My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps

My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps

Here are the six things I did in order to get the healty curly hair, what I’m about to share with you my healty curly hair journey in 6 steps, I don’t have any scientific data to prove to you, that this is exactly why you have to do this, all I know is that from my before-and-after photos, I went from fried noodles to what I have now, because of these six things.

Step 1. do not color your hair

Growing up I set in many salon chairs with stylists telling me this is ammonia-free or this doesn’t do any damage at all wrong, they lied every single time, especially if you’re going lighter using bleach you’re basically just saying I don’t care about the health of my hair, I went blonde and it looked nice for a week or two, and then it just went so brassy and I couldn’t fix it, I say rock your natural hair color it’ll look better because it’s Healthier.

My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps

Step 2. do not use heat

This may seem obvious, but this was a very important part in my natural hair journey, when I was younger I was best friends with my GHD hair straightener, every night I would wash my hair while I was drawing I would brush it a hundred times, every time I would see ringlets I would brush it out, so that it would be easier to straighten it in the morning.

When I would do that I would watch it sizzle and I’d see this steam leaving my hair, I totally regret it I did it every single day, until I was in the eighth grade. Last year I straightened my hair once it looked nice, but it took me two weeks to heal from the damage I caused, my hair wouldn’t curl the same way I was getting 90 agree curls, it wasn’t going into its natural ringlets stage, fit took me two weeks to heal from one hair straightening session.

My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps
My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps

Can you imagine how long it actually took me to heal from all those years of straightening my hair a really long time, I straightened my hair on perfectly good healthy normal hair, can’t even imagine how it was like straightening damaged hair over and over again, just thinking about it makes me so sad, like why did I do that. I don’t even use heat when I’m diffusing my curly hair I use cool air the entire time. 

Step 3 do not use sulfate silicons parabens alcohol

Do not brush your hair while it’s dry, basically you follow the curly girl hair method you have to be extra good to your curls, I used to hang out in the Walmart hair aisle just walking up and down trying to find these products saying will they work for my hair, they didn’t work for my hair 100% of the time, I tried literally everything.

My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps
My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps

If a hair company makes products for straight hair and for curly hair don’t use it, most likely they don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to curly hair, they just have a small section for curly hair and this makes my hair look so bad, because it has a whole bunch of stuff that they also use for straight hair, you don’t need that in your life. find a company that spent a hundred percent of their R&D money on figuring out how to make curly hair look good.

Step 4 oil your healty curly hair

it’s a cultural thing for theses to put oil in their hair especially while growing up, when I was younger my mom would say oil your hair all feel above for God’s sakes theme ago and I just never listened to her, I wish I did I didn’t think anything of it I’m a fool, I mean it’s very beneficial to your hair.

I will mention a lo of coconut oil especially from tropic Isle living, I totally abused this bottle I use it twice a week and go crazy with it, I also use red pimento oil I don’t even think I should show you the bottle, it’s so abused I use it twice a week as well, I can’t live without this stuff.

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My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps

 I sleep with oil in my hair twice a week, because I wash my hair twice a week, so I put in oil I wake up in the morning and wash my hair and it looks very shiny and healthy and I’ve been doing it regularly for two years.

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Step 5 deep conditioned

it’s really important to deep condition your hair, it does something that hair oil can’t, it penetrates each hair strand the first ingredient of a deep conditioner or hair masque is water, you’re suffering from damage which I did for so many years.

My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps
My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps

You need deep conditioners in order to truly repair the damage that you caused, my favorite dinner is happening hair out of all the deep conditioners I’ve used this one is the one that makes my hair look the best, they’re all good for you they’re all great, but this will always be my favorite I’ve used so many different kinds, this one consistently has always given me good hair days.

Step 6 patience

You probably hate me right now for saying this way, of course we know we’re supposed to have patience, no I really mean it, I need to put a lot of emphasis on this, because I get so many messages from girls saying, I did exactly what you told me to do I followed your routine, I listen to your tips and my hair still looks like this, and it’s like well how long have you been doing it three months.

Three months is nothing in the curl world, try three years try a decade. I did my big chop in 8 years, just trust the struggle it’s a whole lifestyle change, it’s totally worth it I feel like this is my best physical attribute and everything I just listed before maybe it won’t work for you, maybe one of those things will work for you, that’s the beauty of the unique madness that’s growing out of your scalp. 

CONCLUSION – My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps

Thanks for your reading the article – My healty curly hair journey in 6 steps and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this article Best tips for brunette hair care for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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