How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen

How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth

How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen

Know your hair

Everyone’s hair can’t be the same, you should know your hair needs, type, texture, porosity, all that it’s going to determine what your current regimen will look like,also know that your hair regimen may have to change as your hair grows longer or as your hair changes, the regimen I’m using right now is not the regimen I used two years ago, so your hair regimen is going to depend on what your hair currently needs.

We are going to have to know your hair first of all which category does your hair fall in relaxed or natural, because your hair regimen may be slightly different depending on whether you are relaxed or natural, know your hair porosity because the hair products you’re going to use for high porosity here is going to be different for low porosity hair.

Your routines are going to be different for example when you are deep conditioning your hair you may have to use heat with low porosity hair, compared to high porosity hair where you can just slap on your products and products with diffuse very easily into your hair, it’s going to depend on your hair type and watch your hair correctly needs.

How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth

How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth

Schedule – healthy relaxed hair regimen

For example you have a schedule, you can’t be free every night maybe due to different factors work or other things, you can’t create a regimen that involves you moisturizing your hair every night, because if that happens it will be hard for you to stick with the regimen, you have to look at your schedule when it’s comfortable for you.

 I know when you want to be in a rush because the worst thing you can do when caring for your hair is to care for it in a hurry, detangling your hair in a hurry taking down your protective styles in your hurry, I’ll show you if you do this you’re gonna come out with breakage, you may end up regretting it, so take your schedule into consideration how to create your hair regimen, after considering these things

Create your healthy relaxed hair regimen for your own hair

There is no need for you to copy another person’s regimen, your regimen May revolve around the same thing as another person, for example my regimen revolves and low manipulation of positive styling and relax our stretches, you may decide to make your regimen revolve around that as well, but you can’t copy every single thing, for example is my relaxer stretches are usually every six months. You may decide to stretch your relaxer for four months.

Maybe you are still using the same principle of relaxer stretches, but arrangements are not totally the same, so when creating a regimen don’t copy another person’s regimen as a duplicate and just do everything like that, because it may not work for you, for example if you’ve been living in your protective styles for one month and I usually live in repetitive styles for four months,

If you decide to just copy my regimen and start living in your protective styles for four months, it’s not going to go well with your hair, because your hair is used to being in a protective style of one month, if you want to increase the duration of your positive size, you can go from one month to one month and two weeks just like that.

Take it one step at a time – create a healthy relaxed hair regimen

When you want to creat or modify a regimen especially do not turn everything 360 like change everything drastically overnight, make it difficult for your hair to adapt, you have to give your hair time to adapt do not change too many things at a time, because if you incorporate too many things, if you change your shampoos or conditionals, change all your products or protective styling durations change everything, when you eventually get results without positive or negative you’re not going to know which of the things you change is actually causing this results.

Take it one step at a time with respect to the products, routines and durations, when you are trying to increase to duration of a routine, for example your relaxer stretches reproductive styling your washes increase it gradually, don’t go from stretching your relaxers are three months to not stretching you relax us at six months.

Few will do it and get away with it, but you may not like the resort it’s better to be safe than sorry because once hair is lost it can’t be gotten back, it’s better you take it gradually and learn along the way as your hair adapts to the changes.

What different aspects of hair regimen you have to consider?

Washing and conditioning – healthy relaxed hair regimen

Washing and conditioning usually goes together, that’s why I’m pairing them, sometimes people do what is called co-washing that you use just a conditioner to wash your hair without using a shampoo, I have not co-washed before, I have used a shampoo that actually a shampoo and conditioner in one, but for using conditioners alone to wash my hair I have not done that.

How to take care of human hair wig

How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth

For washing our conditioning first of all you have to think of products you want to use, I advise using a sulfate free shampoo, except you want to clarify your hair give your hair a really deep clean, for example after being in a very long term protective style, but outside this I recommend using sulfate free shampoos, because they are usually more gentle on this carb and leaves your hair more moisturized, because they don’t strip your hair off its natural oils, unlike these sulfate that tend to dry out your hair by stripping your hair off its natural oil.

Sometimes I use sulfate shampoos when I really want to give my hair a deep clean, so think about the type of shampoo you want to use the type of conditioner, then the frequency of your shampoos and conditioner I usually recommend that you don’t wash your hair too frequently, because the more you shampoo your hair the more dry your hair tends to become, unless shampoo your hair every week has been working for you, I would not recommend that you shampoo your hair every week unless your hair tends to get greasy very fast or like you sweat a lot.

