Best tips for how to store synthetic wig styles, synthetic wigs storage is very important

Best tips for how to store synthetic wig styles, synthetic wigs storage is very important

Here we are going to give you a quick best tips for how to store synthetic wig styles, synthetic wigs storage is very important. Synthetic hair is exactly as it sounds. The fake hair strands are made out of man-made fibers like acrylic or nylon.

The fibers are put through various chemical processes to give them a similar look, feel, color, and styling capability as human hair. The quality of the materials used to create the fibers is what determines how closely a bundle of synthetic hair mimics actual human hair.

Ps: These tips are for long term storage over 1 month

Sometimes you rotate your wigs around where like right now it’s summertime, so in the fall I started to put away some of those short styles and pixies, and I’ll be getting them out again in spring. So how do I store synthetic wig.

Save the original packaging

Save the packaging that it came in, save the box, the tissue, the cardboard forms tags and everything, save it all because this is going to be the most effective way to store synthetic wig 

Be sure the wig is clean and dry

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Just make sure when you go to store your wig that it’s clean and thoroughly dry. Nobody wants to take a wig out of storage and expect to wear it and then have it be really gummy and sticky and warped, because it was dirty when it went into the box, that’s not going to permanently damage the wig, but you’ll certainly have to probably shampoo and condition it, let it dry thoroughly before you can wear it.

The reason why you want it to be thoroughly dry before you place it into the box, it is because that wig if it’s not thoroughly dry can actually take on the shape of that box, as it’s laying there and drying inside of the packaging.

Important do’s and don’ts of caring for synthetic hair

Don’t use hot tools. Using hot tools on synthetic hair can damage the fibers of synthetic hair. It’s also important to be careful near ovens, stoves and open grills. If you prefer to style synthetic hair with hot tools, be sure to choose a heat-friendly option.

Do use a brush that’s made for synthetic hair. Brushes that are made for synthetic hair won’t stretch the fibers of synthetic hair. And don’t brush it while wet unless you want a head full of frizz.

Do let synthetic hair air dry. For best results, air dry synthetic hair. It increases the life of the hair and keeps it looking healthy.

Don’t use natural hair products on synthetic hair. Synthetic hair needs minimal product, but be sure to use a product that is synthetic hair-friendly to avoid product buildup.

Do use a serum to keep your synthetic hair lustrous. Since synthetic hair can get dry, adding a dime-sized amount of a shine serum like the Monoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum to add a natural, lightweight sheen.

You can use a gallon ziplock bag

If you didn’t save your original package, no worries there’s a couple of things that you can do, do you have a gallon plastic bag this would be an amazing a way to store your wig, you want to slip in a dryer sheet, just so the static electricity doesn’t build up inside of the bag, so put a dryer sheet in before inserting the wig into the bag. 

gallon ziplock bag – how to store synthetic wig styles, synthetic wigs storage

You couldn’t turn it inside out or you could simply sandwich it together, pull up the bottom , then slip it inside of the bag, make sure you get the kind with the little ziplock at the top that way you can push the air out. So close it about 3/4 of the way press all the air out, final finish closing it.

Plastic bins or shorboxes are good options!

You’ve done it something that’s very efficient to store a shoebox or a plastic storage bin of some sort that would be appropriate to keep these in, you don’t want anything heavy resting on top of it, it might crush the wig and alter the synthetic wig styles. 

you can also use a plastic bin or a shoebox just anything to protect the wig, so I can use one of these this is I just have some wig care products inside of this, but these are pretty cheap that you can buy right at the drugstore or Walmart or something like that, to use and store your wigs they’re easily to slip under the bed, you can place them on a shelf in the closet.

shoeboxes -how to store synthetic wig styles, synthetic wigs storage

This is the original box that my shoes came in, you’ll notice that I do have all of the tissue paper I have the the hairnet, what you want to do is fold it in half fold, then turn it inside out, if you like it came inside out or you don’t remember it’s really not a big deal, as long as you place the net around it, the net is going to keep those fibers from shifting around in the box.

Then you run the risk of it getting cold crimped or more friction on the style, so you can apply your wig net, I always use that not the knot there as a guide, I place that knot right at the front like right at the top of the hairline, I stretch the net around the back of the wig, making sure that all of the hair is encompassed within the net and sometimes that’s a trick with a longer style.

Once all the hair has been placed inside of the net, I place it inside of the box notice I say the little cardboard forms there as well and they always have a little contour showing you how the wig is to be placed in the box, so this is what it looks like going back in the box that looks very similar to when I received it brand new.

store it in climate controlled areas only, stay in cool dry place

So now the wig is ready to store long term, what you should do now is make sure that you store it in a cool dry place, you should avoid storing it in the attic where temperatures can reach very high and very low it can be very moist, you also want to avoid storing it in the garage anywhere that’s not climate-controlled, you should avoid storing your wig there.


So those are Best tips for how to store synthetic wig styles, synthetic wigs storage is very important, if you have missed that you would like to share let’s do a conversation about it down in the comments okay.Besides the areticle, you also check this article 5 myths for synthetic hair wig  for more elementary knowledge about wigs.

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