How to fix a lace front wig

How to fix a lace front wig

How to fix a lace front wig? Lace front wig are getting more and more popular among black female, for most people, a good quality lace front wig is not cheap, maybe you have spent much part-time to work and earn money to pay the wig cost, yes you care it very properly, but sometime no body can prevent the accidents. As the lace very easily be tear broken, when many people install or take off the lace front wig. Some people choice give up the broken lace front wig and consider to purchase a new one, but not everyone is rich, you can choice repair it, how to fix a lace front wig?

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In fact, fix a lace front wig is not complex as your think, if following the below step, you will revive the wig and keep your money in your pocket. Here we will share two methods for you, they are different top-notch solutions to fix damage lac front wig, that are very friendly for beginner, you can be done from the comfort of your own home.

How to Fix a Lace Front Wig

How to fix a lace front wig

The two type of top-notch solutions, one is use tape to fix the ripped wig, the other is sewing method. I think most of us do not have plenty sewing experience, but it is not a challenge, as long as you dare to try it. You will be successful, even if without any sewing experience.

Before we start fixing the ripped lace front wig, should firstly start the below process same way, whatever solution method you finally chosen.

1. Spray some water on your lace front wig.

The process is to make the hair easy to be manage.

2. Brush the hair thoroughly

Comb the hair thoroughly, until tangle-free, do not have any knot, which will make the fixing process easier for you.

3. Turn the lace wig inner out

Turn the lace wig inner out, you will more clear find out the rip and damage area on lace also easier for your fixing process.

4. Put the rip lace front wig on canvas head

If you do not have canvas head, so can use other tools to make the lace wig secure, which will make your job so much easier. Pin the wig on canvas to block, so it doesn’t wiggle around while you’re working

5. Clean the rip lace area

How to cut a lace front wig
How to fix a lace front wig – clean the lace frontal

Commonly the rip lace area there are some residue glue or adhesive, please make sure clean them out from the rip lace area, otherwise they will affect your fixing process. You can not image there are some leftover glue still around the rip lace area, when you fix it.

6. Use pins to bring the edge of rip lace area together

If the rip lace area is too big, you could use pins to bring the edge of rip lace are together, if you think is necessary, which will make easier to tape or sewing the rip lace area.

How to fix a lace front wig – Solution one: Use Tape To Fix The Ripped Wig

If you do not want to sew, the tape option is obviously the easier option for you, it is only need the lace front tape and 3M transpore tape, however, the fixing effective is not be as long-lasting as the sewing solution.

How to fix a lace front wig

What is tools you need prepare in advance?

Damaged lace wig

Bonding tape

canvas head (optional)


acetone (Nail polish remover)


A wide-toothed comb;

Some water;

Knot Sealer

3M Transpore Tape (Same Width As The Lace Front Tape)

The tape solution process

Tape the tear area – make the rip area together and cover it with bonding tape , ensure you firmly press with your finger to make sure that the lace have been attached by the tape successfully.

Cut off the excess tape – If you find the tape is over the sides or too much you using, please take out your scissors to cut off the excess tape, to make sure not to influence the effective of adhesion for the rip area.

Using the same size 3M traspore tape – Cover the tape using a sheet of 3 m transpore tap, which is not essential process, but it can effectively prevent it from sticking your scalp. Make sure you choice the tranpore tape and its size should same as the bonding tape patch, which can reinforce the fixing area.

How to fix a lace front wig – Solution two: sewing method to fix rip lace front wig

Sewing method is a very effective method to fix the ripped lace. The method is more secure than tape method and last time more longer, meanwhile because thread is more invisible than tape on the lace, so the method can not affect natural appearance of the lace.

What is tools you need prepare in advance?

Damadged lace wig



canva head (option)


acetone (Nail polish remover)

A wide-toothed comb;

How to fix a lace front wig
How to fix a lace front wig – sewing method

The sewing solution process

Choice the right thread and needle – Needle and thread play a critical role in these process, you should choice the thread that suit for the color of the lace, to make sure the fixing area look as invisible as possible. If you use the thread with incorrect color, the fixing area will be very stick out, you lace natural appearance will be damage.

Overcast sewing stitch – Sewing stitch also very important for the process, use an overcast stitch to bring the lace together, according to the rip size, you should predetermined the amount of thread, than use these thread and needle via overcast stitch go over and under to bring the lace together securely,

Sewing Ending – after finish the stitching, you should double knot the thread end and cut off any excess thread there maybe. Double knot will ensure the thread will not loose and rip area can not open again.

CONCLUDE – How to fix a lace front wig

Above is all about How to fix a lace front wig , hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, HOW TO WEAR LACE FRONT WIGS WITHOUT GLUE for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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