how to pluck lace front human hair wig

Best guide for beginner how to pluck lace front human hair wig

Making lace front human hair wig look more natural and realistic is every wig wearer’s desire. Plucking lace front human hair wig is a effective method to achieve the desire, which is popular and widely be used. Many hairstylist still using the plucked lace front human hair wig to achieve natural hair look for their clients. Here is the best guide for beginner how to pluck lace front human hair wig, if you are interested in it, please continue the read the post.

What is pluck lace front human hair wig

Plucking lace front human hair wig which is a production technique, commonly it contain two part, one is pluck frontal hairline, the other is pluck parting hairline. The technique through remove excess hair around the frontal hairline and parting hairline instead of the super straight, most pre-plucked lace wigs have thin hairlines, to make wig more close natural hair look.

You will find some black knots around the hairline on the lace, When you pluck lace wig, they are look very not natural, other people easy to note you wear a wig, so you need bleach these black knots firstly. Bleach knots and pluck lace wig always all be used on lace wig at the same time. They are the best partner for wig naturalness and realistic. If you want to know how to black knots, please click the post Ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home like a pro.

how to pluck lace front human hair wig
how to pluck lace front human hair wig – pluck lace wig before vs after

Why you need pluck lace front human hair wig by yourself?

As lace wig remove excess hair around the frontal hairline and parting hairline, which big improve the wig’s appearance, so many manufacturer start offer pre-plucked wig, and very popular in market, but it is not fully suit for you. As the pluck standard of every manufacturer is different, and everyone’s skin, face and head shape are different, even if you get the pre-plucked wig from manufacture or vendor, you also need pluck it by yourself.

Please following the below step, which is easiest and best way to pluck a lace front human hair wig for beginner.

How to pluck a lace front human hair wig by yourself?

What tools you need parepare for pluck lace fornt human hair wig?




Hair clips

Hair stand (mannequin head or other similar tools)

Commonly, there are these tools in your home already, maybe mannequin you should buy, but it is not necessities, you can use other similar products to instead it, but mannequin is best choice, if you have it, will make your job 100 times easier and big improve the working effective.

Step 1. Secure your lace front wig on hair stand

Put on your lace front human hair wig on hair stand and make sure its secure using pins, avoid slip and slide around during plucking,which could lead to a disfigured hairline. Please prepare and use enough pins to hold the wig especially lace area, which will prevent ripping or tearing the lace, when plucking the hair strands.

Step 2. Brush your lace front wig

Thoroughly comb your lace front human hair wig with brush, ensure there are any frizz and tangle, before you start plucking. As any tangle and frizz could hinder your plucking abilities. Especially the hair around the hairline, must keep smooth and tangle-free.

You can apply some mousse on the hairline, mousse will help the hair appear a little bit tacky, which makes it easier to tweeze.

Create a base for your hairline use your comb, then clip other hair away to keep the hairline, so that you can clearly see the entire hairline.

Step 3. Pluck the Hairline of lace wig

If you prefer work with dry hair, you should wait the hair dry after completing step 2, dry hair will easier to clearly see the whole hairline and and accurately depicts what the hair will look like after plucking. However, some people like pluck on wet hair, as wet hair strand are more easily  move and control. It’s fully depend on personal preference.

how to pluck lace front human hair wig
how to pluck lace front human hair wig – pluck the front hairline and creat baby hair

Now it is pluck time, you should take your time, be patient and go slowly. Begin at the front of the hairline and start tweezing to remove any knots of hair that did not breach properly. Separate the hair and go back into the hairline to begin tweezing. Tweezing only the front, does not remove any extra hair that may add to the bulk, and the final look would be compromised.

Make sure pluck slowlly and carefully, do not concentrate on any one area for a long time, as over pluck will lead to bald spots.

Step 4. Repeat Step 3 with more layers

You need to tweeze several layers of the hairline for a more natural finish, proceed to section out some more hair. This time you should tweeze some hair off the sections, which are less thin than the previous parts which is create a gradation effect with the hairline, that is close real effect of your natural hairline.

Step 5. Create Baby Hair

After completing the hairline, you can customize the hairline further to create some baby hair on frontal hair line. Baby hairs can make an illusion of natural hair growth along the hairline, if the wig have baby hair, no one find your wear the wig.


Following above steps, even if you are beginner, also can pluck your lace wig by yourself at home and get a look natural lace wig which fully suit for your face and head shape. Thanks for your read the post – Best guide for beginner how to pluck lace front human hair wig, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, Ultimate guide to bleach wig knots at home like a pro for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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