How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks

How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks

I’m going to be showing youHow to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks the proper way to do it and some tips and tricks that i have that i’ve kind of learned work and don’t work and just some products and things like that that i recommend

Why we would want to straighten synthetic hair wig?

one being that maybe we found a color that we love but we don’t want it to be curly we want to straighten it instead.

Two maybe we’ve caused a lot of damage to the end of our wig and it is curly, but by adding some heat to a heat-safe synthetic wig you can actually repair and soften up the fibers. 

How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks – why straighten?

That’s reason why a lot of people take heat to their wigs and straighten their wigs, so i’m going to  show you guys how to do that up close and personal a couple things before we go over that, i wanted to show you guys some of my recommendations for things to use as far as heat tools go on your synthetic wigs.

Heat Tools i recommend – biginner wig hacks

Hot comb

what i recommend is to always use something like a hot comb number one recommendation there are some really amazing ones out there this one is a no frills no bells no whistles has a button that lights up one two or three there are a lot of them out there with like temperature control digital temperature readings lots of lots of really awesome things but you can use something this simple

How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks
How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks – hot comb

Straightening Brushes

i also love these kind of straightening brushes as well i got this one at amazon has tons of them. so whatever you prefer these are usually better, because there is a way for the heat to actually escape out of them from this way, you’re running it through the wig, but you’re not trapping the wig in between it, so these are really what i would recommend using when you’re straining a wig.

How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks – Hair Dryer Brushes

Different Reasons Different products

So as far as products go when straightening a wig, because normally when you do your own hair you always put some type of heat protectent spray, shine spray all of this stuff, we use for our normal hair, but synthetic wigs are not like our normal hair, they’re not going to absorb products that we put on them, they are just going to kind of coat the strands.

There are some things that i recommend using, when you are straightening your synthetic wigs, there are different things that i would recommend, if you’re straightening to just straighten or you’re straightening to repair your synthetic wig, alright so no matter what whenever you are straining your synthetic wig, i always recommend that you have some type of conditioning spray for your synthetic wig, that can be a dry conditioner that can be a conditioning spray that’s made between for synthetic wig.

If you are repairing a wig, there’s a couple things i would do before i go to straighten my wig, i would definitely do a fabric softener soak to my wig beforehand, because that’s going to make it just as soft as humanly possible, you also want to use some type of conditioning spray, i would do also possibly some type of conditioning mask to the wig as well before i do.

How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks
How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks – dry conditoner

Any type of heat stuff to it, because when you repair you also want to make sure you have a nice coat on the wig, on those fibers to help keep the friction down, so that you cause less damage faster as you wear her as a straight wig, another really great thing to use when repairing, synthetic wigs is some type of silicone wig spray, it’s really going to coat those fibers like i said protect the hair also from the heat it has a lot of functions, it works really well.

I’ll put some of those things down below for you guys if you want to check them out, but those are just my recommendations for you guys when you are straightening a wig, we’re going to go ahead and get in close on this wig to show you exactly what i do when i straighten my wigs.

How to straighten my wigs

With this wig she is a semi-curly girl very similar to like what i have on where she has a curl down here at the bottom, she is just kind of damaged from where, she’s not as soft of a fiber and just not wearing as well. I’m going to get rid of this and make her straight, because i do not have a straight just dark brunette wig. I am doing some repairing and she is a little bit stiffer.

Step # 1- Coat Wig

Take first my dry conditioner here that i have and i’m gonna give it a nice coat just to really give it a nice coating of spray to help make it soft.

Step # 2- Brush Wig

Next thing you’re always going to want to do no matter what is really just make sure you brush through your wig very very well and there aren’t any tangles or anything in it especially if you’re going through with some type of brush or comb like this an issue that you’ll have if you don’t brush through it first is that it’ll actually get caught in here and it could pull and actually break or damage the fiber even more so the name of the game is to cause the least amount of pulling as possible when you’re going through and straightening this wig

How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks
RIT fabric dye

Step # 3- Straighten wig just like bio hair

Once you’ve brushed it through, you’re going to straighten it just like you would your own hair, i like to do it in sections, i put some of the hair up at a one at a time really concentrating on that back nape of the neck, because that’s where most of the damage is on this wig.

so one thing, i absolutely love about straightening wigs is instantly gratifying, especially on a wig that has damage to it, because it feels kind of that straw dry feeling and as soon as you run heat through it, it feels instantly soft and smooth and it’s just i don’t know, it’s just that instant gratification i love it so much, so it’s kind of therapeutic for me to just kind of brush through and straighten my wigs.

Step # 4- Turn wig inside out straighten bottom weft

The last thing i like to do, once i’ve gotten the whole wig pretty straight is i actually like to take the wig, i like to flip it inside out and put it back on my wig head and straighten all of the underneath area, because a lot of times, you’ll miss some of this hair, then you see those little curls through the straight hair.

After we’re all done with this and it is making her just a brand new back to life girl, i can rub my hands completely through her, she’s so soft, it’s so satisfying and it completely repairs your wig, it can transform your wig into something else like i said, this is great if you find a way that you love the color, but maybe you wanted to be straight instead of curly or you can repair your wigs this way too.

Make suer wig is heat safe

Make sure your wig is heat safe before you apply any heat to it. you also always want to start off at the lowest temperature possible, i usually love straighteners that kind of are in that like 180 200 as a low range, because usually that’s where i like to start and then i never ever have to go past 300 on any wig, that’s including a future a fiber wig which can handle higher heats, but i typically stay in that like 2 250 range.

How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks – heat safe

Those are really great temperatures always two just make sure you do a little test strand on the bottom part underneath of the wig, just in case almost every company will tell you, how much heat their wig can handle, but sometimes they might not have the accurate amount on there, so it’s just always good to do it yourself make sure the temperature. you’re using is good for the wig that you’re doing it on, because not all heat safe wigs are created equal, so always check to make sure that your wig is safe to put heat on before you put heat on it.


Thanks for your reading the article- How to straighten synthetic hair wig biginner wig hacks? I hope you enjoyed these tips and I hope that they work for you as well as they work for me. Leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the areticle, you also check this article Which synthetic hair wigs dye works the best?for more elementary knowledge about synthetic wigs.

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