DIY rosemary oil make your hair grow fast

DIY rosemary oil make your hair grow fast

Only one main ingredient and your hair will grow fast, this is rosemary oil which has anti-inflammatory, promotes nerve growth which is the only oil i’ve ever heard of that promotes a nerve growth and improves your circulation prevents premature graying dandruff and dry itchy scalp. You can take for hair growth, the essential oil stimulates hair growth even with balding and alopecia. Now i will share hwo to DIY rosemary oil make your hair grow fast.

DIY rosemary oil at home

Get fresh rosemary

You can DIY rosemary oil at home, it is very easy. First you should get some fresh rosemary, i have a huge rosemary bush in my yard, we use it a lot for cooking, not so much for hair. Of course you don’t have to go in your garden and start planting rosemary and wait for it to grow, this is a very

common herb that can be found in almost any supermarket or veg garden, so just go to one of those areas you can get a couple stems of rosemary and that’s what you can use.

rosemary oil
rosemary oil

Clean the rosemary

Thoroughly wash the rosemary to get any sand or dirt off of it, we don’t spray our rosemary with chemicals or anything like that, so if you do find one that has chemicals or you’re not sure maybe soak it for a little while, but just make sure it’s washed and completely clean.

Then what i like to do is wrap it in a tea towel to make sure it absorbs all the water and the moisture, because we don’t want any water dripping into the oil. You can queezing it, but not ringing it, because you don’t want to break the leaves.

When it seems dry, i’m still going to put this back into the towel wrap it up and leave it there for a couple of minutes, as i prepare everything else just to make sure any little moisture that i can’t see can be observed by the towel, so i roll it up put that aside.

Double boiler method

I put the pot with water on the stove with a lid on just to make sure it boils quickly, while that is boiling we need a metal bowl to mix the carrier oil and rosemary leaves , i’m using extra virgin olive oil, when you’re using extra virgin olive oil you should always read the back to make sure that it shows that the only ingredient is extra virgin olive oil, sometimes there could be a mix.

Carrier oil

I use a quarter cup put the carrier oil to the metal bowl, i always no only do quarter cup measurements, in case you want to try this as well try with your oils in small doses, so a quarter cup of olive oil and one tablespoon of castor oil.  You can use whatever carrier oil or oils that you love best, such as castor oil, coconut oil, argan oil,grape seed oil and this will still work, so you don’t have to use olive oil, i always have olive oil because it’s affordable and i use it for cooking.  

Get leaves off

Then get the leaves off and i drag them down that’s the easiest way to get. The other way is to face it downward in one of these you know frying things for getting things without the oil in them, you can just push it through and all the leaves are gonna come off. Then put all leaves into the metal bowl.

Put metal bowl over the top of pot

When the water is boiling, i reduce the temperature to almost off, so that it’s just like simmering, then i put this metal bowl over the top, because it is the double boiler method and the reason for this is so that none of the nutrients from the oils get denatured, but we can still extract all the nutrients from the rosemary.

The key thing you should do here is to make sure that the water does not touch the bowl, that is going to be almost the same as putting it straight onto the stove, make sure that it’s just the steam doing the work, you want to make sure the bowl does not touch the water, even if you use something glass make sure it doesn’t touch the water, so it’s just the heat.

Then mix and mix and you’re going to start to see that it’s going to become a little bit cloudy, it’s not going to look so different, but the color will eventually change, so i can give you a specific time on how long to keep it, but i would say anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes, once it starts to look not as green as it was before and the oil is starting to look a little bit more cloudy that it’s done, then i just turn off the burner and i move the oil off the stove, but i still leave it in the pot as in on top of the pot the double boiler, until it completely cools.

strain out the rosemary and filter out oil

You can put this in a glass jar if you have like a brown glass jar that’s tinted would be better, but glass is always better than plastic, so if you have glass over plastic choose that first and if plastic is your only option, then put the fryer oil filter on the glass jar top to mush all that cooked rosemary down to make sure that everything is gone in and filter out oil.

