Difference between hair shedding and breakage

Difference between hair shedding and breakage

Understanding the difference between hair shedding and breakage is an important part of any healthy hair regimen and offer strategies to hlep you combat both hair problems. So many people take down a protective style after so long, especially after a long time protective style.

When they see massive hair loss or hair strands falling out while taking down their protective style, they get so frightened and wonder why there is massive hair loss, in these post i’m going to share with you how you can tell the difference between hair shedding and hair breakage, you can tell the difference if normal which is shedding or it’s actually hair breakage.

What is hair shedding?

Hair shading is something that happens to every single strand of hair on your head after it undergoes, its normal hair growth cycle, so hair shedding it’s a normal part of the hair growth cycle. Every single strand of hair on your head we shared after it has completed is growth cycle, it’s normal to see about 25 to 100 strands of hair loss gotten from shedding each day.

If you were a long-term protective style for about 30 days and your hair was shedding at a rate of 100 strands per day, meaning at the end of 30 days, you are expected to see nothing less than 3 000 strands, so you imagine the hair loss you are getting compared to 3000 strands, i’m sure is not even up to half that amount, so hair shedding it’s a normal part of the hair growth cycle.

How can you tell the difference from hair breakage

First of all hair shedding occurs after a hair strand has completed its growth cycle, meaning is going to occur at the root, in contrast with hair breakage which can occur at any point on the hair shaft, it could be at the ends at the middle or close to the roots, but most frequently at the ends of the hair since, they are the most damaged parties they are the most wicked, but they are the oldest part of your hair so they are the weakest they are the most damaged.

Difference between hair shedding and breakage
Difference between hair shedding and breakage

That’s why i always emphasize protecting your ends, the reason why i love protective styles so much is the way they protect the ends, like with protective styling you can never go wrong especially when you do them correctly, with productive styling your ends are tucked away, so they are less prone to repeated manipulation, less prone to the environmental factors and less prone to breakage in the log room, because they will be less weak compared to when you just leave your head down and you’re just manipulating your hair every day, so that’s why breakage.

Shedding hair is longer than breakage hair

Of course closer to the ends of your hair in contrast with hair shedding occurs as the roots, because of this one of the ways you can tell hair shedding from hair loss hair breakage is that, hair loss from shedding is usually longer compared to hair from breakage, so after taking down the long-term protective style, you look at the strands of hair that is coming out and they are short it definitely means that you are getting hair breakage, but if the strands coming out a long.

It is more likely to be hair shedding.

Shedding hair root end has white bulb, but breakage hair do not has

Difference between hair shedding and breakage

Another way you can tell the difference between hair shedding and hair breakage is that, hair loss from shedding actually have clogged roots, like i said earlier hair loss from shedding usually occurs from the roots, it occurs at the level of the follicles, so the roots are clogged, meaning you are going to see like a white bulb at the root end of the strand of hair in contrast with hair, that is lost from shedding hair that is lost from shedding has no white ball, but it’s our ends everything is the same.

Hear your hair snapping when you combing your hair, this is hair breakage

The way you can tell if your hair is shedding or breaking is actually a very simple method for example when you are combing your hair or detangling your hair, you can hear your hair snapping this is usually a sign of hair breakage, because hair loss occurs naturally, so even without you manipulating your hair it is going to happen, it makes no sound, loss is effortless, in contrast with hair breakage that usually comes with one form of manipulation or the other this is where you will hear snapping, for example when you are combing brushing detangling your hair, when you can hear your hair snapping, this is usually a sign of breakage, because hair loss is effortless and of course naturally whether you manipulate your hair or not.

Common Causes of Hair Breakage

Excessive Heat Styling & Over-Styling

You will find a myriad of hairstyles invented to cope up with modern fashion trends. These hairstyles involve excessive usage of heat-aided tools or chemical products. Frequently using heat treatments like blow-dryers, straighteners or curling tongs on the hair remove the moisture from the hair which causes hair to become brittle and prone to breakage. Do read our blogs on the concerns caused by over styling.

Using Wrong Hair Products

10 tips on how to take care synthetic curly hair wigs
Difference between hair shedding and breakage

Hair Colouring has been a major trend lately. Not only women but men too are now fond of trying new and different colours for hair. However, most of the products used in this process contain chemicals that can weaken the hair & make it more vulnerable to breakage. Some shampoos too that are alkaline can cause a negative charge on the hair thus creating friction between the strands and leading to hair breakage.

Improper Haircare Practices

Well, hair care does not only mean oiling, shampooing & condition regularly. It’s much more and much beyond! It is imperative that you follow a disciplined regimen that suits your hair. But you also need to ensure that you don’t unintentionally cause harm as well in the process.

Sometimes mishandling your hair can also damage it badly. For e.g. it’s believed that one should brush hair with 100 brushstrokes. Oh! my dear friends, this is nothing but a myth. Too much brushing can cause breakage. Similarly, wet hair breaks more easily as compared to dry hair. Hence, rubbing it vigorously as you do with a towel, can lead to damage, increase frizz and cause breakage. Check out our page on the most common haircare mistakes and see about avoiding them!

Not Having Regular Haircuts

Difference between hair shedding and breakage
Difference between hair shedding and breakage

Saying bye to split ends on time is crucial ‘cos if unattended these broken ends move upwards, splitting the hair shaft as they travel up the hair shaft. Split ends, hair damage, growing out hair are challenges that you will face if you don’t get timely trims. Periodical trims help you avoid this. Regular trims aid hair growth, controls damage, helps hair grow thicker and healthier, makes it easier to manage and maintain style. Medical Disorders

Eating or Thyroid Disorders affect the quality, health as well as growth of hair. While people with malnutrition and health issues that come from eating disorders face hair breakage during the growth phase – anagen itself, ones with a thyroid disorder may notice very brittle, dry & dull hair that’s prone to breakage; also leading to thinning! Solutions to Combat Hair Breakage

Here have a related post about hair breakage: 10 most common cause of hair breakage and how to stop break hair you can get more knowledge and solutions.

CONCLUSION – Difference between hair shedding and breakage

Thanks for your reading the article- Difference between hair shedding and breakage. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article HOW TO MAKE RICE WATER FOR HAIR GROWTH EXTREME for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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