Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair

Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair

Many people think moisturize and seal relaxed hair is necessary, the topic can be a bit controversial or arguable, but i think it’s time for us to have this conversation, why is it that we are moisturizing and concealing our relaxed hair and Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair.

What exactly is moisturizing and sealing?

Moisturizing and sealing is a two-step series or method in which that you use a moisturize.r for example you will use this olive oil moisturizer to moisturize your hair and then you will use a oil and preferably would be like a carrot oil, for instance jojoba oil or coconut oil to seal in that moisture into your hair to lock it in, that’s the process of moisturizing and sealing

Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair
Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair

The purpose of moisturizing and sealing

Moisturizing and sealing have been said that it helps to really moisturize your hair, help to prevent any breakage and it’s shutting out, eventually leading to let me length retention and possibly further leads to length acquisition.

My experiencing – Use moisturize and seal relaxed hair

Thing for me is that i used to moisturize and seal my hair, my hair was completely going through it, it would just break for no reason, i was experiencing a lot of shedding, so i thought that i needed my moisturizing, at the time i had my professional hairstylist and she would say to me that i need to properly moisturize my hair, especially the nape of my hair because it was breaking so much.

So i bought my olive oil moisturizer i had previous ones, but i thought that okay, this one especially since it’s a water-based moisturizer, i heard that this one is better for your hair, it does not weigh your hair down. I bought that and to no avail my hair was still breaking, i was still experiencing a lot of shedding no matter what i did, i turned to a family friend of mine that is a hairstylist that specialized in relaxed hair for over 20 plus years.

I asked her what is it that i’m not doing right, i wash my hair weekly, do my protein treatment and do my deep conditioning treatment, but my hair is just doing so poorly, we went through my regimen and all the products that i’m going through, but she told me that i should get rid of my moisturizer, i was so stubborn i thought that woman lost her mind, i was like there is no inhale i am going to give this up, because this is a moisturizer it’s supposed to moisturize my hair, so what are you telling me always that my hair is going to be moisturized, if i get rid of this moisturizer.

Why get rid of this moisturizer

She said to me that these moisturizers are not for our hair, it’s mainly geared towards natural hair, her reasoning is that even if it’s silicone or it’s the water-based one, the silicone one gets your hair so heavy and way down the water-based one has so much water in it, that you’re constantly wetting your hair and the thing with relaxed hair it doesn’t like to be wet frequently believe it or not. 

All in time you should really what your relaxed hair is when you’re washing it, so she said to me i should get rid of all of my moisturizers and i should go into using hair glossing polish, i was very apprehensive and it took me a long time to do it, but she said just make sure to do your protein treatment every month and do your deep conditioning treatment every single week and make sure you wash your hair. 

She said to me just give it a try because whenever you’re using this, it makes your hair so wet that your hair kotex swells up, because it’s holding so much water and over time it does have a negative effect on your hair, so it’s holding so much water that it makes your hair brittle and dry so your hair just snaps, you have to be careful whenever you’re using these moisturizers.

Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair
Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair

She said to me just make sure that i use my glossier polish that i’m using right now is from proclaim, this one is their olive oil glossing polish and i use this daily in the morning when i get up and at night when i’m wrapping my hair to go to bed, i don’t like to use heavy oils on my hair only time, it’s what i’m doing my hot oil treatment before i wash my hair and sometimes at night, after the third day of washing my hair i base my scalp sometimes with my castor oil, a little mixture of oils that i have i will base my scalp, but i don’t use it on my hair because it would get so heavy. 

So i try to stay away from the moisturizers and the heavy carrier oils, when i used to do moisturizing i hated it, because my hair would be so way down, i can’t get to really enjoy my relaxed hair and why would i even relax my hair if i can enjoy it, it’s just ridiculous so i really didn’t even like it anyways, but i was just convinced that i am supposed to use these moisturizers, because it was made for relaxer.

Everybody is using it and they say it’s really good for your hair, of course you have to believe it right, i was definitely convinced that it was just me and it was definitely not the moisturizer, but i am so happy that i took that information in, i actually made the steps to get rid of these moisturizers and it’s the best thing i’ve ever done for my hair, trust me there’s a whole different world outside of moisturizers.

I’m not coming to you as a know-it-all i am in no way perseverance, when it comes to relaxed hair i am an obvious i’m not a professional of course, but getting professional help or advice does really help my hair, i’ve been doing my hair myself and the advice that my friend has given me over these past few months has really helped my hair, to be honest with you you really don’t like after really giving it a try, you really don’t need the moisturizer, because my hair has been thriving so much better without it.

Hair care tips

Alll you need to do is make sure that you have a proper protein treatment, you do that every month and the best time that you can do your protein treatment is actually, whenever you’re relaxing your hair, this is a step my friend taught me to is whenever i’m rinsing out my relaxer, before i go in and do my neutralizing treatment, i make sure to go in and do my protein treatment immediately, make sure to wash out the relaxer out of your hair fully, then do your protein treatment immediately and then follow up with your deep conditioning treatment.

Her reason is that your hair shaft is more open, it can take in all of that protein treatment and moisture back into your hair, whenever you use a neutralizing shampoo their hair strands will close back up, she said that it’s the best time to actually do your protein treatment, i have been doing that and my hair has been strong my hair is completely thriving it’s doing so well so i can definitely say that, i don’t need to do it i just make sure that i wash my hair and do my deep conditioning treatment every single week.

Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair
Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair

Nothing is wrong with moisturizing seal your hair, it’s just not meant for relaxed hair, these moisturizers are more effective on natural hair, so a relative of mine just went natural and my friend told her to buy these moisturizers for her hair, because it does makes your hair your natural hair thrive but it’s just not for relaxed hair, it becomes so swollen it becomes really brittle and it will break.

You think that the moisturizer is helping you too, moisturize your hair is doing the complete opposite that your hair becomes so dry and frizzy, what i realized is that when it comes to moisturizing and seeing your hair it does better too with text lacks hair, if your hair has a lot of textures to it, it does thrive better it doesn’t look as dead it doesn’t look as way down as our really straight relaxed hair.

If you do have a lot of texture, it can work a little bit more effective than somebody that on the relaxed side there’s a difference between relax and there’s a difference between texlax, trust me so if you are relaxed i would say stay away from moisturizing and seeing your hair, just try to just use your glossing polish every single day morning and night before you go to bed. the same brands that you love they do have glossing polishers, just use those instead.

Make sure to just stick to your regimen, do your protein treatment every single month,your deep conditioning treatment you will be good, so don’t throw tomatoes just try for yourself and let me know what you think about it, just stay away from it girl you will be fine, just hand me out stay away from moisturizers

CONCLUSION – Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair

Thanks for your reading the article- Why i get rid of moisturize and seal relaxed hair. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article HOW TO MAKE RICE WATER FOR HAIR GROWTH EXTREME for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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