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How to care of lace front human hair wigs

How to care of lace front human hair wigs, i got a lot of questions about this, caring for your wigs is really the most important thing about owning a wig. They are investments and they range in price and you want them to last for a long time no matter what they are, so i’m going to cover off a whole bunch of different things from washing to styling to storage.

When you first get your wig in the mail, it will come either in a little plastic bag and a hair net and it will have a little scrunchy piece of paper in there as well, i would keep the little scrunchie piece of paper for storage and i’ll also keep this hair in it.

How often should you be washing your lace front human hair wigs?

If you’re wearing your wigs regularly, you only need to wash them every six to eight weeks. Most people wear wigs on top of a wig cap, because of that the wig cap is gonna soak up a lot of your hair’s natural oils and not really get the wig too dirty, the wig is gonna get dirty from sort of external environment things, i guess wind dirt from the air dust that sort of thing.

But you really do not need to be washing them any more than six to eight weeks, why is that now because the hair is obviously not attached to someone’s head. It obviously doesn’t keep growing, so we need to make sure that the hair that we do have is going to last a really really really long time, every time you wash the hair it degrades the quality a little bit and it’s also going to degrade the lace front a little bit, i’ll get into that a little bit later.

Also don’t forget that colored wigs aren’t this color forever there’s a pigment that’s been put into bleached hair and every time you wash the hair, that pigment is slowly gonna wash out over time, you will know intuitively when is the next time to wash your wig, if it looks and feels and smells fine, then it really is fine don’t get too in your head about it.

Remove all of the glue from the lace

If you have worn your wig with glue, the first thing you’re going to need to do is you’re going to remove all of the glue from the lace front part of it, so to do that take some alcohol and just take a little piece of paper a little paper towel and put some alcohol on there, what you would do is you will very gently dab at the lace front, just taking off all of the glue from it, you again will know when it’s all gone gonna be very careful with this.

The reason you have to be careful is that hair is tied to the lace front, so all of these hairs on here are tight there’s little nuts and that’s why there’s nuts in a way and what will happen, if you scrub this lace, so if you take something and scrub it, what you’re going to do is you’re going to undo or break those knots, and then what’s going to happen is you’re going to start getting hair coming through the lace front on this side, so just really make sure you are super delicate, when you are washing the lace front human hair wigs or scrubbing do not scrub

Wash your lace front human hair wigs

When you are ready to wash it, what you will do is you will take a bucket of cold water, why we use cold water is because hot water, is going to strip a wig of all of its colored pigments, so if you have a lace front human hair wigsthat has been colored like a spice ginger.

How to care of lace front human hair wigs
How to care of lace front human hair wigs

You will take away all that beautiful color as soon as you use hot water, so use cold water you’re going to put a little drop of shampoo in there, always use a hydrating shampoo or a volumizing shampoo if that’s what you want or a mixture of the both, because wigs don’t have access to your natural oils in your hair, so they could dry really really really really quickly.

When you are ready to wash your lace front human hair wigs all you would do is you will go from bottom, and you will move that down into the water slowly and you will just swish it around and just wash it very gently through here, do not brush your hair with a comb, use your fingers if you have to just to make sure that the water has been distributed all through the lace front human hair wigs.

And then when you’re ready go in and dip the lace front and just give it a little wash like that,  do not leave the lace front to soak in the water, because that will let the nuts unravel themselves and that is also bad for your wig, once you have shampooed your lace front human hair wigsyou will obviously rinse your wigs, so go ahead and put this under a tap or just something, just to make sure that it’s gotten rid of all that shampoo and we’re all good to go.

Condition your lace front human hair wigs

Once you have finished shampooing your hair we will condition your wigs, always condition your wigs please like i said they do not have access to the natural oils in your hair, so they are going to get dry very very easily so if you don’t wash them, please condition them use a hydrating conditioner or a hair mask to go through.

Apply it all to the wig, what i like to do is i like to use a lot of it and i will go through that and i will brush it all through there and then when that’s all been washed and it’s all good, i would take the hair like this and i’ll actually flip it inside out and place all of the conditioned hair into the wig.

How to care of lace front human hair wigs
How to care of lace front human hair wigs

I will leave that on for honestly a hair mask i will leave on for about 15 to 20 minutes, i typically will put the conditioner from the bottom up we’ll get the most of it and then i’ll put a majority here and then just a little bit through the top here, but i don’t actually put any conditioner lace, it’s really hard to wash out and i just find it leaves like a really oily effect through the lace, so i don’t do that and when that is all done go ahead and rinse your lace front human hair wigs, just as you rinse the shampoo off the wig the first time.

To dry your lace front human hair wigs

Now it’s time to dry your wig, take a towel lay it out put your wig on top of it and then pat dry your wig, do not scrunch and crunch it, do not do anything that is not padding dry your wig, once you have pat dry it, i like to take the wig and just give it like a little shake like that just to make sure it all separates, because it can get really clumpy, when it’s wet i’ll just give it a little shake and do that and then i should have a wig that looks like wet hair.

Not comb the hair when it is wet

I know at this stage, it’ll be tempting to want to comb the hair, do not comb the hair when it is wet, hair when it is wet is very fragile it is very fragile and it will break easily, once you’ve pat dry it, i like to take the little elastic in here and i will leave it to air dry, i love air drying just because  a gives you a ton of volume, but because it’s really the best thing for your hair using heat tools on hair will degrade it slightly, so i like to avoid that as much as possible.

If you’re in a rush you can give it a blow dry, but also the trickiest thing about a wig is that the wig cap, also gets really wet and that is really really really hard to dry with a blow dry, but air dry overnight you’re good to go the next day, it doesn’t take a long time to dry but you just need to prepare in advance.

Once it is air dry you can go ahead and use your heat tools as normal, you can use your styling tools as normal you can go and do whatever you like, because that is really the end of washing your wigs and that stage, so once it is all washed and once it is all done go ahead and use it as you would normally, it’s back to being its normal wig.

CONCLUSION – How to care of lace front human hair wigs

Thanks for your reading the article – How to care of lace front human hair wig , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle BEST 7 TIPS FOR CULRY NATURAL HUMAN HAIR MAINTENANCE ROUTINE for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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