The 3 common hair color issues, how to correctly covering gray hair, how to to achieving that ashy brown that brown tone everyone seems to want, how to get your base color just right for your current hair color, we are going to go over how to fix the 3 common hair color issues and the formulations and basically what would need to be done to fix those hair color problems.

Extract color

The first one, you’re a brunette and want to go lighter, to be blonde, let’s take an example of a level 5 here who wants to be a level 9 or 10 blonde, clearly here the first step is to extract color meaning to lift your natural base color. We’re going to our bleach our lightener and lift her to that level.

If your hair is super healthy and your hair is natural meaning zero artificial color, this is most likely possible maybe in one sitting, if you have any color any toner any previously lightened hair and you’re starting at a level five, most likely this will take more than one session,


Just for the lightening process just to lighten the hair to that level nine or ten, once you’re at a level nine or ten, what you’re going to go back in with is a toner. Basically just adding tone back in and depositing extra tones over that lightened hair, so that you achieve the perfect tone that you are after, whether that’s something more buttery and golden or something more ash. 

Number two is you have gray hair, you have previously colored your hair, you were just looking to match your roots to that color and refresh that existing color that you have, if you’re going with boxed color, you’re most likely going to mix that one potion and apply it from root to ends to refresh from root to ends .The reason why that is wrong is because that hair that is not your root has previously already been colored, it’s already a completely different scenario than that root color. 

We have to treat each area as its own hair, the first thing that you treat is the root which needs the most coloring, because there is gray present you need a permanent hair color to effectively cover that gray. I would recommend mixing that with a 20 volume developer, because that’s going to open up the hair enough, so that that gray hair which is typically resistant is going to receive those pigments.

Adding a gray ashy tone on top

I always recommend and neutral shade to cover gray, regardless of the tone you’re after, so you’re going for an ashy brown and you have gray, if you plan on using say a level six ash on your base, just imagine the hair is already gray and then you’re adding a gray ashy tone on top of it, does gray cancel out gray absolutely not, you’re just going to have maybe a slightly darker gray.

The best and most effective way to actually cover gray is to go in with a neutra,l this is only coloring and treating that rude area so far, in order to refresh your ends or anywhere from your midsection dow.

Add a little more vibrancy to your color

If you want to add a little more vibrancy to your color, you want to refresh that color instead of going in with permanent color, because it’s not necessary that hair is already covered what you want to go in with is a toner, the toner is actually acidic there’s no need to reopen the hair and add tones in.

You’re looking to do is stain the hair once again with that same level and tone that is being used on the roots, it’s far less damaging in the long run it will add a ton more shine to the hair because that’s what the hair is craving, you’ll have beautiful seamless results.

The third and last scenario is having somewhat of a warm brown base and wanting it to go ash, if you’re starting off with a reddish brown and you want to end up with ashy brown tones, unfortunately putting a brown ash permanent color on top of that is not going to get you there.


If you have golden tones you’re probably naturally a level four or five or six and wanting to stay in the same level, but more ashy the only effective way to do that is to actually lift the hair to about an eight or a nine, then add ash tones on top of that.

The reason for that is while you’re in between that level four and that level eight where all those red tones are present, adding an ash on top of really strong red pigments is not going to show up as ash, when you have a blonde and you add an ash toner that ash really shows, because the base, the canvas is light and bright.

So imagine taking a very light yellow piece of paper, if you were to take a purple highlighter and draw through, it you would clearly see that they’re violet purpley pigments, if you were to take that same highlighter marker and go over a piece of paper that’s reddish brown, it would just look darker, in no way would you be able to tell if there are any violet or purpley pigments added, so the same thing with toner.

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The only way to actually showcase ashy gray violety tones is for the base or the background to be brighter, whether this was in the salon or now in my virtual consoles, i get this question at least a couple times a week, where i just want to be ash brown, but i don’t want to use any bleach and i just want a toner.

Unfortunately if you use a toner the only way you can add ash pigments or tone down that warmth is to go darker, if you don’t want to go darker, you’re a level six and you want to stay at a level six, but you want to be ash you need to lift at least two levels, you can add the ash tones and then finish back at a level six, but this way you are left with cool ash pigments.

I feel like with those three scenarios, we’re hitting the three major hair issues, hopefully if you have been coloring your hair whether at a salon or at home, you can’t seem to achieve the hair color that you are after hopefully these three scenarios have kind of hit close to home, in one way or another and hopefully you are better able to understand, why you haven’t gotten there and now what you actually need to get there.


Thanks for your reading the article – HOW TO FIX THE 3 COMMON HAIR COLOR ISSUES, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle Why is your hair dry and 6 TIPS FOR HEALTHY RELAXED HAIR GROW FAST for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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