How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head

How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head

All people want to became more confident and beautiful. Maybe due to some reason such as  condition, treatment,or your personal choice, your hair is short or bald. Human hair wig is the best choice, which will make you look fantastic and allow you to experiment with hair looks and styles and express your creativity and vitality to life.

But there is a big concern must in your heart, how to secure wig on bald head or short hair head, which is the most critical parts of your routine before leaving the house for working or shopping. You always worry about the wig to be slipping from your head throughout the day, especially windy day or an accidental tug on your hair.

Whether you can wear human hair wig, if you are bald or short hair?

Of course, you can wear a wig, please don’t doubt it, even if you do not have much hair or hair is very short or do not have hair. Many people their hair thin or loss, as wearing human hair wig help them get a great improve for confidence and avoid their own hair problem, enjoy different fashion hairstyle and hair color everyday, some people gain better work and love.

How to avoid wig slipping

Choice the right size wig for you

Your wig always slipping, the reason is not your do not have hair or hair thin, commonly you do not choice the right size for your wig maybe is main reason. Before you decide buy a human hair wig, you should measure your head size and check the wig size chart offer by vendor or manufacturer, if you do not how to measure your head size or choice which wig size for your head, ask your hairstylist help you will be better method.

How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head
How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head – how to measure your wig cap size

If the wig size is not suit for your head, not only cause slipping, also you will feel uncomfortable. Wearing wig will become your life’s burden, which no longer fun and expect. So choice the right size wig is very important, before you buying a human hair wig.

Wash your human hair wig regular

Dirty wig is another main reason to cause wig slip. Every day human skin produce oil, these oil and sweat after you workout build up over time will make your wig dirty. So if you are wearing it multiple times a week, the wig very easy become dirty, especially you have oil skin. So wash the wig regularly is the best way to combat and prevent wig dirty and sliping.

How to secure wig

You can find many ways to secure wig via google, but not all is suit for these people their hair thin or loss. So i will share some the effective method form them.

The wig gripper

Wig gripper is widely used to secure wig, especially for bald people, it is a cleverly-designer tool, which are often comprised of two components. Velvet on both sides leaves you with a firm hold that won’t irritate your scalp, while the gripping material adheres to your scalp on one side and the wig on the other.

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How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head – wig gripper

The wig gripper adjusts to body movements, distributes the weight of a wig to make more secure, confident and comfortable, to keep human hair wig from slipping. They are very easy put on and take off, gentle on sensitive scalps and skin, tightness is adjustable, very friendly for beginner.

Elastic band

Although many wig vendor or manufacturer claim their wig with elastic strip for adjust wig size and tightness, but it is much useful for secure wig. So you need sew a elastic band for the wig, which is a strip that can be attached in a wig from ear to ear, in order to provide a quick and snappy way to secure wig.

How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head
How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head-Elastic band

Unlike clips or bobby pins, need you have hair, the method is perfect for everyone, whatever you have hair or not. Once you sew the elastic band on the inside of your wig, it requires less work than other method such as bobby pins or wig clips, will help you save much time, especially useful for those in hurry.

Silicone Sheet

Their ability to provide a good grip and non-marring surface, silicone sheet non-marring your scalp or skin and can creates a gentle suction, which will keeps your wig secure. So we should fully use the feature. The silicone sheet very easy get from Amazon or your local beauty store, then cut the silicon sheet into strip or any shape to fit your wig, final sew them to inside of wig. Silicone grips to bare skin securely and comfortably, so they will work wonderfully for wig wearers with no natural hair.

Silicone Sheet

Wig cap

Wig cap not only can help you hold your wig in place, also is a protective barrier between the wig and your scalp / skin. In market have may type of wig cap, when you choice it, please note the below points:

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How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head – wig cap

Color: the wig cap color should match your skin tone, in order to create your wig most look natural and realistic.

Smooth surface: as the wig cap directly touch your scalp, so you should choice a good material to make the wig cap surface is smooth.

Size:  wig cap too small you will feel uncomfortable, if it too big, the wig cap can not hold your wig in place, have the risk of slipping, so should choice a good size for your head.

Breathability: you also need choice wig cap made of the material should make sure breathability.

Conclude – How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head

I think above four kinds method is the best suit for bald and hair thin people. Beside these, also have other method such as double side tape, wig glue or adhesive. Though these method also is effective to help you secure human hair wig and prevent slipping off, but as you know these tools all include much chemicals, and these chemicals will directly touch or cover your scalp and skin, more or less is affective your scalp and skin healthy. So i do not recommend these chemical method.

Thanks for you read the post – How to secure wig on bald head or short hair head, I hope you enjoyed these method and they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much!  Besides the article, Best tips for you choose the right lace front human hair wig for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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