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Different types of wig cap constrution

today we’re gonna talk about all the different types of wigs that you can buy.

Hard Front Wigs – different types of wig cap constrution

First I’m gonna show you is what I call a machine back a wefted back wig or a ladder back wig. It depends it’s they’re called a million things or hard frantically. This just a wig that you find at the wig store, that has the weft that goes this way and the ribbons that go up and down. Most of them will have lace in the top, not a wig lace but they’ll have actual lace. you can see the lace pattern will have a lace here and they’ll have a mesh on either side.

different types of wig cap constrution
different types of wig cap constrution

I’ve seen wigs where the mesh goes all the way across. I’ve seen wigs where the mesh stops here. I’ve seen wigs where there’s no match, some that don’t have any ribbons they have all mesh there are some that have an even number of ribbons, there are some that have a odd number of ribbons, they’re all different every brand is different, every manufacturer is different, every wig is pretty much different.

Whenever I go to the wig store, the ladies that work there always think, that I’m crazy until I tell them what I do. Because I’m always ask to see that weight on the shelf, they’re like yeah sure and they bring it down on the head, then I snatch it off the head and turned it inside out to looking at it and everything, but they’re like looking at me like in horror, I’m like sorry I just I want to see how it’s made, I want to see how much hair is sewn into it and how the top of its made.

But most people just don’t do that, and say oh I like the bangs that like the angle in the front, let me buy it, whereas for me I always look on the inside and to see how it’s instructed and the scalp and how much hair isn’t it.

Skin top wigs – different types of wig cap constrution

If you buy wigs online or if you buy wigs in the store,  sometimes it’ll say skin top, top skin, skin part, mono top, lace top to make you confuse and do not know anything about hair. You just want to buy a wig. Actually if you look at the top of the wig and you pull the hair aside, it looks like it’s growing out of a scalp basically, what it is is it’s a very soft rubbery plastic basically what they make a Barbie head out of. 

different types of wig cap constrution
different types of wig cap constrution

It’s the same thing as a Barbie head, they punched the hair into it and they glue it on the bottom, that is how you get the nice natural look to it. You can also tell how they’re if it’s a skin top or not by turning the wig inside out. so this is what I call a full skin top which means, it is from side to side and it goes back as you can see this is much wider of a skin top. 

Whereas this is only about half maybe even a third of the entire top of it, the rest of it is filled in with wefting. If I want to buy a wig, I prefer to buy a full skin top that is because you can put the part anywhere along the front and it’s fine. The thing that I don’t like about a side skin part is that you’re stuck with the part on the side where it is, you can’t flip it and put it in the middle. you can’t sometimes you can’t even pull all the hair back, just because of how the top of it’s made. 

I always try to go for a full skin top but a skin coin is it’s the skin is just in the top, you really only need that skin right at the top part where the hair swirls hence. why a skin coin these are probably the least versatile of any wig you could ever buy is a skin coin. They’re great for bobs and everything, but if you buy a bob and you maybe want to make it a little longer or turn it into a really long wig , if you have an old bob that you want to build maybe an updo on. They’re really not versatile enough to do multiple things except if it all hangs forward.

different types of wig cap constrution
different types of wig cap constrution

Wefted top wigs – different types of wig cap constrution

As a normal wig with the ribbons going up and down, except this one does not have a skin top or a skin coin or anything at all. This is all just wefting, if I turn inside out just kind of like a grand a short little gym teacher wig, if you look at the top of it, it’s all just wefting and you can see the wefting if you part it severely, you’ll see the wefting in it although.

different types of wig cap constrution

I really do like a wefted top mainly for theater and drag wigs, because you especially for drag wigs be since the entire thing is made of wefting, you can add hair to the entire wig and you can add lowlights or highlights, you can add length and anything, whereas when you have a wig with a skin top, unless you want to sew through the skin top which I’ve done, doesn’t look so great you’re basically only adding volume length color anything to the perimeter area and the part on the wig will kind of stay the exact color that it is again.

Wefted tops probably my favorite for theatrical and drag purposes, because they’re versatile and they’re very easy to add hair to however very rare to find especially in long, they’re usually very short about this length or shorter a lot of men’s wigs or men’s on pieces are made with a width of top, but I occasionally will see them in a longer, it’s very rare .

