How to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling

How to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling.

The mangled up wig is actually a perfect candidate for a worst-case scenario kind of tangle. A wig doesn’t have to carpool in your backseat for a week to get that messed up. A long day at a convention can easily get a wig all tangled up and knotted. The following i will share how to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling, you can easily use this tips, day-to-day tangles that you may have.

What I’ll be using


For tangles this extreme, it is helpful to have some conditioner that is made for synthetic wigs. You an find this at your local beauty supply store. 

Wide tooth comb

Either a wig brush or a wide tooth comb is an absolute must. I prefer a wide tooth comb because they are very gentle on wigs and are also very affordable. Regular hairbrushes will ruin your wig so fast. 

How to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling
How to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling

Duckbill clips

It’s optional but helpful to have duckbill clips or clips that look like this to hold the hair out of the way. 

Styrofoam head

And for my stand I am using a styrofoam head stuck on to an old crappy tripod handle to hold my synthetic wig. You really do not need anything fancy. You could even just put the wig right on your head and go from there. All you really really need is a wig and a comb. 

Brush synthetic wig to stop tangling

Step 1. Put on the synthetic wig

Start by putting the wig on the styrofoam head, or on your head if that’s what you’re using. If you are using styrofoam, pin the wig to the styrofoam with a straight pin to hold it in place. 

Step 2. Spray conditioner on the synthetic wig

So for wigs that need this much work, I spray a generous amount of wig conditioner all throughout the wig to make it easier to brush out. For smaller, every day tangles, I don’t always use conditioner if I can comb the tangle out easily without it. 

Step 3. Section off the synthetic wig

Usually I will then section off the wig and brush one area at a time. It helps me from getting too frustrated when I have small sections like this to focus on. 

Step 4. Brush the section of synthetic wig

Let’s start with this little chunk . So the most important thing when brush synthetic wig is to always start from the bottom and work your way up. Meaning, brush out the ends of the section first. Once that brushes through smoothly, move up a few inches. Once that length brushes through, move up again. And so on, and so on. 

It can be time consuming, but caring for your wigs properly- like not throwing it in the back of a car for example- will make them last so much longer. If you start at the top of your wig and brush down, you can really quickly ruin a wig because it will just turn into a hugely damaged, knotted mess which is the exact opposite of what you’re trying to do by brush synthetic wig. 

Comb hair bottom up
brush synthetic wig to stop tangling – Comb hair bottom up

Step 5. clip the section to the opposite side of the head

Once I’ve worked my way up and this section brushes through easily, I take my little clip and clip the section to the opposite side of the head. This will keep it from falling back into the knotted hair that I haven’t brushed yet. 

Step 6 section off another piece then brush it

Then I section off another piece and start working on the bottom of that one, again moving upwards as it starts to detangle and brush through. If you run into a big knot, take your time and work through it. Just jabbing at it and trying to rip through it can damage the wig and it will lead to the ends being frayed and damaged.

 A better way to tackle a really stubborn knot is to see if you can free some hairs by hand just by pulling them away from the center of the knot with your fingers. In really extreme cases- which is rare. I didn’t even run into it with this wig- you’ll have a knot that you cannot get to untangle. If that happens, sometimes I will take a pair of scissors and just trim a single hair or two around the knot to see if that loosens it up. 

Sometimes just cutting one little strand will unravel the whole knot. But I’ve also had times where I just cut the knot out all together. But these instances are very uncommon. I can almost always brush through a wig with a little bit of patience and wig conditioner. Really taking your time with it helps so much. If I have a wig like this blue one here that needs some serious love and careful brushing, I will usually put on a movie and just brush synthetic wig out while I totally zone out watching TV or a movie or something. 


Once I get about halfway through, I can’t really fit much more hair up in that clip up there, so what I’m going to do is to put the tangled hair into a ponytail to keep it separated from the detangled hair. And then I’m going to let down the detangled hair and put it in another ponytail so that you have two contained sections: tangled and detangled.

Then I free the tangly hair and repeat the same process that I did to the other side. Split it up into small sections and comb it from the bottom up, clipping up each piece as you finish detangling it. Again, I feel like it’s important to emphasize that this is not the every day kind of wig maintenance.

If you are just wearing a wig around town or whatever, you’ll get tangles maybe at the ends of the hair or sometimes up underneath around where your neck is. Isolated tangles. Then you can just address those parts of the wig and the rest should be easy and quick to comb right through. I know this video looks intimidating like, “wow, what a lot of work!” so remember, this is worst-case scenario. Every day care is much, much easier. 


Once you’re all done detangling, let all of the hair down together and work through any remaining tangles. The comb should be able to brush through all of this hair pretty easily. It’s pretty amazing to see this wig bounce back from that knotted mess it was at the beginning of this video, isn’t it!? I wear this wig all the time. Probably more than any other wig that I have. 

After you have a wig for a while, no matter how much you care for it, eventually the ends may start to get a little frayed. When I notice this starting to happen, I will use some shears to trim off the damaged ends of the affected hair and it instantly looks healthy and again. Usually this is just little tiny cuts. It’s not like a full trim across the whole wig, but you could do that too if you want!

And that’s ow to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling! Both every day tangles and extremely knotted up wigs can be approached the same way. Being patient, being gentle, and taking care to brush the wig from the bottom up. 

CONCLUSION – How to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling

Thanks for your reading the article – How to brush synthetic wig to stop tangling, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article Best tips for how to store synthetic wig styles, synthetic wigs storage is very important for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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