How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural

How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural

How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural? You should ask yourself, before you decide purchase a lace front human hair wig. A lace front human hair wig is not cheap, in order to get it, maybe you need take a long time for save up the money. Every wig wearer wants it to be undetectable by others. When you see some celebrity wearing a wig on TV, you always wondered how she can make the lace front wig hairline looks so natural. Here we will share all tips for how to make your lace front wig hairline look natural, which will be simple and friendly for beginner.

How to make your lace wig hairline look real?

1. Choice the right lace

There are various lace in wig market, such as transparent lace, HD lace, Swiss lace, Korea lace and so on. You should know which one suit for you. If your skin color very dark, HD lace will be better than transparent lace for you. If you want get more information about lace, please read the article Best tips for you choose the right lace front human hair wig. Only choice the right lace, you can make the wig hairline look real and natural.

2. The wig size should suit for your head

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You should measure your head size, take a tape measure and pull it over the middle of your forehead, above your ears and sit midway at your back of head, which is the correctly method that you measure the head circumference, and not not pull the tape too tightly, otherwise your wig also be tight.

Then you should need know the wig size chart from Vendor or manufacturer, commonly they will offer a wig size chart to show their wig size are suit for what range of head size. Although the wig there elastic strip can adjust the wig cap size, you also need based on your own head size to choice the correctly wig size. If the wig size is incorrectly, the wig will easily slip and you feel uncomfortable wear it.

3. Bleach the knots

How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural

On the lace part of lace front wig there are many black knots, when hair strands tie on the lace will create it, these knots secure hair stands on the lace and do not shedding, however, their color is black, so many black knots on the lace to make the wig is not naturally. Bleach the knots could let the knot’s color from black to similar human scalp or skin color, which create the illusion that the hair growth from our own scalp, which is very effective for improve your wig appearance. If you want to know more about eh bleach the knots, please reading the article : ULTIMATE GUIDE TO BLEACH WIG KNOTS AT HOME LIKE A PRO

4. Plucking some hair off from hairline

A real human natural hairline the hair density is difference from other parts and have very regular gradual layering effect. But commonly the wig on market, the hairline density very thick, is not natural and realistic. So you should plucking some hair off and make the regular gradual layering effect similar real human natural hairline, you can reading the article : Best guide for beginner how to pluck lace front human hair wig to get more information about plucking the hairline.

How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural
How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural

Maybe you think there are many pre-plucked wig can purchase from local beauty store or on internet, yes, in order to increase sales, many wig manufacturer start produce the pre-plucked wig, but the plucking effect is very difference, as the plucking stand is difference for each wig manufacturer, some manufacturer pluck the hair is too few, but some pluck too much.

Whatever the wig pre-plucked or not, you all should according to your head and face shape to pluck the hair off from hairline, until the wig hair line get the natural appearance.

5. Make some baby hair

Baby hair always around the frontal hairline, they are small, very fine, wispy hair, which can long, short or even curly, also depend on your wig hair texture. so when you complete plucking the hairline, you can create some baby hair, select some hair strands from the frontal hair line, use razor comb to cut and leave about one inch length hair, then use a toothbrush with gel to comb these hair down and pull them into the direction you want, from intricate spirals, swirling pattern to natural swoop into the hairline, which will create an illusion of natural hair growth along the hair line. It is a natural appearance provide to your lace front wig.

6. Blend the Wig

How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural

If you usually makeup, you must have some concealer or foundation, you can brush the hairline part with foundation to ensure that the lace color similar with your skin color, now you will find the color is similar, but there are excess foundation build up on the lace, so you need use a Q-tip absorb a little alcohol, then clean these excess foundation, until the hairline appearance look natural.

7. Checking the hairline appearance

After you done above all process, you should check the hairline appearance, and find out whether still have some flaw for it, you must ensure no one can detect you wear a wig, otherwise you will feel very embarrassed.

So check again, are your hairline color okay, whether still have some black knot and need add some foundation to cover them, the hair density gradually effect whether looks natural. Have you secure the wig, whether it will slip or blow away in In windy weather.

Before you wear the lace frontal wig go out, please check it again, then you can confidence everyday face your friends and colleague, happy enjoy your life!

CONCLUDE – How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural

Above is all about how to make your lace front wig hairline look natural, hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, HOW TO GET RID OF PERM WITHOUT CHEMICALS for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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