how to get hair dye off scalp

Hacks on how to get hair dye off scalp and skin

Besides hairstyle, hair color also is a big part of human hair wig. Not all people only like black color hair, in order to show beauty and individuality, many female choice dye the hair to other color, such as blonde, burgundy, brown or others. But there is a problem, during the process of dyeing hair, everyone should be face, that is how to get hair dye off scalp and skin.

how to get hair dye off scalp

You maybe think if you go to high-class salon and ask professional hairstylist to dye hair for you, which can avoid stained scalp issue, sorry, even if the most professional hairstylist also can not prevent the problem. If you dye hair in salon, hairstylist will help you remove the hair dye from your scalp, but If you dye hair by yourselves at home, you must know these hacks on how to get hair dye off scalp and skin.

The most common and effective method for get hair dye off scalp and skin

Rub alcohol

how to get hair dye off scalp
how to get hair dye off scalp – rubbing alcohol

Rub alcohol is the most fast and effective method for getting hair dye off the scalp, you can  take a cotton pad and soak it with the rubbing alcohol, then squeeze all excess alcohol and gently dab the pad on the stained areas, maybe some time later, once the stains start to lighten in color and disappear completely, you should immediately rinse the stained area off with lukewarm water, as rub alcohol can be harsh and dry to the skin, so after rinse it, you need apply some moisturizer or conditioner to prevent drying your skin. Please kindly note: you should wear gloves firstly to protect your hand. Though Rub alcohol is very good method, but for the people with dry or sensitive skin, the method is not suit.

Make up remover

Make up remover is a must-have item for many female, which is not only cleans the makeup off your face, but also can get dye stain off your scalp. It can break down the pigments in the hair dye and cleanse your scalp. Apply some on the cotton pad and gently rub the stained area, but do not leave it on skin over 5 minutes to avoid skin irritation. If you have cream or dense make up remover which more effectively than the micellar water. If you use alcohol-based makeup remover, you should add some moisturizer or conditioner to prevent drying your scalp and skin.

Natural oil

There are many natural oil is work well for get hair dye off scalp, such as baby oil, coconut oil, olive oil and so on. You can apply some natural oil on the stained area, then message the area with your finger. Let the oil soak 8 hours or overnight. You can apply the oil before you sleeping, please take a towel cover your pillow to avoid staining in the night. In the next morning you should wash the stained area with luke-warm water and soap. The method is friendly your skin and hair, but it is not very suit for the people that do not have enough time.

how to get hair dye off scalp
how to get hair dye off scalp – olive oil


Toothpaste is must-have item for everyone, all people know it can clean and protect our tooth, but nobody know it also can get hair dye off our scalp. In order to make your teeth look more white which contains a type of active ingredients that is baking soda, which removes stains by lifting them with carbon dioxide. You can spread the toothpaste on stained area, rub with a soft toothbrush or a cotton pad. Leave it on for 5 to 10 minutes, then wash out it. Please choice non-gel toothpaste, which is better then gel toothpaste.

Above is The most common and effective methods for get hair dye off scalp and skin. If you want to quickly get hair dye off scalp you can choice rub alcohol, make up remover, but these method maybe dry your skin and scalp. Toothpaste maybe a good choice, which more friendly for skin. If you do not want your skin have any hurt and have enough time and patience, natural oil will be your best choice.

Protective measures for reduce the stained area

Though there this effective methods, i still want to know whether we can make some protective measures to reduce the stained area. Before the process of dyeing hair, making some Protective measures will help you minimize the stained area.

Waiting few days later after you wash hair, then dyeing hair.

Please do not dyeing your hair on your hair washing day, please waiting few days after you wash hair, then dyeing hair. Why should wait few days, the reason is we should wait scalp secrete oil, as we know natural oil can prevent stain, which can effectively protect your scalp from harsh chemical in the dye.

Apply some thick slippery product on risk area

Commonly the risk area is forehead, neck or temples, apply some thick slipper products on these area. Thick and dense is the key, if you use the lighter products in texture, which will absorb them quickly and can not protect your skin. So just like thick moisturizer or lotion is your best choice. But if your skin is sensitive to these thick products, please do not use the method, as thick products maybe cause breakouts and clogged pores.

how to get hair dye off scalp
how to get hair dye off scalp – vaseline

Additional protection

Press some cotton on the areas where you have applied the thick slipper products, Cotton will easily be pasted on these area and absorbs the hair dye to reduce stain. Meanwhile you also need protect other body parts that there is risk be stained during the hair dye process. Such as your hand, you should wear a glove, and use old towel cover your leg and other body parts. Prepare a good adsorbability towel to try clean the hair dye off your skin as soon as possible to prevent staining.

Conclude – how to get hair dye off scalp

Above is share some hacks on how to get hair dye off scalp and skin, and some protective measures for reduce the stained area, hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, How to properly and safely remove lace front human hair wig for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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