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How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life

Whether your human hair wig has gotten terribly rough and knotted and you’ve been scouting for the best way to restore it. While searching, you came upon the weirdest thing ever and your mind is screaming “they really do boil hair wigs?” Well, relax sister. Yes wigs (both human hair and synthetic hair) can be boiled just like chicken and according to research, boiling it is really not so weird. In fact, it has been said that boiling your knotted and old wig, has the potential to restore it back to how it looked and felt when you first bought it.

How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life
How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life

Today i’m going to be showing you guys how i take my old wig unit that’s tangled and turn it into a nice slayed look i usually wear the wig, so that’s why it’s so tangly and i’m just gonna show you what steps i use to get my wig unit to perfection.

What is your should preparing


How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life – conditioner

I do use the conditioner from nexxus, it is USD15 at Amazon a little expensive, but it’s really good.


The shampoo from Suave

Laundry Detergent

How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life
How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life – Gain

I use the gain just to make my hair a bit more softer and have it even smell better.


How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life
How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to lifeBucket


How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life
How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life – comb

First thing i did was fill up my bucket with hot water, so this water is really really hot and i mix the conditioner up with the hot water.

Brush through the wig

I make sure before i dip this wig to just brush through it, as the wig so dry and tangly, but i we don’t want any tangles. 

Dip the wig into the water

Next i’m going to dip this wig unit in the water, i do is take my wig unit and really just dip it in this hot boiling water and leaving this wig unit in the water for about two hours. so i just did the wig and why i’m doing this first is because the wig has a lot of um mousse in it, which has caused my wig to be very stiff.

So i’m using the conditioner and the hot boiler water to just get all that stiffness and let the wig soak also, it’s going to make it easier, when it’s time to clean my lace, because all that glue is just going to come up.

The wig unit has a lot of glue on it, that’s one of the reasons we’re letting our wig soak, but remember i just left it in this boiling water for about two hours.

Washing the wig after soak

After two hours later, the lace is like really white and look at that water, it is dirty like brown. that’s a good reason to let your wig, so i wanted all that dirt to just come up on my wig. 

How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life
How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life – washing the wig

Make sure to clean off my lace, i grab some shampoo and scrub my lace together like i’m washing clothes almost like your mom washes your clothes outside you scrub that lace together.

I’m trying to get all that glue up off my lace and i take some time on the ends, because those usually are the hardest parts to get the glue off of and i scrub it off with my thumb with my nails.

Don’t rush this cleaning off the lace guys, especially if you’re going to be reinstalling this wig unit, when you leave glue residue it dries especially after washing your wig or your frontal or your closure it dries and it becomes white.

It’s important especially for a reinstall that you really take your time and scrub all that glue off of there it’s not going to look good, once it’s time to relay down your lace, I add some conditioner into my hair, just becauses i didn’t really wash it through, so it’s a little rough especially with the fact that i scrubbed, my lace the front of my wig was just a little tangled, so i add some conditioner just to loosen up the hair, so that it’s easier to manage.

Brush through the wig again

Following i grab my comb and to comb through the front of the wig, as i said it was very tangled so here i’m just detangling it with my rat tail comb.

Washing again – make sure all residue to be gone

Siting my wig in some hot water again, this time should take a look at my lace clean very important, i have some shampoo on the lace again, let this wig sit i want all the lace residue to be gone, and let it fit in conditioner another go round to be softer.

How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life
How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life

You may not need to do this, i let my wig sit again, because it was just not as soft as i needed it to be, i know that it just requires some more, conditioner and gain so i let it sit for a second time. It’s up to you guys, if you want to do this process, but i just know what i wanted my hair to feel like and it wasn’t there as of yet.

Finishing second washing, the water is still dirty which means my wig was still dirty, that’s just the truth, so we want our wigs to be lightweight almost, so rinse out that wig, condition that wig as many times as you need to my water was still dirty my wig still had dirt in it.

Dirt is going to weigh down your hair which keeps it tangly, you want your hair to be lightweight and free of all that dirt and debris you want a lightweight wig, that’s how it came to you when you purchased it, that’s how you need to make sure you snap your wig back, in order make sure it’s lightweight. No product needs to be in your wig in order to revitalize this unit.

After the second time, i let my wig sit for about an hour. I actually water dyed my wig jet black, because the wig was originally supposed to be jet black, but it was a little bit brown, so i dipped it again in some hot water to jet black this wig unit, but my hands are running through this unit so easily, i ended up blow drying this wig.

How to make the hair shine and bounce back

I feel my hair is very dry, after blow dry it, it’s not really very flowy right now. so you want to just make sure that when you are actually re-putting on your wig units and re-washing these wig units you add those certain amount of products that are needed, to ensure that your hair gets that shine and that bounce back.

I firstly press my hair and chase it with the hot comb because i want my hair to be silky straight and i knew that this wig was dry, so it’s going to require a little bit more heat and the product that canbring it back to life, i suggest are going to be bio silk which is really good to add back shine and just that weightlessness in your hair. it’s not a heavy oil and it gets your hair really shiny.

How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life
How to boil human hair wig and bring wig back to life – hairitage agan oil

so the product i use is hairitage argan oil. it’s really good it’s not heavy it kind of reminds me of the bio silk you do not need a lot i use it to get my hair just much more softer it was dry and needed a little bit of oil, let’s talk about why your hair needs oil guys after you do this whole conditioning getting your hair back to life, because once i was dipping my hair and getting all that dirt out.

I actually stripped the hair of the luster the more times i kept conditioning it, so i use this product to add the luster back into my wig and can you guys look at this my hair is flowy right now. this is not the same tired ass wig that i showed you guys in the beginning.

But it is though look how bouncy it is full of luster that heritage brought my hair back that shine, all i did was use the good conditioner hot water conditioned it twice, made sure to dye it back jet black and i added some gain, because i wanted it to smell good and gain also make sure you’re softer, so this is me styling my hair and just making sure that my wig is in tip top shape.


Thanks for your reading the article , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article What basic and essential hair tools do you need to slay your lace front human hair wig for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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