DIY rosemary oil make your hair grow fast – fry filter

Then i will put in a couple sprigs of fresh rosemary in the oil in the glass, let it sit and continue to infuse in the oil as it sits, this can be stored for about a month and after about two weeks or as soon as the rosemary changes color, i will take it out of the oil.

How to use rosemary oil

Moisturizer hair

first i always moisturize my hair before i oil my hair and that’s because i don’t want to risk sealing in any dryness in my hair, so my hair is currently is in braids, i lightly wet it with my infinity spray bottle it is just very damp you cannot even say it’s wet at all, just work that into my hair, i have low porosity hair, so i find that doing this helps my moisturizer absorb into my hair very well and not make any clumps or not absorb properly into my hair.


Then i take a leave-in, you can use any very light leave-in it doesn’t matter if your hair is in braids or out, just rubbing that between my palms, then go all over my braids, to be honest when my hair is in braids it is prime time for me to enjoy testing out oils and using oils more often, because i don’t care if my hair feels a little bit weighed down or anything like that and it’s also easy to wash out, so if your hair is in braids or cornrows use this opportunity to use oils a lot. 

Oiling stage

I use a dropper to pick the oil from rosemary oil glass jar and if you want you can decant this into another bottle that already has like a dropper it’s easy, but i wanted to continue to infuse in the bottle with the rosemary, so that’s why i’m using it with the dropper and you need very little of this oil,it took me about three droppers full or let me just say two because the first two i did were like half about two full droppers would do your entire head.

DIY rosemary oil make your hair grow fast – oiling stage

This is where the shocker comes in, i was completely shook i have never experienced an oil that is not peppermint or tea tree oil like this before, i did not add any essential oils it is only the rosemary and the olive and castor oil, what i’ve started to do is just work it in it is very nice it’s not too thick and light, but it just has the perfect hold to go on your scalp.

You want to make sure you put it between every line get it on as much surface area on your scalp as possible without using too much, of course unless you’re using it like a hot oil treatment you can absolutely do that, but just make sure that’s your wash day.

Once i have scalped my entire head i go ahead and do my hairline, because the edges are very delicate, you always want a little extra oil there and we wash our faces every day with soap,  you can get away with using a little bit more oil on your hairline, then under my braids at the back i always make sure to never forget that area, because it’s very easy to forget that.

Scalp massage

I’ve always said this with whatever oil you use whether it’s a basic oil, a hair growth oil a miracle oil, whatever oil you use if you do not do a scalp massage after you are losing out on a lot of the benefits, the scalp massage is extremely essential, because it really adds added stimulation to your hair growth and it helps the oils absorb into your hair, as well as making your scalp warm. so that everything can work at its maximum potential.

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DIY rosemary oil make your hair grow fast – scalp massage

It is at this moment when the shocker hit, my scalp was like tingling and refreshed that feeling i love from peppermint and tea tree oil, i had no idea that rosemary can do that and that’s probably part of what it does when it’s adding to the stimulation of hair growth, i love oils that do this because it feels like it’s working.

Of course you’re not going to get overnight hair growth, but it’s just very satisfying to actually feel something working, once you’re done with the scalp massage you’re going to feel that your scalp feels so refreshed and moisturized, if you use this once a week you will see major changes.

Put a plastic bag over your head

If you want just a little bit of extra an extra boost, to make sure that this works faster than possibly can go ahead and put a plastic bag over your head and go under heat for 20 minutes, so i was there with my little portable dryer, i went under heat for 20 minutes took it off afterwards and just let my hair air dry, which is it’s basically like 95 percent dry, but it just works so much better.

CONCLUSION – DIY rosemary oil make your hair grow fast

Thanks for your reading the article – DIY rosemary oil make your hair grow fast. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article RELAXED HAIR CARE TIPS FOR HOW TO PREVENT HAIR DAMAGE THINNING BREAKAGE for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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