How to cut a lace front wig

How to cut a lace front wig best tutorial for beginner

How to cut a lace front wig? As lace front wig with these feature of transparency, flexibility, and diversity, which have been popular and welcomed by wig wearers. If you also choice a lace front wig, will face the same problem. Every lace front wig wears all want to a natural appearance of wig edge and can not endure the excess lace that is often on your forehead once you install the wig. So if you want to make your lace front wig looks realistic and natural, you need to become a pro at cutting your lace front wig. This article we will tell you all things what you need know about how to cut a lace front wig.

What is the lace front wig?

Just as its name implies, there is a piece of lace in the front of wig. Most commonly lace front wig is 4×4 lace front wig, 13×4 lace front wig, 13×6 lace front wig, 360 lace front wig. Lace have many benefit for wig wears, which can create illusion of hair strands growth from your own scalp, and lace color can perfectly melt with your skin color, undetected, to make you can get a natural hairline and variety hairstyle is available, meanwhile its breathability also very good, especailly in hot summer.

How To Cut a Lace Front Wig best tutorial for beginner
How To Cut a Lace Front Wig – commonly lace front wig types

Why you have to cut lace front wig?

Though lace have many benefit feature, but when you apply a lace front wig, you will find there are many excess lace lay on your wig edge, If you do not cut off them, will affect the natural appearance of wig looks, you also will feel uncomfortable wear the wig and bring a lot of embarrassment to your life. So cut lace front wig is essential.

How to cut a lace front wig
How to cut a lace front wig – why cut lace front wig

What you should prepare before you cut a lace front wig?

Tools you need prepare

Scissors and eyebrow razor for cutting

Rattail comb to create hairline

Clips or ponytail holder to keep the hair way from hairline

Make up pencil to draw the cutting line

Measuring tape (optional)

Mannequin head, T-pins, and wig stand (optional)

Prepare your own hair

Ensure your own hair is flat and smooth, do not have big bumps, which can help the wig naturally lay on your head and looks realistic, braids or cornrows will your best choice of hairstyle for keep your hair flat and smooth. After your hair is okay, please note wear a wig cap cover your head, which could help hold your wig in place, avoid slipping.

How to cut a lace front wig
How to cut a lace front wig – cornrow hair style

Prepare your lace front wig

Cleaning your wig

Cleaning your lace front wig, make sure it is clean, before installing it, which is good for your hair and scalp healthy.

How to cut a lace front wig
How to cut a lace front wig – washing firstly

Bleach the knots on lace

Black knots on lace will serious influence the appear of wig looks natural, so you should bleach them to close your scalp color, before you install the wig.

Plucking, create baby hair and make hairline

How To Cut a Lace Front Wig best tutorial for beginner
How To Cut a Lace Front Wig  – make hairline and baby hair

Plucking, created baby hair and make hairline all play critical role to improve the natural appearance of wig. Before you install your lace wig, you should do these process. After you install the wig, you could according to your head and face shape, make a little adjustment. For instance, you feel the baby hair is too long and thick, you can cut off some baby hair and trim their length.

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Best guide for beginner how to pluck lace front human hair wig

Determining the wig in the best fit position

You should make sure your wig in the best fit position, the wig in here you feel best comfortable and your head snugly with it, before you wanna secure it on head with any kind of adhesive. You can not say the wig tight our head not comfortable, after you take some hours and apply amount of adhesive. So determine the wig position is very critical, before you do others.

Make the cut line on the lace

Drawing a line around the wig lace edge to determine how much of the lace you will cut to make the wig best suit for your hairline and get the a natural look, which can help you avoid over-cut. Pull all hair of wig back to clear show the hairline, so that you can draw correctly and reasonable the cut line on the lace.

Tips: Before cutting your lace front wig, we want to say the process need take some time, you should slowly and carefully, pay more extra patience on it. if you can do it consistently,we can promise your wig will look great.

How To Cut a Lace Front Wig

How to cut a lace front wig

Step1. Use the eyebrow razor or other you feel comfortable razor and make sure it is enough sharp, otherwise it can not cut the lace properly and even leading to damage the lace.

Step2. The lace should keep taut situation, which is benefit you cutting and avoid over-cut.

Step3. Cutting process with a subtle zig-zag motion to make the lace have a slightly jagged edge, the lace with jagged edge is more easier melt with your skin, ensure do not cut it in straight lines.

Step4. Cut a lace ear table, use rattail comb to part a one-inch section of hair right above one of your ears, then out fall downward these hair. Grab the ear table and cut the excess lace in front of the hairline. In order to get the natural appearance, please cut it in C line, no straight line. Same process for the other side.

How To Cut a Lace Front Wig best tutorial for beginner
How To Cut a Lace Front Wig – make ear table

Step5. Be Slowly and carefully entire cutting process, avoid cut the elastic band or other construction cap of the wig.

Step6. After complete the cutting process, you should check the cutting result, and make partial modifications to get more perfect appearance.

Tips on cutting a lace front wig

  1. In the cutting process, you should always think how to cut the lace front wig can make the wig looks more natural.
  2. Lace very easy crisp, there are potentially vulnerable during the cutting process, you should well control your power, when you grab lace for cutting. Otherwise lace will be teared, you must do not want to have a rip on the hairline.
  3. Do not over-cutting, the mistake difficult to repair, if you no confidence some difficult lace area, you could cut a little area per time and make partial modifications in many times to cross it.
  4. Do not cut too close to the hairline of the lace front wig, the best gap length is about 1-2 inches.

CONCLUDE – How to cut a lace front wig

Above is all about how to cut a lace front wig , hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, How long do human hair wigs last for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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