the difference between supper double drawn hair, baby thin hair and single donor hair

what is the difference between supper double drawn hair, baby thin hair and single donor hair

Some vendors lately have been saying the single donor hair of quality strands better than super double drawn, but many vendor also told me all of their both are good hairs, the difference is just that supper double drawn hair are from different donors. A lot of people want to know What is the difference between supper double drawn hair, baby thin hair and single donor hair

super double drawn hair

The super double drawn hair is hair that has an 80% fullness density from the all parts down towards 80% of the length of the hair, then the other 20% part of the hair the tip of that hair is going to be scanty, unlike when you compare it to the upper part of the hair, so with a super double drawn hair getting more volume, you’re gonna have less short strands, so the amount of short strands you’ll find in the super double drawn hair could be 20% of the hair.

the difference between supper double drawn hair, baby thin hair and single donor hair

Unlike the double drawn hair, double drawn hair you have a density of just 50 percent fullness that’s the middle part of the hair, when you start going downwards towards the hair you, find that the other percent of the hair has shorter strands.

Single donor hair

Single donor hair that you have a 30% density, so from all part of the head it was like the 30% length of the hair, you have very full strands then going towards the tip you find that the other the other 70 percent of the hair are shorter strands.

Super double drawn hair is going to have a more expensive look to it, your hair is going to look fuller, because it has less short strands. for that reason you would typically think that the super double drawn hair is the best hair, because it looks very full and rich, but in all honesty the Super double drawn hair is usually not going from one donor.

Because imagine having super double drawn hair three bundles which human hair, how many people’s hair are that full, for this reason hairs that i’ve gotten from a couple of donors could be mixed together to achieve three bundles or four bundles of super double drawn hair. So the super double drawn hair is hair that is gotten from a couple of donors, it could be two donors or three donors.

Single donor hair

Unlike when you compare the super double drawn hair to a single donor hair, a single donor hair is a bundle of hair, two bundles of hair or three bundles of hair that was from just one donor. 

It could be that you want extra volume and that single donor hair might not be enough to make like three or four bundles, so you might have to mix the single donor hair from two donors, but you’ll find that in bundle, it’s gonna have hair that i was running from just one person, at least two or three bundles of hair you can get hair for just completely from at least two bundles of hair, then when you start getting this was three or four bundles and you know that is single donor hair from about less two people.

Baby thin hair

Baby thin hair that is soft from younger donors, these are younger girls younger boys who have hair that can be cut and resold. These donors are ideally from the ages of 18 years downwards, because they are very young, their hair is at its most natural state. 

Most cases donors that are 18 years downwards haven’t put chemicals, processed and color their hair, you find that their hair is in its most natural state, their hair hasn’t been impacted by lots of harsh chemicals, that are in the environment because of course they’ve been on it for just a few year.

Unlike when you are dealing with hair that is from an older donor, comparing the hair that’s a eight years old girl’s hair with that a 60 years old woman has, you find that the 60 years old woman’s hair is more damaged, unlike the younger lady’s hair, younger ladies hair it’s more healthy more natural state, lady that’s the type of strands that they probably have are very coarse.

If it’s somebody that origin the type of hairs, that it actually has a really soft edge, you notice that your hair is very very soft and silky and very shiny healthy, so younger donors typically have the best type of hair, hairs you can find baby thin hair is one of the best hairs you can find in the market, it’s not easily available in the market, because ethically it’s not really ideal for it because in children’s hair what’s in countries like India, you find that people tend to sacrifice their hairs during their festivals that you have

So when you have younger donor’s hair, you can get hairs from young donor from India or in other parts of other countries like in Burma, i believe they also sacrifice their hairs with their goals, you can actually get hairs from younger donors without having to violate any ethics code.

How long these type hair can last?

Whether these hair types can last you for a lifetime, as being told if your hair is unprocessed hair yes it can last you a lifetime, if you take care of the hair well you cannot buy hair and wear that hair for about three four months without washing and brushing the hair and think that it’s going to last you long.

When your hair is on your head, your hair gets nutrients from your body, that’s your natural hair your natural hair gets nutrients from your body that helps it grow, but when you cut that hair out of your body, it’s not getting you changed from your body, so for this reason, you then need to maintain the hair even the hair on your natural head like your natural hair, you also have to wash the hair to keep it clean and moisturize, your hair to be healthy and so ensure like your ends are not drying out.

This hair that has been cut off from somebody’s head, you need to make sure that you’re giving it the same treatment that gives your natural hair and even more, you just take care of it so much more, so hair that his own process needs  more hair and more attention, it’s definitely going to last you a longer period of time.

Unlike hairs that are processed, processed hair might look shiny and beautiful in the early stages, but in the long run it might not last you so much and the processed hair might require less maintenance, while the unprocessed hair would require more maintenance, but it is still going to last you a longer time than the processed hair extensions.

You know honestly i believe if you care for hair very well, like ensuring that you wash your hair regularly condition,moisturize and brush the hair, you’re not leaving your hair tangled for long and you keep wearing it, if you take your hair very well, it should be able to use at least 10 years to 15 years.

CONCLUSION -difference between supper double drawn hair, baby thin hair and single donor hair

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