Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles

Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles

If you’re always in the gym, then this is article for you. We’re bringing you our favourite gym hair hacks and hairstyles, to keep your hair super healthy and looking super cute at the gym. You wouldn’t advise that you wear your dreamy hair to the gym. We’re working with natural hair. All Gym hair hacks are really easy, as well as the Gym hairstyles.

Gym hair hacks

Hack #1 Dry shampoo

If you didn’t know already, dry shampoo is your ultimate best friend. And you may be in the habit of putting dry shampoo into your hair after your workout, once your hair is that little bit oilier, and you want to refresh it. But putting dry shampoo in your hair before you workout can actually benefit you for after you’ve finished your workout.

 I always keep a mini dry shampoo in my gym bag, so I get into the habit of putting the product onto my roots before I workout. Spraying dry shampoo onto your roots before you workout means that the product can absorb all the sweat and oil before it makes your hair greasy. That way after the gym, you can simply brush your hair out and you’re good to go. 

The dry shampoo also gives you a lovely little root boost, which is great if you have plans after the gym, and you don’t want your hair to be flat. So it’ll clean your hair and give you volume,what’s not to love.

Hack #2 Blow it out

Our second hack is to use a blow dryer after you workout. Now, if you completely work your butt off in the gym, you’re going to want to wash your hair, but as we all know, washing your hair too much isn’t great for your tresses. So if you don’t want to wash your hair after you’ve worked out, simply grab a blow dryer, pop it on the cool setting, and blow dry your roots. 

This will dry any damp hairs at the front and freshen it up. Now I know what you’re thinking. This may sound a little gross to some of you, but if you blow dry your hair what it’s done after your workout straight away, the sweat and oils don’t have a chance to build up bacteria, which can make it smell. So if you get rid of it straight away, you won’t have a problem, and your hair will still feel nice and fresh.

Hack #3 Use a creaseless hair tie

Using a creaseless hair tie like Inivisibobble’s Traceless Hair Ring will eliminate the need to get that ponytail kink out of your hair after your workout – saving you time and effort when getting ready for work.

Hack #4 It is all in the prep

That if you have plans after the gym, you may want your hair to look really nice and textured and wavy, so it’s a good idea to do this before you workout. This works really well if you want to rock beachy waves or natural texture. So simply style your hair however you wish. 

Then put your hair up into a bun or a ponytail using an Invisibobbles or a scrunchie, do your workout, and then afterwards you can just let your hair down, add a little bit of dry shampoo or blow dry your roots, and you’re good to go.

Hack #5 Hair accessories

Hack number four is to choose your hair accessories wisely when it comes to working out. If you have plans after the gym, you don’t want to have weird kinks or anything in your hair. So instead of regular hair ties, opt for Invisibobbles, scrunchies, or bobby pins. These work really well at keeping your hair in place and they won’t leave any kinks in your hair afterwards. 

Also using hair tools like this as opposed to regular hair ties will minimise the amount of damage to your hair. If you think about it, if you have your hair in a really tight hair tie, and you’re jumping up and down, whether you’re running or on the cross-train or anything like that, that can cause tension on your hair and the hair can break. So Invisibobbles, scrunchies, and bobby pins are much kinder to your tresses.

Hack #6 Mousse

Hack number five is to use mousse on your roots before you workout. Stay with us, this sounds really silly but it really works. Before you workout, simply take a little mousse and rub it into your roots. Put your hair up into your chosen gym hairstyle and start your workout. 

When you begin to workout, and sweat and oils start to develop on your scalp, they’ll actually soften the mousse and it’ll work in a weird kind of salt spray way, which will allow your roots to have lift and texture. So when you finish your workout and you let your hair down, you’ll have gorgeous volume and lovely root left. Don’t worry, you’ll thank us later.

Hack #7 Use a blowdryer to smooth

While you may not be washing your hair, using a blowdryer to dry up any remaining sweat as well as to smooth the hair is key for a flawless mane. After your workout, make sure to blow your roots dry before applying dry shampoo to dry up as much moisture as possible. Then, use the blowdryer to smooth your hair in a downwards motion for sleek, tame strands.

Gym hairstyles

Now it’s time for our favourite gym hairstyles.

Look #1 Half up half down top knot

Take the top section of hair and twist it into a small bun, and secure in place with bobby pins. This hairstyle is ridiculously simple and perfect for the gym.

Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles
Half up half down top knotgym hairstyles

Look #2 Bobby pin stack

Smooth your hair back into a low ponytail, keeping it as neat as you can. You can use a comb to neaten it out and smooth down any flyaways. And then tie this with a small elastic. And to jazz this ponytail up a little, you can take some colourful bobby pins. 

Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles
Bobby pin stack – Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles

We’ve used these super cute pink ones here, and create a bobby pin stack at the side of the ponytail. You just slide them in and put in as many as you like. And that’s it, a super cute way to brighten up the boring ponytail.

Look #3 bubble ponytail

Tie the top section of hair using a clear elastic, and keep this as neat as you possibly can. Once that’s done, you can gather the rest of your hair into a low ponytail, and secure that with an elastic too. And there you have it. You’ve created a super cute and simple bubble ponytail.

Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles
bubble ponytail

Look #4 Halo braid

This clever braid is perfect if you’re planning on getting super sweaty in the gym. Start by dutch braiding your hair from the part, and work your way to the back of your head. And once you’ve done that, you just want to switch the position of your arm slightly, and carry on braiding up the other side of your head. 

This can be a bit tricky, but with a little bit of practise, you’ll be doing it in no time. Tie the braid with a small elastic, then pinch and pool on the outsides of the braid, for a more relaxed look.

Halo braid -Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles

Once that’s done, you just need to grab a few bobby pins and pin the tail of the braid underneath the start of it, like so. And that’s it, a super cute braid perfect for working out.

Look#5 Dutch Braid Ponytail

Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles
Dutch Braid Ponytail -Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles

Looking for a hairstyle that will last all day? Give Dutch braids a try. After the gym, simply spritz on a bit of dry shampoo, throw on a cute outfit, and you’re ready to take on the day.

Look #6 braided buns

Part the hair down the middle and secure into two ponytails high on the head.  Split each ponytail into two separate sections. Braid each section and secure with elastics.  Wrap the braids around the base of the ponytail in opposite directions and secure with bobby pins if needed.

Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles
braided buns -Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles


Thanks for your reading the article- Gym hair hacks and gym hairstyles, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article Longer hair care tips and tricks, healthier hair maintenance routine for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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