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How to keep hairstyle last longer time

In order to gain a beautiful hair style, you go to a very professional salon, and take many precious time and money. Everyone all want to their beautiful hairstyle can hold forever, however this is impractical, as many factors will cause it to be damaged early, such as air, rainfall, moistur, oily hair, weather, climate and so on.

Although we all know the hairstyle can not hold forever, but people never give up consider and explore how to keep hairstyle last longer and how to protect hairstyle from any climate condition. We will share some tips for you to help to maximize the time of keeping your hairstyle unchanged, which work for all type of hairstyle, such as straight, wave, curly and so on.

1. Find out what hair products works for your hair

It is a critical role that you should find out what works for your hair, but many people maybe think the hair products the more expensive the better, actually expensive hair products don’t work wonders for your hair as they claim. So please throw them out and I know it is long time to test what hair products can make your hair healthy and nourishing. For example, if you hair easily dry, moisture shampoo and conditioner is recommended. Once you find out what hair products perfectly works for your hair, your biggest hair issue will be solved.

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How to keep hairstyle last longer time –hair products works for your hair

2. Properly clean your human hair wig.

If too long time you do not wash your human hair wig, which will be dirty, the dusty in air and your sweat and oil secrete from scalp will be mixed and build-up dirty item on your wig. These dirty item will make your wig lose shiny and hair pattern, washing and remove them out is necessary. Final you should use pre-styling hair products for you wig that are the foundation of a good hairstyle.

 how to keep hairstyle last longer time
how to keep hairstyle last longer time

Meanwhile you also can not washing your human hair wig too often, washing your human hair wig can remove dirty item, also open the hair cuticle and remove the hair nourish, which lead to  hair become dry and frizz, then tangling and shedding problem will be more and more serious. So you should well control the washing or clean your human hair wig frequency. Select some effective hair essence or hair protection oil to remove frizz hair, prevent heat and keep hairstyle last longer time

3. Fully use hairstyle tools for your hairstyle routine

Hairstyle tools can help you get an fantastic style and keep hairstyle lasts longer time. The range of hairstyle tools is very wide, which include diffuser, air brush, flat iron, wands, hairdryers, curly iron and so on. You can ask yourselves what is hairstyle tools you have, all of these together can provide you with the lasting style you want. Though you do not need all of them, but the essential hairstyle tools is necessary. It is very worth to have some right hairstyle tools for your hairstyle routine.

4. Take off or wrap your human hair wig before you sleeping

How to keep hairstyle last longer time
How to keep hairstyle last longer time

Take off or wrap your human hair wig before you sleeping is a important method for protect your hairstyle. The best way is take off it, which will protect the edges and ends of your hair from chafing and drying. But some human hair wig not easily take off, such as some glue wig which take off every day is unrealistic, so you can wrap the wig in a silk or satin hat.

Maybe you will think, i am very busy everyday and so easily forget for it or can not keep do these. Do not worry about it, silk or satin pillowcases will be a good choice for you, which will protect your hair,reduce damage caused by friction and keep your hairstyle last longer time.

5. Minimize use the heat treat tools

High temperature can open hair cuticle and damage the cortex, so please minimize use the heat treat tools, such as curly iron, flat iron, blow dryer and so on, even if you must use them, please do not set high temperature, even if you must set high temperature, please do not keep it on hair too long time. In one words, you should minimize use the heat tools.

How to keep hairstyle last longer time
How to keep hairstyle last longer time

Dry blow is most common hairdressing tools, everyone will use it after washing hair. Which can help you save much time, but this will cause all moisture to evaporate, make you hair become frizz and tangle, reduce your human hair wig hairstyle last time. So you should minimize use blow dryer and naturally dry your wig.

6. Choice sulfate-free shampoo

Please make sure sulfate-free, when you buy shampoo, especially you are sensitive skin or a skin condition such as rosacea. Sulfates can be harsh on the scalp and may cause irritation and itchiness, however sulfate-free shampoo will be much milder and friendly for your skin and scalp. Overuse sulfate shampoos can lead to hair strand dry and rough. Please choice sulfate-free shampoo, which much better than sulfate shampoo to prolong your hair strands lifespan and keep your hairstyle last longer time.

7. Trim split hair ends

Regularly trim split hair ends also can help prolong your hairstyle last longer time, commonly hair ends firstly lose the hair nutrition and easily become dry and frizz, trim split hair ends can reduce tangling and hair shedding, keep hairstyle and promote natural hair growth. So you should regularly check your hair ends, whether there are many hair ends is split, if yes, it is time to trim them for keeping your hairstyle last longer time.

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CONCLUSION – How to keep hairstyle last longer time

Above is our bring together some tips for how to keep hairstyle last longer time . Thanks for your read the post and hope it is useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, What most common wig mistakes you should avoid to make for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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