How to properly use dry shampoo pro hairdresser tips

How to properly use dry shampoo pro hairdresser tips

Dry shampoo has become one of those must have beauty products. I just can’t imagine not having this in my beauty arsenal. Dry shampoo is great to help combat excess oil and can also revitalize your hair and help make it smell great. But my question to you is, How to properly use dry shampoo?

I’m going to share some pr hairdresser tips about how to properly use dry shampoo, if you’ve been trying to use dry shampoo, but you struggle with it, you feel it’s not really working for you or even if you use it all the time. dry shampoo is essentially a powder that you spray onto your roots to absorb any excess oil. It helps to refresh your hair, it doesn’t look as greasy and oily makes it smell a little bit nicer and it can also add some nice volume and texture to your hair.

There’s a few different forms that it comes in i’ve seen some come in mousse form, some are just like a powder that you sprinkle directly onto your hair. Most though i feel like the most common type is the kind that comes in a spray bottle, that is my favorite type to use.

Tips #1 Use the aerosol type

My first tip is to get a dry shampoo that’s in a spray can, i feel like it’s a lot easier to apply you can get the best results from this Kind, especially for the purposes that i use it for, this is just what works best. I have two different favorites, one is drugstore and one is a salon brand.

How to properly use dry shampoo pro hairdresser tips
kenra texturizing dry shampoo

The drugstore one is the not your mother’s, they have the beach babe texturizing dry shampoo which i love and i also really love the not your mother’s plump for joy body building dry shampoo, my salon favorite is the kenra texturizing dry shampoo.

Tips #2: Apply it to clean hair

The biggest game changer is when you use your dry shampoo, most people will wait till day two or three, once their hair is starting to feel a little oily to use the dry shampoo to refresh it, but the biggest trick that i found is actually applying it on day one freshly washed freshly styled hair. It helps to prevent your hair from getting greasy as quickly.

It also gives your hair nice volume nice texture. i just find that if you wait, once your hair already is starting to feel dirty and greasy. There’s not too much you can do to really save it. If you use the dry shampoo at that point it’s a little bit too late, but if you use it on day one i promise your hair won’t get oily as quickly.

Tip #3: Correct application

How to actually apply it, because this is another thing that makes a huge difference, a lot of dry shampoos if you use them incorrectly will give you a white cast, they can make your roots look kind of gray, you can see the dry shampoo or feel it in your hair it feels kind of heavy. so this is

how to apply it the correct way. we’re starting on day one freshly cleaned hair i just blew my hair out.

I see a lot of people take dry shampoo and they will just immediately start spraying it on their roots right at their part, you do not want to do this, i like to start from the back and use my

thumb kind of as a comb to lift up, a thin top piece of my hair, then i’m going to take the dry shampoo i’m going to give it a good shake and then take the bottle place it on your head, that way you know how far away to hold the can of dry shampoo.

You do not want to bring it any closer than a cans length away, and then just give it a little spritz real quick, i see a lot of people will go through and they’re just spraying their hair like crazy, you don’t need to do that, just one little quick spritz, right at the root. I’m going to go and take another section across the same way and again just working my way down, quick little spritzes, if you apply too much, it’s not gonna feel nice.

I like to pull my hair back and go around my hairline as well, and then i let it sit for a second and then i go through. Then rub it in so that it’s evenly distributed and this will kind of fluff your hair up a little bit too, make sure you’re doing this with clean hands though. 

so here’s one side with the dry shampoo in it versus the side without and i like to even take a little bit of it and kind of do a few little spritzes just very short quick from a distance, because if you get too close up and you’re spraying too much out in one spot.

That’s when you’re going to start to get that white cast, but just little short quick spritzes is the key. So i’m going to do the same thing on this side and then rub it in, after using dry shampoo compared to how it looked before so not only is there way more volume in my hair, but now my hair is not going to get greasy as quickly, i normally only shampoo my hair one to two times a week, my hair usually stays looking like this, at least until day three.

How to properly use dry shampoo pro hairdresser tips

I want to say usually at that point i will feel like i need a little bit more dry shampoo, so i will go through and just do a little bit more, and always start with less and then if you feel like you need more add a little more, but just don’t go super crazy all at once because then it could start to feel a little gross, if you have too much in your hair.

Trust me i used to be one of those people that washed my hair every single day, i had to because literally by the next day my hair would be so greasy and oily, but by doing this trick and training your scalp to not get washed every single day, you’ll be able to go longer without having to wash your hair, it’ll stay looking nice and fresh and voluminous and clean for a lot longer.

If you are somebody that’s washing your hair every single day, your scalp is used to that routine it’s used to getting stripped of its oils so frequently, that it’s over producing in order to compensate, so that’s why your hair is getting greasy so fast and you feel like you have to wash it every single day, start using dry shampoo give it a few weeks and in time, you’ll notice that it’s not getting oily as quickly.

Why You Don’t Want To LIVE On Dry Shampoo

You’ll hear some people say that their life is just dry shampoo and coffee. Right? They use it every single day and rarely wash and blow dry their hair because of it. They think that they’re practicing better hair care by saving their ends and growing it out. Wrong. Adding a ton of dry shampoo to your hair every single day is actually DAMAGING your hair. Here’s why.


Your hair and scalp NEEDS oil. It’s there to hydrate your skin, nourish the folicle and keep your scalp from getting dry and itchy. If you use dry shampoo every single day, you’re just drying out the oils. Which, yes, it’s what the product is supposed to do and is fine to use to extend a day or two. But using it every single day in place of hair washes with a heavy hand over time will do more damage than good.


Because you’re removing all the oil with dry shampoo, your cuticles will get dried out. When the cuticle gets dried out the hair isn’t as healthy and strong and it can break off. So the whole thought process of less washing, more dry shampoo means longer hair since I’m not putting heat on it is totally wrong! Just wash your hair and try an overnight hairstyle to keep heat off.


Thanks for your reading the article, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle 4 MOST POPULAR METHODS FOR TEXLAXING HAIR for more elementary knowledge about natual hair.

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