How to get healthier natural hair in short time

How to get healthier natural hair in short time?

Every one want to know how to get healthier natural hair in short time. when it comes to hair care, there are three things that matter you styling, your cutting color and your healthy hair routine, but the thing is most of us spend all our time on styling and cutting color and zero time on our healthy hair routine, most of us don’t even know it’s a thing, but it’s actually the most important thing, because healthy hair is the foundation of cutting color and styling.

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How to get healthier natural hair in short time

Everything breaks when you don’t have healthy hair, if you’re trying to style unhealthy hair you’re going to have a really tough time, it’s not going to be shiny and fight you, it’s not going to come out the way you want, because it’s already damaged, you’re probably going to get some breakage.

Cut and color on unhealthy hair is also going to be really frustrating, it’s not going to look like the picture you brought into your stylist, because that picture is of healthy hair, so for the next couple minutes forget cut and color forget styling this is where you start, get this down and you’ll start getting a ton of hair compliments.

The next time you go in to see your stylist she’ll be shocked and ask you what you’ve been doing to get your hair so healthy, your healthy hair routine determines everything from how fast your hair grows out, to how long it will get, to how healthy shiny and vibrant it is. If you can get your healthy hair routine down, you are basically set for the rest of your life, because guess what your stylist is going to take care of cut and color for you, that means the only thing hair related that you have to worry about for the rest of your life is just styling.

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How to get healthier natural hair in short time? – curly human hair wig

Healthy hair routines are kind of my specialty, how i got into it obviously i don’t have any hair of my own, so i had to learn on other people, that might sound like a disadvantage, but it was actually a huge advantage for me, most stylists only ever find a routine that works on their own hair, because the only things they’re doing for their clients are cut and color, having to learn what helps for all different people and all different hair types, forced me to learn the universal patterns and techniques that work across the board on everyone.

The knowledge i gained through that is exactly what i use to build my healthy hair system, let me be your stylist friend and show you exactly what to do, if you just follow the directions, but you’ve probably noticed nothing like that at all exists for hair.

Trinity system – How to get healthier natural hair in short time

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How to get healthier natural hair in short time

To help you out with that i’ve created the trinity hair care system, all you have to do is follow the directions, it’s super easy, it’s based on the fact that your hair consists of three different parts, you have your roots your mids and your ends, they all have completely different needs, but if you can get all three of them healthy at the exact same time your hair has no choice, it’s going to be super healthy and look amazing i don’t care how stubborn your hair is.

Back to the cooking example for just a second, if you’re baking cookies and you forget to put the sugar in there you’re in deep trouble, no one is going to be eating those cookies and it’s the same thing here with the trinity system, i’ve already reduced it to make it as simple as possible, if you leave any of these things out, it’s like leaving sugar out of the cookies in other words.

Three products you need – How to get healthier natural hair in short time

These products are mandatory, i’ve already made it as simple as possible there’s only three products so please don’t skip them, let’s get into what’s actually in the trinity system, it as simple as possible so it’s super easy to use to still get amazing results, here are the three products you need, which will let you get healthier natural hair in short time

The first product is hair oil -How to get healthier natural hair in short time

A lot of people skip this, because they can’t get their head wrapped around the idea of putting oil in their hair, but the thing is you’re only putting it on your ends and i promise you i swear to you your hair will not feel oily at all, the thing is your ends are super dry, they’re not like the rest of your hair when you get a cut the ends are open on the end, so they actually leak moisture.

How to get healthier natural hair in short time?
How to get healthier natural hair in short time?

There’s no way for them to hold it, without oil your ends dry up they get damaged theybreak off which costs you length and makes it, you can’t grow your hair out and your ends just look dry and dead, oil does not evaporate, it’s perfect for sealing and protecting your ends to keep the moisture in there it’s extremely important no oil no healthy ends.

The second product is leave-in conditioner – How to get healthier natural hair in short time

This is one of the most important products of all time, because most hair damage comes from allowing your hair to dry out, when you take a shower and use a regular conditioner it puts a ton of moisture into your hair, but your hair has no way to retain that moisture, so as soon as you get out of the shower, your hair begins to dry out.

Your hair keeps losing moisture into your next wash making your regular conditioner basically useless, but guess what you can keep every bit of moisture from your conditioner, if you use a leave-in conditioner after the shower to keep a barrier on your hair to lock in all that moisture makes a massive difference and only takes like 15 seconds.

How to get healthier natural hair in short time
How to get healthier natural hair in short time

The third product is professional shampoo and conditioner How to get healthier natural hair in short time

This really ties it all together, i’m always harping on the fact that you should be using professional shampoo, because it instantly makes all your other products work way better, it’s a multiplier on everything else that you’re already doing, right now if you’re using a drugstore shampoo or one you got from target you’re wasting all your other products.

Cheap shampoo does not get your hair clean, it leaves a layer of gross oil and build up on your hair, just washed your hair with a cheap shampoo when you come in with your conditioner, it’s actually not going to be able to do its thing, because it can’t actually reach the hair, because it’s being blocked by that gross layer of oil and buildup, but if you’re using a professional shampoo and conditioner it gets rid of all that gross stuff, so your hair is actually clean you get a nice hair shaft for all your other products to interact with.

On top of that you don’t have to wash your hair as often, because you’re actually getting it clean, you can go much longer between washes which is healthy for your hair just in itself, that’s the entire system i told you it was simple, let’s take a step back it’s actually really easy, you’re already using shampoo and conditioner, all you’re really doing is adding two new product categories of hair products.

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How to get healthier natural hair in short time

With those two additions you’re going to see a huge difference in your hair in literally just the first week, on top of that it’s actually going to keep getting your hair healthier and healthier and healthier, you keep getting better results and better hair for months, this is your starting point it’s super simple please promise me you’re going to get these three products, i want you to shock your stylist the next time you go in to see them.

CONCLUSION – How to get healthier natural hair in short time?

Thanks for your reading the article- How to get healthier natural hair in short time? Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides these, you also check this articl HOW TO TELL YOUR NATURAL HAIR NEED PROTEIN OR MOISTURE? for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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