definition start from the ends of your hair to get a good curl definition flow going.

Then you work your way up, that just makes detangling your hair a lot easier, you don’t want to start from brushing up here and down here, because you’re going to get stuck somewhere in between, if you’re detangling so your best bet is to work your way from the bottom and work your way up, you’re going to eventually get those tangles out, but the process of going from bottom to top just makes it a lot more easier and a lot more gentle on your hair.

3. Not washing hair before wearing

Third common curly hair wig mistakes is not washing or co-washing your hair before you install it or define it for the first time, washing your curly hair should be the first thing that you do in any type of initial install, when you receive any curly haired unit, it’s going to come in like a factory setting, those very uniform curls and ringlets, that’s not the true texture of the hair.

6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid
6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid

If ever you’re installing a wig without washing it and spraying down your curls and finding it, just understand that once you actually wash your hair after that initial install, your hair’s going to look completely different, because curly hair needs to be washed, so that you can wash off that factory setting that factory curl those fatty chemicals, so that you are able to see the true definition and true curl pattern of your wig.

Some chemicals are added to the hair to preserve the curl pattern, to make it look a little bit more uniform in the process of traveling, that needs to be stripped away from the hair before you install it on your head, i see girls install a wig the same wig and their curl patterns seem to look completely different, because one girl may have washed her wig before stalling, then one girl may have just applied the wig out of the box and sprayed water and detangled it and that just gives them a different result. 

4. Only finger styling

Number four common curly hair wig mistakes only finger combing and finger styling, if you want a good curl definition you need a good paddle brush, i don’t know the science behind it, i don’t know why, so this works the way it works, but a powder brush just does something for the girls with the curls, i mean please a paddle brush is gonna be your best friend when it comes to curly hair, it just does everything you need and more firstly a powder brush helps you define your hair, no matter what you can define your hair off just water with the paddle brush.

5. Not using product, however, product isnt needed everyday

Number five common curly hair wig mistakes is using just water on your curly hair, you just said detangle your hair with water with powder brush, but also when you want to define and keep your curly hair defined, it’s just inevitable you are going to need products, unless you guys like that more untamed natural, just free-falling curly hair look, then by all means it’s not a mistake for uses do your thing, but for me i just think tamed and defined curses look so good and beautiful. 

6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid
6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid

I do think our product is necessary and to successfully show off the true texture of any unit, i believe that you should have some type of product ,some type of curling agent, some type of leave-in conditioner curling cream gel.

I did use my or olive oil cream definer cream curl did freezer, i don’t know says i just found it in my hair supply drawer, i do like it i find my hair prett well, i do think i may have used a little bit too much towards my ends, but other than that so this is definitely a vibe, if some of you guys aren’t familiar with some really good curl definers.

6. Throwing hair into a bonnet

Number six common curly hair wig mistakes throwing your hair into a bonnet, yes a bonnet is necessary, but throwing your hair in a bonnet is not, there is definitely a way to preserve and tie up your curly hair to have a good night’s rest, it’s not just bunching your hair and putting it in a bonnet, it’s going to cause the hair to tangle up and matte up, because you are rolling you are tossing and you are turning and your hair’s gonna wind around and tend to try to come together, which is gonna make it harder for you in the morning to detangle and to style your hair before you leave or do whatever you gotta do in your day.

Secret to preserve your curly hair at night

Putting your hair either in two pigtails or in four section ponytails and twist them down or you can plat braid them down, then it’s when you can throw them into your bonnet, but just loose curls like this that’s a no-no sis, that will save you time on your styling and also your detangling time in the morning.

CONCLUSION – 6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid

Thanks for your reading the article – 6 common curly hair wig mistakes you should avoid, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle HOW TO PROTECT AND REFRESH CURLS IF YOU WANT TO WORKOUT WITH CURLY HAIR WIGS for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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