Monofilament wigs -different types of wig cap constrution

Monofilament top also called as mono top, these generally are more expensive than a skin top or a weft top, because a lot of manufacturers will have the mono top hand tied, however if you feel mono lace and you feel Street quality wig store front lace, they feel exactly the same and that’s because they are. The wig will say a million different kinds of lace, that it’s not it is if it’s hard and rigid, your lace front is made out of monofilament lace. They lied to you.

different types of wig cap constrution
different types of wig cap constrution

Monofilament top looks like very similar to a deep front, because it is tied and you can part it anywhere, it gives you a very natural-looking part when you front a mono top wig, there are the most beautiful things ever, because that part just blends from that front hairline all the way back, you don’t get a line of demarcation from the skin top or from the wefting or anything. It just blends right out beautifully. I love them can also ventilate into them.

It is a little more difficult to ventilate on a mono top than it is to ventilate on a fronting lace, because it is much smaller and it’s much more rigid, but you can easily add low lights and highlights by tying them in versus having to color them in.

Hand-tied lace front wig – different types of wig cap constrution

A lace front wig is a wig with mesh at the hairline. The mesh will often have a neutral skin color that will disappear once applied to your hairline. The lace is undetectable and will allow you to have an extremely natural and exposed hairline. Most lace fronts will extend from temple to temple.

The mesh lace gives the wearer a hairline that mimics natural hair growth. People won’t be able to tell that you’re wearing a wig! What’s more, you will be able to style your hair off of your face without worrying about exposing your wig cap.

different types of wig cap constrution
different types of wig cap constrution

First, trim the lace as close to the hairline as possible using pinking shears. Once you have trimmed off the excess lace, prepare your own hair by making sure it is as flat as possible. Clean your hairline area of any excess oils to ensure that the adhesive will stick. Apply tape or adhesive to the perimeter of your hairline. After the adhesive feels tacky, the wig is ready to be placed onto your head. Make sure the lace is pressed down securely to your forehead. Now you are ready to go!

“Street Quality” lace front different types of wig cap constrution

I have a love-hate relationship with the wig cap constrution, what I call a street quality or a wig store lace front. I’m sure that you’ve seen these and they’re usually a machine back like this, but they have the lace in the front. Except the thing about these is that the lace is always very stiff. it’s so stiff and holds its shape. 

But the lace on lace front wig will bend and fall, because it’s nice and soft, this is wig making lace and street quality lace front is not, they’re very hard and I know like make an itch, especially these knots, if they’re up if you wear it for long enough, they can etch and they are great because you can get them as cheap as 20 dollars for a synthetic one.

different types of wig cap constrution
different types of wig cap constrution

They have their purpose, I don’t really think that they’re great, but sometimes you need a lace front and you need it real quick and 20 dollars will get you one. The lace is almost always dark. I’ve found a handful of ones that aren’t dark, that have a lighter lace, because I am very pale, so if I were to wear thi, the lace against my skin, because it’s dark, but I am I discouraging you from buying these things and wearing these things, no, can i clock them from two blocks away, yes.

Full lace wig – different types of wig cap constrution

When I think of a full lace wig, I think of something that’s made entirely of lace and it’s entirely hand tied meaning that the hairs are individually added hair by hair strand by strand to the base of the wig. Before i buy a full lace wig, I knew how to take care of a full lace wig and everything.  full lace wig is not adjustable and doesn’t stretch. it’ll be the size that you make it.

When you turned inside out the full lace wig, you can see there are multiple pieces of lace that make it up and there’s a couple holes in it. It’s completely hand tied but if you look closely you can see all of those little tiny black dots, those are hairs, they’re all individually tied.

different types of wig cap constrution
different types of wig cap constrution

I love full lace wigs because you can part them anywhere and they fall very naturally. It’s not falling in a straight line like a weft normally would it. It’s dispersed naturally like normal hair would be, it can also part it anywhere, you can put it in pigtails can do anything and it won’t you get the ladder lines of a normal way, they’re made exactly the size, so you do behead bubble or a head tracing and they’re made exactly to size.

 now this wig was only maybe two hundred dollar and great quality it tangles up usually when I wash it, so I try not to do anything too insane with this wig, because I know that trying to wash it is a pain. Thank you again everybody for reading the article.

different types of wig cap constrution
different types of wig cap constrution


Thanks for your reading the article-different types of wig cap constrution, sincerely hope it is useful for you. Besides these, you also check this article synthetic wig vs. human hair wig, which is better for more elementary knowledge about wigs

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