How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way

How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way?

When you get a much heavier darker more bold root synthetic wig and how to root synthetic wig in a more natural way.

What you need – root synthetic wig in a more natural way

There’s a couple things you’re going to need to do this tutorial with me.

Root spary

One of those is root spray that you like, i use loreal magic root spray one i just know i’ve used multiple times, i’ve used all the colors you can get it at Amazon or walmart whatever you’ve got around you, so this is just my recommendation, but like i said i’ve tried other ones so whatever you want to use go right ahead.

I am going to be doing the light golden brown shade, i would do for a more subtle root either the light golden brown or one of the blondes, the colors that they kind of tell you these are are pretty deceiving they are a much darker than you would think, a light brown would be or a warm blonde would be, so just keep that in mind when you’re buying it, i will always go a little shade lighter than you think you need because they are a little bit darker. So we’re going to be doing the light golden brown with this. 


Another thing is some type of comb, that you can really kind of brush through the rooting of the synthetic wig, these kind of like rat tail combs are really great because you can also section off the hair and things like that, this is my recommendation, but any type of comb that you have that you can brush through the wig, when you’re done is really all you need.

Concealer & makeup brush

Then a couple other items, they’re optional items would be some concealer and a little makeup brush particularly on this one, that i’m going to be doing it on because it is a hard front wig, so it does have that rubberized scalp, i might accidentally have some mess-ups and have some of that brown kind of in that scalp area and i’m going to want to make my part again, you also might get your knots on your lace front wigs kind of darker as well, so you just want to have some concealer on hand, you can fix that part up when you’re finished.

Root synthetic wig tutorial

Now we know what you need, we’re gonna go ahead and get nice up and close with this wig, we wills step by step show how to do this.

How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way
How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way

We have this synthetic wig it has a lot of really beautiful dimension, but it doesn’t have any rooting and it also like i said is a pretty drastic hard. I’m going to be doing some other things this wig to make her look a little bit more natural, but the first step is going to be rooting here, i don’t want to do any crazy dark rooting, i wanted to keep it a little bit more natural and subtle.

I’m going to go ahead and be taking this light golden brown magic root cover up by l’oreal paris, like i said you can get this at any drugstore grocery store, wherever they sell hair care products,  i’m going to be spraying this relatively far away because i want it to be nice and light, i’ll do it on this side first, about i would say about six inches away from the hair and sweeping motion with a little bit of a flick of my wrist, when i’m doing it.

It sounds really weird but it’s like a dusting, then once we have just a nice little coating nothing crazy, i’m also going to hit back here in the crown area a little bit more because usually your rooting comes back a little bit further in this crown area.

The next thing i want to do is take that comb that i was talking about here and i’m going to brush through this really nicely, i want to kind of brush through this before it starts to dry, so that it doesn’t have that weird like hairspray feeling, because this stuff does tend to dry in kind of a weird hairspray way if you don’t brush it out, so i just take my hands and i’m just gonna kind of brush it out, the other nice thing about doing this too is it helps kind of blend this.

 loreal magic root spray How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way

We can really see where we still need to get some more of the spray to give this a little bit of a better route as well, so i always recommend just doing this kind of one layer at a time hitting it brushing it and then going back and hitting it again, because you can always add more, but you don’t want to like add too much at first and then have to fix it.

We definitely need some more back here i can see that, but it is blending really nicely in this color is going to be really really pretty, when we’re done so go ahead and do this again, if you feel like you’re too far away and that’s why you’re not getting enough concentration, you can always come in a little bit closer. i tend to like to come in a little closer towards the part and then i’ll like pull it out further as i spray down, so that it kind of gradually gets lighter, but it really depends on how you want your rooting to look.

I’m gonna go ahead and brush this through again, we’re getting pretty much to wear the color that i really wanted, this is great and i also like that the blonde is still kind of peeking through here a little bit, i’m definitely not going to spray underneath it, you do if you want to you can now up to you take your rat tail comb and section this up, then go ahead and flip it and spray this next track underneath to get an even better darker more defined root, this is really kind of where i would say do the next layer maybe even two layers, but here i really like that that blonde is peeking through underneath.

On that second layer so i don’t think i’m going to do that with this one, but this is totally like personal preference on what you’re wanting, so once you comb this through and you feel like you’re good now.

The last thing that we want to do, when we root a wig and this is something that i think sometimes we forget about, but if we’re running our hands through our wig and we go like this and you didn’t root any of this here, no matter if this is a hard front lace front whatever, you’re running your hand through it or you tuck behind your ear, there’s no rooting here it’s gonna look real fake.

How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way
How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way?

I always like to take a little comb or clip or something and kind of hold that hair back and spray it very lightly as well with the root spray , just to avoid that weird hairspray feeling brush through that really well. 

CONCLUSION – How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way?

Thanks for your reading the article – How to root synthetic wig in a more natural way? , I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article SYNTHETIC HAIR TOPPERS IS THE BEST CHOICE FOR HAIR LOSS OR THINNING HAIR for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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