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How to make a lace front wig by yourselves

Do you want to make a lace front wig by yourselves at home. Of course, you also can buy it and very easily for every one, as long as you have enough budget, but life always need some special, right? If you are the kind of girl that want to difference with others and create the customized beautiful only for you, come on girl, here is the right place, we will show you how to make a lace front wig by yourselves, you can do it at home.

We believe that you will get a great lace front wig, as long as you can follow our steps. Before starting make it, you should know some related knowledge about lace front wig.

What is a lace front wig?

Lace play a vital role in a lace front wig, which placed in the front of the wig, also there are many hair strands be tied on each lace mesh by hand, some of them can be make to baby hair, which create the illusion that hair is coming out of the scalp, and also can make the natural appearance of hairline.

How To Cut a Lace Front Wig best tutorial for beginner
How to make a Lace front wig by yourselves

If you have the fear that always worry your wig be noticeable by others because of its abrupt and sharp hairline. The lace front wig will your best choice, which can offer a soft, undetectable hairline. Category by lace area, the most popular is 4×4 lace front wig, 13×4 lace front wig, 13×6 lace front wig, 360 front wig and so on. If category by lace type, the commonly is HD lace wig, Transparent lace wig and so on.

What features of lace front wig is?

What features of lace front wig is? whey so many female love it?


As the special mesh construction of lace, which have more amazing breathability than other construction wig, such as full machine wig

Light weight

Same as the special mesh construction, compared to other full machine wigs in the market, the lace front wig is more lightweight, which help you head reduce the pressure and avoid the wig go back from the front hairline.


Lace very thin and there are the special mesh construction, If the lace color is similar your skin, which will very easy melted with your skin. You can make very natural hairline and baby hair on it, which will create the illusion that the hair growth from your own scalp, it is hardly be detectable and invisible.

More hairstyle available

What you should do before installing lace front human hair wig, many female maybe have the same question when they first get the the lace front human hair wig. Maybe you see some celebrity on TV or your neighbor friends wear the wig very beautiful, so you also purchase one from internet or your local beauty supply shop. In fact, maybe you do not know much about the lace front human hair wig, just you desire get it, so buy one. Yes, everyone has the right to pursue more beauty and i like the way you do things. In order to help you solve the question, today i will share some things that is you should do before installing lace front human hair wig, please keep reading the article, thanks Check your lace front human hair Whether is made of human hair Maybe this is your first time buy lace front human hair, you should check whether is it made by human hair. If it is synthetic hair wig, the price will be lower much than human hair wig, how to tell the the wig is human hair wig or synthetic hair wig, please kindly read the article How to spot the difference between fake and real regime human hair wig , in the article, also concretely explain what difference between of them. About Lace You should check your lace whether is okay, is there any damage, the lace color whether is suit for your skin color. How about the hair density on the lace. Comb these hair to test the shedding situation. The lace type is same as you desire. For instance, you want to buy a 13x4 HD lace front human hair wig, however the vendor sent a 4X4 transparent closure human hair wig to you. The wig length and color Please make sure the wig length and color is correct, same as the order you place to vendor. If not you should contact with the vendor to ask change the wig or return the wig and get refund. The wig size if suit for you head Before you installing the lace front human hair wig, you can try to put the wig on your head to test whether its size suit for you head, if not, you can easily take it off and contact with the seller ask change it. The process also help you know about the wig structure, you should think it is a pre-installation exercise. Make the wig look natural Hairline Commonly the lace front human hair wig you buy from local beauty supply shop or on internet all need remake the hairline, as the wig edge hair is very thick, the hair density same as the wig other part, you should pluck some hair off from wig edge to ensure it is similar as the real human hairline, please read the article: Best guide for beginner how to pluck lace front human hair wig which very friendly for beginner. Please do not think if you buy the pre-pluck lace front human hair wig can skip the process, as every wig manufacturer pre-pluck standard is difference, some pluck too few hair, but some pluck too much, so you have to according to your head and face shape to remade the hair line. Baby hair Same as hairline, the wig you buy from vendors, which maybe with baby hair or not, you all have to remake them according to your head and face shape, which will big improve the wig appearance look natural Bleach knots You can find them on the lace, which is created by the hair strands are tied on the lace mesh, these knots secure the hair strands on the lace wig, but their color is black, and make the wig look not natural. Bleach knots, can let its color similar your skin or scalp color, create a illusion that the hair growth from your own scalp. So it is a very important step for you make the wig look natural, if you do not know how to bleach knots,please kindly read the article: Ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home like a pro, Hair cut the wig Some wigs, you first time look it will find that as the hair density is not natural, you can go to salon ask your hairdresser to trim it, such as the wig hair end, the hair density can not too thick or thin, should similar with the natural hair and have the layering and gradation. Prepare your own natural hair Wash your own natural hair After you install the lace front wig, you will can not clean or style your own natural hair, until you remove the lace front human hair wig, which maybe is a long time, so you have to clean your own natural hair. If you do not clean, the bacteria and filth will build-up underneath the lace front human hair wig, which is not health for your own hair growth and not benefit for secure the lace wig, as your hair too oil, the lace wig on it easily slip. Lay your natural hair flat Before you installing the lace front human hair wig, you should lay your hair flat to hide it under the wig. There are two kinds of most commonly method for hiding your natural hair. One is braids the other method is cornrows. Braids and cornrows all very popular, they are all allow for hair to be protected and easy to style. Compare with cornrows, braids allows for easier access to the scalp for cleansing and moisturizing, for women easier to maintain, however cornrows could make your hair more flat then braided hair, less lumps or bumps will under the wig.I think braids suit for middle and long hair, cornrows suit for middle or short hair. Of course, you could choice any one of them,if you like it.
How to make a Lace front wig by yourselves

