How to control frizz hair & styling tips & hair moisturizing

How to control frizz hair & styling tips & hair moisturizing

Today I am tackling a very requested topic, how to control frizz hair, will cover styling tips, hair moisturizing, and a few favorite hair hacks! , so let’s get into it

What causes Frizz ?

Frizzy hair can be caused by a variety of things, it can be from dead ends, it can be porous hair, it can be a hair that’s not moisturized enough and it can be due to improper Styling. dead ends is kind of obvious, but dead ends are literally frizz incarnate and it’s living on your hair. 

How to control frizz hair & styling tips &  hair moisturizing
How to control frizz hair & styling tips & hair moisturizing

1. Dead Ends

I know that it gets annoying hearing hair stylists say, oh my gosh! you need to cut your ends and you’re like you’re just trying to get my money, but no it really is that you have dead frizzy ends living on your hair and the damage is traveling up, so the longer you wait the worse the frizz gets just cut it out.

2. Porous / Chemically processed

And then you have porous hair to explain what that is basically your hair has this cuticle layer which lays like shingles, it protects the spongy inside of your hair which is called the cortex where all the moisture and protein and good stuff lives.

When those cuticle layers start to lift things can get inside and damage the cortex or through things like chemical processing and heat styling, you can actually lose those shingles and just expose like the spongy heart of your hair, that creates a lot of frizz.

So obviously, it can happen through chemical treatments, through a lot of heat styling but for people with wavy and curly hair, your cuticle structure is actually already more open than most which means your hair just comes pre poorest for you.

It’s already a lot more thirsty than any other hair type, so if you heat style chemically treat or have wavy curly hair, you’re gonna want to put a lot more moisture back into your hair. 

3. Not enough moisture oil

Which leads to your hair lacking moisture, now typically when we talk about moisture we talk about water, but what your hair can often use when it’s frizzy is more fat, it needs lipids in it to help to moisturize it, but also chill way down the frizz a little bit. so we’re gonna talk a lot about how to add and lipids back into your hair today.

4 Not styled corrcetly

And finally you can be styling and properly,  I’m going to talk about a couple little hair styling habits that you can use to create more smooth shiny hair.

Maintaining moisture

First of all let’s talk about maintaining moisture in your hair, 

1. It is a waiting game

First of all this is gonna be a little bit of a waiting game, like you can start implementing these things and you’ll see a difference within the first couple days to a week, but you’re gonna see the most over several weeks.

So just keep that in mind. First things first you can wash your hair less often that’s like a great thing, because it’s easier, but it also just gives your hair a chance to moisturize itself so shower less frequently.

2. ONly shampoo your roots

When you do wash your hair you should shampoo just the roots, because I’m assuming the frizz is mostly from the middle to ends of your hair, you want to get rid of any like dirt oil sweat builds up on your scalp, obviously but you don’t necessarily need to run the shampoo over your ends, you can actually let the shampoo cleanse your ends as it runs out of your hair and that will keep the moisture a lot more settled.

3. Choose moisturizing conditioners

alright then we move on to conditioner which is really like the key product, if you have frizzy o unruly hair it’s what you need and that’s a great way to get the oil and like lipids back into your hair, the best way to make sure that you do that is first of all pick a very moisturizing conditioner, you want to pick one that really emphasizes that it’s good for coarse frizzy color-treated hair, because it’s gonna have those heavier moisturizing agents in it already. Argan oil is literally like the last ingredient like they took their conditioner and put two drops of argan oil in it

4. Use a moisturizing oil

The next thing I think is very important our hair oils like a leave-in oil, because you guys know I love my leave-in conditioners, but I think with that really frizzy hair, you want to take it in the next step, you want to make it a little heavier, so an oil is really good idea. 

moisturizing oil -How to control frizz hair & styling tips & hair moisturizing

Shea Moisture has good hair oils, another one I love is the living proof nourishing oil this one is so so good and then obviously for my hair I love the restore perfecting spray this one’s a lot lighter, but I think it’s really good you could even hypothetically have a leave-in conditioner and an oil .

You just mix them together, so you have that kind of hybrid so it’s not as heavy as just using an oil, but it’s a little more than just using a leave-in conditioner, either way I think you need to find like your perfect little, I don’t know weapon your hair weapon against the frizz to help weigh it down even more.

5. Use your hair oil on the ends multiple days in a row

finally obviously I think it’s really good to use a deep conditioning treatment on your hair every one , a half to two weeks, it’s just really gonna keep adding in that extra moisture.

Good hair care habits

Now let’s move on to some good haircare habits, 

1. Get a satin pillow case

First of all I really recommend getting a satin pillowcase it does not have to be like boogie real satin, it just has to be silky feeling mine is like 15 dollars, just get what works for you, but seriously it will change your life, I don’t wake up with bed hair anymore, because of it which is crazy. so I can only imagine how much it would help someone with frizzy hair.

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satin pillow – How to control frizz hair & styling tips & hair moisturizing

2. Dont brush very frizzy hair when it is dry unless you are getting ready to wash it

If you have a wavy to curly hair, you probably already know this, but only brush your hair either while it’s wet or if you’re getting ready to wash it, because it’s just gonna move balloon out, not the best situation.

3. If you detangle your hair while its wet do so with conditioner

If you do to tangle your hair while it’s wet, please make sure that you’re using that detangling brush and then like your conditioner or leave-in conditioner to kind of like lubricate the hair so it detangles we’re easily , but it really does help.

4. Dont use towels

Next another well-known curly hair tip, that is good for everyone don’t use your typical like towel on your hair to dry it, actually use like a microfiber towel or a old t-shirt to kind of scrunch and dry your hair, because it causes less frizz on the hair.

 I really love my Turbie twist, it works just as well as throwing your towel on a turban, but it’s lighter, so it causes less damage to the hair line, dries your hair faster causes less frizz.

5. Start froom ends and work your way up

This is a new tip to me and I love it when you apply your leave-in conditioner or your hair oil, rub it between your hands and then start on the ends and then slowly work your way up, because that way the majority of your product is applied to the ends and then less and less as you go up, which is pretty much about as much as your hair needs it. 

Best 20 Tips for how to grow health hair fast Ultimate guide
How to control frizz hair & styling tips & hair moisturizing

You have the most need on the very ends and less and less as you go up. so it will cause less unnecessary way down, while still getting you all the moisturizing benefits you need, while we’re on the whole leave-in products thing.

6. Apply your leave in products while your hair is wet

I actually really recommend applying it while your hair is wet like not dripping wet, but not damp either that way, you’re sealing in that moisture that’s already in your hair it’s sealing in the water and adding in more fats, it’s just a perfect combination if you do it then.

7. If you air dry & are wavy / curly use products to define & tame

I would also recommend that, if you have wavy or curly hair and you’re gonna air dry, apply your product that’s gonna help to tame and control the frizz. your hair doesn’t feel like a gel at all it doesn’t feel crunchy, but it gives you so much definition and so much taming. 

8. Scrunch only on wet hair

I also recommend that if you’re going to scrunch something like this into your hair only do it while your hair is very wet, because when you start to scrunch hair that’s a little bit more on the damp side, when you scrunch and you pull your hand away, you’re gonna see those little frizzy is starting to come out. so really trying to like get it in there while your hair is wet and then just don’t touch it.


There you go that’s an overview of how I would take care of very frizzy hair, my hair is like on the scale of frizz, it’s probably on the less frizzy side, but I do have the color treatment, so I do use a lot of these tricks to keep my hair as shiny and healthy as possible. 


Thanks for your reading the article- How to control frizz hair & styling tips & hair moisturizing, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article 9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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