How to get rid of perm chemicals from your Hair without damaging your hair

How to get rid of perm without chemicals from your hair without damaging your hair

A fashion and beautiful hairstyle is what everyone desires to get, especially for female, a popular hairstyle is one of the features that play a significant role in building the confidence of many. Go to salon and getting a perm maybe is the fastest and most effective way for them, but not every  popular hairstyle is suit for everyone or after some time the perms start to fall out, which means that it do not look like it first did, then they change mind and want to get rid of perm.

However, how to get rid of perm without chemicals do not easily like you get it. Please keep reading the article, here is all things you should to know, before you begin of get rid of perm chemical from your hair safely.

What is Perm chemicals.

Perm chemicals is used to change your hair’s texture, such from straight hair to waves or curly hair, which can permanently hold the changed hairstyle, commonly the new hairstyle can keep several months. Things all have two sides, perm chemicals can make various hairstyle, but also it is a kind of chemical, which can make your hair strands loose moisture and nourish to become dry and dull.

Why get rid of perm chemicals for your hair?

The hairstyle is not suit for you

How to get rid of perm without chemicals
How to get rid of perm without chemicals

You feel the hairstyle very beautiful or very popular now, so you want to get the same one, and go to salon get a perm, but when you stand front of mirror, look at your new hairstyle, maybe you do not like it, so want to remove the perm.

You no longer like the perm

You always pursuit fashion trend, only severy days later, maybe you find more beautiful hairstyle and have bored the perm, so you want to change it to new one.

The perm no longer shiny and glossy

Over time, the perm become to dully and faded, no longer shiny and glossy, and the hair texture start change and hairstyle fall out. Maybe you do not just do not like it, but also hate it, want to immediately cut it off.

How to get rid of perm without chemicals from your Hair

Within 72 hours, Immediately remove the perm

The perm just been completed by your hairstylist or yourself, but you do not like and within 72 hours decide to remove it. The immediately remove the perm method is suit for the situation. The method is wash your head immediately, the more early wash head, the more effective for removing the perm chemicals. After shampoo your hair a couple of times, please kindly note apply some thick texture conditioner on your hair, which will help you weight down the hair curls.

However, the method only work within 72 hours, after getting the perm.

Over 72 hours, several natural methods you can try at home

If over 72 hours after you do the perm, you could try these methods which don’t damage your hair, you will get rid of the perm chemicals and get some added benefits. For instance, more glossy and less shedding. However they are not effective immediately, and at least need take a month, but will eliminate your perm in the long run.

Olive Oil – get rid of perm without chemicals from your Hair

Olive oil is very common in your kitchen, which not only can for cooking, but also can restore your hair, relaxes the patterns of your hair modified during the perm and helps straighten the hair fibers, as it contains a lot of antioxidants which includes vitamin A and vitamin E. Olive oil type is various, the extra virgin olive oil is the best choice, as it is more raw, more natural contain more nutrient.

How to get rid of perm without chemicals
How to get rid of perm without chemicals

Low heat warm some olive oil in pot, then apply the warm olive oil on your hair strands, massage your hair and scalp gently with 20-30 minutes, rinse off the hair with shamoo after 30 minutes. Repeat this treatment once per day until the perm is gone.

BEER – get rid of perm without chemicals from your Hair

Beer also is very commonly in our life, but you never think what benefit beer can bring to your hair. Proteins and B vitamins have been found in beer can repair damage from the perm. Beside water the beer main component is maltose and sucrose sugar, which all benefit for tightening the hair cuticles and bringing back the hair’s shiny color.

Boil a cup of beer with low heat, when the volume reduce half, stop the heat and wait it cool, then mix it with shampoo. Washing your hair with the mixture, then rinse off your hair with cold water. Every 3 days washing your hair per time and use the mixture, maybe 20 30 days later, the perm slowly disappear from your hair and it will look shiny and healthy.

Eggs – get rid of perm without chemicals from your Hair

I love eggs, which is our mainly food in every every morning and make sure have enough protein in our body. Eggs contain rich protein, not only can fix our body, also can restore our hair strands. Besides protein, eggs also contain others highly beneficial material, such as sulfur, which be found in the yolk stimulates the blood flow to the scalp, thus promote hair growth. Folate is benefit to preventing hair damage and shedding.

And at home you can easily remove the perm chemicals from your hair with eggs. Mix the eggs with some olive oil, then apply the mixture on your hair and scalp, gently massage 2-3 minutes then wait for 45minutes, final rinse your hair off. Repeat the process until the perm is gone.

CONCLUDE – How to get rid of perm without chemicals

Above is all thing you should know before you to get rid of perm without chemicals from your hair without damaging your hair, hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, HOW TO GET HAIR DYE OFF SCALP for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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