The bigger lace area, the more hairstyle available, as hair strands is hand-tied on lace, so you can move and part them like your own hair. For instance, 4×4 lace front wig, you can create middle hair part hairline, 13×4 lace front wig, as the lace area from ear to ear, so you can create left, middle and right parting hairline. Base on the feature you can create more hairstyle than other no-lace wig.

How to make a lace front wig at home

What tools do you need?

Hair bundles: 2-3 pcs ( according to the wig length)

lace frontal  13×4 or 13×6

curved needle

Nylon thread

T-pins and clips

Mesh dome wig cap ( suited for your head size)

Canvas head


Pencil in white color

How to make a lace front wig by yourselves guide

Step 1: put on mesh dome wig cap

Marking out the position of your ears on the mesh dome wig cap, which will guide to know the exact spot to set your frontal lace, then put the mesh dome wig cap on the canvas head and secure it with T-pin.

Step 2: secure lace frontal

Make sure your lace frontal have been bleach knots, make plucking and baby hair. If you feel it is have smell or dirty, must clean it firstly. Then put the lace frontal on the canvas head, make should it is in the right place where you’ve marked on the mesh dome wig cap, using T-pins to secure it

Step 3: Sewing the lace frontal

In order easy sew, you should move the hair out of the way using the clips. Remove the t-pins from one side to start sewing the frontal, sewing from both side ends of the edges of the frontal, which will keep the front row in place for a natural hairline. If you want to get a neat finishing, blanket stitch method is a good choice, sewing under the lace then over, about half a centimeter apart and repeat it for entire process, meanwhile you must make sure the stitches is straight.

Step 4: Sewing bundles

How many hair bundles you need, it is depend on the wig length and density. There is a commonly suggestion:

How to make a Lace front wig by yourselves
how many bundle your need for a wig

Sewing bundles from the back of the canvas, you can use the fold-over method that is use double tracks without cutting them for sewing on the back, but when you reach the crown of the head, you should change to use singer tracks, and not doubling them. In order to achieve enough hair volume at the back, please make sure each track relatively close to each other, avoid finished wig looking too thin and artificial

When you reach on the top and super close to the frontal’s back, only single track can be used, must perfectly join the track and frontal, can not overlap. It will affect the wig appearance looks natural, so must careful for it.

How to make a Lace front wig by yourselves
How to make a Lace front wig by yourselves

Step 5. Cut the excessive mesh dome wig cap

Put the wig inner outside, cut the mesh dome wig cap where underneath the lace, until all lace area is present. And loose down all the hair that you folded when you sewing frontal and bundles.

Step 6. checking and trim the wig

Checking the wig and make some modify, if you think have necessary, finally trim the wig to make it looks natural and realistic.

Tips for how to make a Lace front wig

  1. In order to your lace front wig have better breathable, please choice the mesh cap to replace regular dome cap, which will make you feel comfortable when wear it. Mesh cap also very cheap, and to make sure you wear the wig not feel overheat in hot summer.
  2. Sewing direction is very import, sew the hair bundle should start from back and bottom of wig. Otherwise you can not cover the track and unrealistic.

CONCLUDE – How to make a Lace front wig by yourselves

Above is all about How to make a Lace front wig by yourselves , hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, HOW TO CUT A LACE FRONT WIG for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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