secure lace front wig with got2b glued

how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day

Securing a wig with got2B glued is a great way to secure a lace front wig for all day wear, today i’m going to be showing you two ways how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day strong hold laying flat that lace and keeping that wig in place all day long. how i use got2B glued to secure my wig for more routine activities like maybe a day at the office.

Which way is best?

so why did i choose to secure my wig with got2 glued, first let’s talk about a few of the different ways that you can secure a lace front wig. I could have used a wig grip band like this one, there’s also wig grip bands that have silicone in them and then there are also things like this blue tape that is also a good adhesive when you want to lock down a lace front.

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how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day – wig cap

If i am wearing a 100% hand tied wig, i generally will opt for the got2B glued, because when you have a hand tied wig like this one there’s lots of places where you can kind of see through it and i don’t like that the wig grip band is visible, if i am wearing a wig that just has like a mono part there is the wig grip band that i use is mostly velvet with a little strip of lace, that kind of goes underneath your monofilament part. 

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how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day – wig band

So you don’t see the wig grip band, but everywhere else there’s lots of velvet. When i have a wig like this one i generally will lock it down with got2b glued, i also will go for got2b glued instead of a wig grip band when it is very very hot and right now in southern california it is very hot and the wig grip band, it does add a little bit more bulk to my wig where the got2b glued is just the tiniest little bit of adhesive it keeps my wig very very secure without adding heat

Yellow or black

First i’m going to start by showing you how i secure lace front wig on a daily basis for something like a day at the office where i’m not going to be doing anything crazy, for a regular day i go for the got2b glued in the black bottle, the reason for that is because this will dry clear and it gives me enough hold for kind of regular daily activities.

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how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day – black

Whereas the yellow bottle of got to be glued is water resistant and it actually will hold a lot better, if i’m going to be sweating or in the case of testing wigs on roller coasters i was kind of doing water rides and i wanted that extra layer of protection, the reason that i don’t use the yellow bottle all the time is because it does not dry clear, it will actually dry white.

how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day
how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day – yellow

When looks matter more then i go for black, when function matters more i go with yellow, both of them are water soluble and you can remove it by just you know using a damp cloth to kind of touch the areas where the the gel is, but this one is going to take a little bit more to get off which is why it’s great for intense activities.

Everyday stay

For just everyday wear, i’m going to start with about a quarter sized dollop of got2b glue and apply it just to my hairline, i am going just a smidge in front of my actual hairline and i am making sure that i’m getting it really on the scalp in front and a little bit on my hair, i do that so that my hair stays slicked back, but also i get a lot of security where that lace is really gonna lie which is right in front of my actual hairline.

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secure lace front wig with got2b glued

I only do one layer of got2b glued, so i let that get tacky and i am ready to add my wig. When it’s time to add my wig i have to be a little bit more careful, because that got to be glued gel, i don’t want it to get all over the fiber, so i’m still going to put it around my forehead and slide it back .

Then i’m going to use those ear tabs and really make sure they’re stuck down in that gel and i want to make sure that the wig is totally in position now because once that got to be glued dries, this wig is going to be locked tight. so i’m going to just adjust to make sure that that lace is falling exactly where i want it to, before i really let this set and now once that dries i am good for a day at the office.

All day hold all day play

So now i’m going to show you specifically how secure lace front wig for roller coasters and really intense activities like that, and add to that first layer which was the black bottle and add two more dollops about quarter size of the yellow water resistant got2b glued and i am going to coat my hair and get it down into my scalp and everything all the way down to the crown.

I’m really getting a lot of got to be glued in my hair and i am doing this because there are no clips and there are no combs in this wig. it’s 100% hand tied so the only thing that is going to secure it to my head, besides the construction of the wig is the got to be glued.

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how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day

Once i have it in position, i am going to really mush the ear tabs into that got to be glued, but i am also going to really get as much of that got to be glued on the lace of the cap as well, so that it is really really stuck in there, i’m just using my fingertips so that i don’t get as much of the got to be glued on the fibers.

There are probably a hundred ways to secure lace front wig with got2b glued, but this worked for me through eight hours of very intense roller coasters.

CONCLUSION -how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day

Thanks for your reading the article- how to secure lace front wig with got2b glued for all day, I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article 9 human wig hacks hairstylist hardly tell to you for more elementary knowledge about human hair wigs.

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