Tangling routine – healthy relaxed hair regimen

The tangling routine is a very crucial aspect of a regimen, I don’t know how how I can stress this enough, you can literally gain 10 inches in a year and lose that 10 inches, because you roughly detangled your hair or because you’re in a hurry, what would have taken you like one hour to detangle you decided to do that in 10 minutes, after that you lose like one year worth of hair or of growth.

One thing you should know is that when hair is lost, it can’t be gotten back, I’m usually very gentle with my detangling routines, and go gradually from finger detangling to detangling with a white tooth comb, then a small tooth comb, if it’s necessary which is what I usually do.

The frequency of your detangling routine

Since my last relaxation which is for the past three months, I have been detangling my hair about every two weeks like once in two weeks, so it’s not compulsory that you detangle your hair every day, if you know me you know that I am a huge fan of low manipulation the less you manipulate your hair the better.

Find ways to detangle your hair less frequently, you can put your hair in a style that Tangles less frequently, for example for the past three months I have literally be pushing my hair in a bun, so what I do is in the morning I just refresh it and that’s it, so find styles that are not stressful styles that will make your hair tangle free, styles that are easy to refresh and styles that would not require too much manipulation when you need to refresh them.

Trims – healthy relaxed hair regimen

There are a lot of controversies about this stream whenever I bring up this topic, I get different opinions usually about the frequency of your trims, I always say do what works for you, some people trim their hair every month, some every two months, some every six months, sometimes we trim your hair at all, so I’m just dust their ends, let’s search for split ends and trim them off, some trim your hair once in a year.

How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth

How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth

Sometimes I get questions on how frequently I trim my hair, I don’t have a particular time frame I use in trimming my hair, I trim my hair as my ends needs to be trimmed, before my last spring which I had on my relaxer day, the trim I had before that was about two to three years ago, I know that is so bad but it may not be bad if my ends were actually very healthy.

If your hair can go a year Without a trim please don’t care what anyone says do what works for your hair, but if you don’t trim your hair for three months your end starts acting up and you’re actually getting a breakage, then you have to go in and get dream, so when it comes to trimming I usually recommend doing what works for your hair.

Method of drying your hair – healthy relaxed hair regimen

There are different methods of drying your hair using heat and using heatless methods. You can use a drying and you can use it so well or the towel or shirt part is what I want to emphasize on never ever use a towel when drying your hair, if you notice the texture of a towel is actually rough compared to your hair, It is actually very rough on the hair strands, this can cause split ends can cause breakage, so it’s usually recommended that when drying your hair use a cotton t-shirt, which not a towel says always use a cotton t-shirt when you want to Pat your hair dry.

Moisturizing and silly routine – healthy relaxed hair regimen

This is also like the washing and conditioning routine, depends on what works for your hair, I don’t really recommend moisturizing too frequently, personally I moisturize my hair as the need arises, I look at my hair and if I see that they are getting dry, then I go into moisturize, so do what works for you some people moisturize once a week some once in two weeks.

Some every day like I said I don’t recommend everyday moisturizing and sealing, because you have more tendency to get products build up now, if you say you want to use products every day and go in to wash more frequently, that is even creating like a visual cycle because you moisturize more you get more product without wash your hair more frequently.

I wash your hair more frequently your hair will get dry more frequently, making you want to moisturize your hair more, the circle will just continue, so moisturize your hair at a frequency that is not too frequent to cause proton buildup, but enough to prevent dryness of your hair.

Protecting your hair at night time – healthy relaxed hair regimen

To prevent your hair from drying out, you have to use a satin or silk material you can use this as a bonnet to cover your hair while you sleep, this is actually soft on the hair and helps to trap in the moisture you ca do that or either use a satin or silk pillowcase, by doing this you are actually keeping your hair protected at night, that way whatever you do the moisture of your hair is locked in and your hair is less likely to get breakage, because a satin or silk material is actually more gentle on your hair compared to other material.

How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth

CONCLUSION – How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth

Thanks for your reading the article- How to create a healthy relaxed hair regimen for growth. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this articl SIX WRONG THINGS THAT STUNT HAIR GROWTH for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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