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How to reinstall frontal human hair wig after it is mess

As my hair looks a hot mess, so today we are going to be fixing it. The lace frontal human hair wig was colored and originally installed by my hairstylist.

Remove the frontal wig -reinstall frontal human hair wig after it is mess

Using is a wet rag and some alcohol to remove the frontal from my head. I highly recommend wetting your rag before you put the alcohol so that it dilutes it a bit alcohol does eat out your hair so if you realizing that you’re losing hair or you’re losing your edges it’s probably because you’re just using alcohol by itself as you can see i am being really gentle with removing the frontal i do not want to pull on my edges so i am rubbing where the glue is on the frontal and i am just slowly removing it

I have a tough spot of glue that is really stuck to my head, so i am just saturating it in a lot of water. and now i’m going to take my comb and gently very gently combing the glue out. Please be careful while you’re doing this, because you will pop your edges out, if you’re not careful the edges will be completely intact, so just be careful.

reinstall frontal human hair wig after it is mess

If you get any glue stuck that you’re taking your time to get it out your head, i use the same rag to remove the excess glue from the lace. It is very important, so that old glue doesn’t get mixed with new glue and then you got a bad combination. Please make sure you remove all of the glue off of the lace, just take your time while doing this and this gets very messy.

Maybe you probably wondering why i didn’t just take the whole wig off my head , that it’s because the wig is sewn onto the back of my head just for security purposes, so i left it on.

and now i’m just taking off the rest of the bald cap because at this point it just needs to be reapplied so now that i have all the glue removed i’m using the got to be styling gel to slick my edges back before reapplying the bald cap, then i use the blow dryer to lock in the gel and make sure that my edges will remain slicked down

reinstall frontal human hair wig after it is mess
reinstall frontal human hair wig after it is mess

Repositioning my wig cap and usually this is pretty easy, because it’s already cut out to the shape of my hairline, but if you guys don’t have your wig tone on you can just use a new wig cap and reapply it the same way.

Next step, I use my eyebrow razor to cut off any of the wig cap that does not look good. This prevents it from laying down flat. so i’m just taking off any of these bulky pieces and useing alcohol to clean any residue off of my skin,so that the glue will stick down.

Apply the wig -reinstall frontal human hair wig

now we are ready to apply the wig and clip back the side of my hair that’s in my face and using mousse to slick back any of the loose hairs especially the baby hairs so that they won’t get caught in the glue

reinstall frontal human hair wig after it is mess

I use the go spawn glue to apply my wig and use the moisture control one so this helps with if you sweat a lot, i’m not sure how true that is i don’t sweat that much but i also using a flat brush to spread the glue out evenly.

This is important so that you don’t get lumpy glue spots in your head and everything is just nice and smooth, i believe i did three layers and i also working in sections, i do the front first and then i do the two sides, so i’m gonna go ahead and speed this up for you

reinstall frontal human hair wig after it is mess
reinstall frontal human hair wig after it is mess

You also want to make sure that each of your layers are drying down clear before you apply a new one, I place down my frontal and do not push it down all the way, just placing it where i want it and then I go back in with a comb to press down the lace.

So now that my frontal is laid down after using some more mousse to slick back the hairs ,before i tie my hair down with my silk wrap to get into the styling portion,use my hot comb and slick down those hairs, this step it just makes everything nice and flat like we want it to be .

The following i use my edge booster wax stick and you guys this is a game changer you guys are going to see, why i like to use this i don’t know how it does what it does, but the wigs just sleeks everything down, so this is what my hair is looking like after i laid it down for a few minutes.

The next step is working on my baby hairs to mold my baby hairs down, use a mixture of mousse and freeze spray, i just find that this makes my edges stay a little bit more secure down and this takes me a little bit of time to do and i keep doing them over and over, because i’m just a perfectionist and i like my baby hairs looking late period 

Finally i will use my soap scarf again to lay down my baby hairs and quickly flat iron my hair using my flat iron.

lace frontal human hair wigs
lace frontal human hair wigs


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