How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs

I am a procrastinator, I pretty much stay in bed until I can’t anymore, so I’m pretty much always running late at least a little bit late. So when it comes to my wig, I always try to lay them in a way, that’s like really quick and easy. Are you like me as a procrastinator, so today I’m gonna be sharing my methods how to quickly lay your synthetic lace front wigs. 

Tip: have your natural hair as flat as possible underneath the wig

The most important thing, when it comes to laying your wigs is that you have to start with a good foundation, I mean that your natural hair has to be as flat as possible on your head, I have pretty much an afro, the only way that I’ve found to get it like completely flat on my head is to do cornrows or flat twists.

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs
How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs – cornrows

Preferably cornrows because they give you an even flatter look and these type of cornrows are not big bulky cornrows, so pretty much your braids should be a good medium size. They should be small enough that they lay flat on your head, but you don’t want them to be too small, because you don’t want them to like be annoying to take out and you are wearing a wig over them, so they don’t need to be perfect.

If your natural hair isn’t flat on your head, it doesn’t really matter what you do to the wig will be very very difficult to get it to lay flat, so as far as the cornrow or their braiding pattern goes there’s no specific cornrow or braiding pattern.You should use you just want to choose one that will have your hair laying as flat as possible

Tip: Line up the part in the wig with the part in your natural hair

My part in my natural hairs, I already come with a part like this wig already came with this part made. You don’t want to lay the part of the wig on top of a brain if you can avoid it it’s actually better for you to lay the part in the wig on top of where the part in your natural hair is, if you have the wigs part laying on top of a cornrow, sometimes they won’t really give you a flat look.

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs – part in my natural hair

So once again the part in my cornrows is right here, then I have braids going down so the starts here and goes down to my ear on both sides and then I also have cornrows going straight back and that’s the look that works the best for me.

Reminder: All wigs are not created equally

Every wig is different, you have to assess the needs of each wig, so you’ll be able to figure out what each one needs, somebody’s will be super quick and easy to lay, others might require a little bit more time at work.

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs

Step 1: Choose Your Wig

So the first thing you want to do is choose the wig that you’re gonna be using, I like synthetic lace front wigs, I prefer hard lace and I prefer wigs that have a deep part, I find that these wigs look the most natural and they’re the most easy to Lay. 

Step 2: Unbox the wig, Remove all tags, cut the lace ( if any)

If this is your first time buying this wig and you want to make sure that you like it. I’ll say go ahead and try on the wig before you cut the lace, because once you alter the wig you can’t return it. Please don’t have to worry about cutting mat. After removed all the tags and cut the lace, put the wig on your head, this is when you can assess what the wig needs.

Step 3: Put the wig on your head Assess the needs of the wig

I lay it and assess what needs to be done, I can see that the top of this wig it’s not really that flat the parting is good, but it could be better and then also these baby hairs, I don’t really need these and will cut these baby hairs.

Step 4: Start transforming the wig based on your assessment

I cut as close to the lace as possible, but you don’t want to accidentally cut the lace, I’d be careful i try to remove the other strands of hair, that are not the big here separate those from wind up about to put. Then i brush it out that way I can remove any loose hair. there are some just a couple hairs blocking the party space.

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs
How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs

I’m just going to pull those out, so the way that you do that you have a pair of tweezers, you only want to pull like one or two strands at a time, but you just pluck them from the root and you want to be careful.

If you pull too hard, because you can rip the lace and that’s not good, but you just grab a couple hairs at a time and you just want to open up this parting space, because you want it to be a clear path from this lace to your forehead. So  just pluck a few of these hairs out and have of clear parting will be okay. 

Tip: Applying concealer, powder of foundation to the part makes it more prominent and easily visible

Putting concealer in the part, you can use a concealer and a brush that you don’t use on your face, because you don’t want to like mix those products things that you use on your face and your wigs.

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How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs – powder of fundation

I have a concealer, the color is warm honey. Actually it not a good color for me, but it doesn’t look too bad, but if you can find something that’s actually your skin tone or maybe like a shade lighter that would be good. I also have a little brush, I don’t know what type of brush, but something that you can get into the part and be like pretty precisely.

After you finished the process, you can clearly see the part. Then i will take a makeup light and just took my finger like at the top and this is what I’m gonna use to help me like clean up the part, so any like residue that I got on the hair, I’m just gonna wipe that off and you can use water to do this, you can use your finger, it’ll come off pretty easily. 

Step 5: Put on wig grip

Put on my wig grip, this is how I secure my wigs, I find that is the easiest quickest way to do it and I want the wig grips to start like right where my forehead ends and where my edges begin and then put my wig on.

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs – wig grip

Tuck in that wig grip on the sides and then I try to like find where my part is and make sure that the wig is sitting on that part. If this wig is not laying flat and we can do better than that, so we’re gonna flatten out the top of this way.

we’re doing good but we’re not done my hot comb, i like the setting time which i think is like the second lowest setting five is the lowest and I think ten is like so the level right above that. so one put on ten and give up my hot comb and while that’s heating up.

Reminder: use a different makeup brush on your lace

I’m gonna apply some of that concealer that I used, because you don’t want to line that separating the wig from our forehead, so you want to kind of like blend that out and then I’m gonna get some of the concealer and I’m gonna put it like right in that part that’s separating my forehead.

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How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs

With the hot comb you can just use like the back of it. I usually like rubbing smooth. sometimes I use the teeth of the comb and I just run it through the hair like a little bit I just run it through there.

Then brush the wig out, I kind of brushed throughout their process, because I just want to see how things are looking. so it’s looking pretty good, but I just want to do like a little bit more to it.  I’m just gonna use water but I’m gonna run my hands under the faucet and then I’m just gonna use my damp hands to just flatten out the top of the wig.

If it’s not specifically made for wigs, I try to get the products with like the least amount of ingredients in it. because I don’t want to lay down the hair. I still want it to be like light and flowy. 

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs
How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs – scraf

I think it already looks pretty good, but I’m just gonna be a little bit more extra, so I’m gonna tie a scarf around this, let it sit for about 10 minutes, but usually if I was like going to work or something I would tie the scarf on my head, on my way out the door and I’ll just let it sit like on my way to work and then I’ll take it off, when I get to work.

10 minutes later

It’s been about ten minutes of you gonna take off the scarf and see what it’s looking like. Let’s play, but we don’t want it to be this flat like we don’t want to look like a little egghead or something like. So you should brush it out, it didn’t take too much like this. 

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs
How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs


Thanks for your reading the article – How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article TOP 14 SYNTHETIC HAIR HACKS FOR BEGINNER WIG 101 for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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