How to style a lace front wig for beginners

How to style a lace front wig for beginners ( no skills needed)

How to style a lace front wig for beginners? The question should in your mind, when you get your first lace front wig. You maybe see your neighbor or friends wear a lace front wig to make them more beautiful and confidence, so you want to the same thing happened to you. Are you regretting your impulsive consumption behavior, as you are a beginner for lace front wig, never know the relevant knowledge. Today we will share some tips and tricks on how to style a lace front wig for beginners, please keep read the article.

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Prepare your lace front wig – How to style a lace front wig for beginners

Why you think your neighbor or friends become more beautiful, after they wear lace front wig. Whatever hairstyle for the lace front wig, firstly be sure their wig appearance must very naturally.  Otherwise nobody will think you are become more beautiful, even if the wig hairstyle very fashion and gorgeous. There are two critical factor impact the wig appearance on lace front wig. One is plucking hairline, the other is bleach black knots. Not all wig on market have been plucked hairline and bleach the black knots, so when you first get your lace front wig, you must check them.

Plucking hairline

How to style a lace front wig for beginners
How to style a lace front wig for beginners – plucking hair line

Plucking the hairline is a technique that using tweezer to extract hair and make the density of the hair in the front section turn lower, which will offer the impression of a very natural hairline, in order to try best to close natural appearance, you also can create some baby hair around the hairline. If you are interested know more about it, could read the article How to make your lace front wig hairline look natural.

Bleach knots

There are many hair strands were tied on the lace mesh, thus create many black knots on each lace mesh, bleaching these black knots on lace mesh will be best effective method to get rid of black pigment from the knots and change its color similar as your skin and scalp color, which create the illusion that the hair grow up from your own scalp. Most of wig manufacturers do not offer the bleach knots service, so you should bleach the knots by yourselves or your hairstylist.

How to style a lace front wig for beginners
How to style a lace front wig for beginners

Prepare your own hair – How to style a lace front wig for beginners

In order to lace front wig can as close to the scalp as possible, you should make your head surface flat, do not have very visible hair bun or lump, otherwise not only affect secure wig,but also make the wig appearance not naturally.


If you are own hair is short afro curl, the best method to make your head surface flat is braid your hair to cornrows hair style, which most common hairstyle under the wig for black women. Cornrows offer the perfect flat surface, avoid your hair to be bulky or lumpy under the lace front wig. As the hairstyle have divide your own hair into small rows from front to back and braid down the length of your head, so it is allows for hair to protected, and more convenience to maintain your own hair. Because you very easier access to the scalp for cleansing and moisturizing.

How to quickly lay synthetic lace front wigs
How to style a lace front wig for beginners – cornrows hairstyle

Other method

Besides cornrows, also there are many other method for your option, such as French braids, slick back your hair with gel, twist your hair to form buns.

French braids – if your hair not short, it is easier braid then cornrows and save your precious time, also convenience to maintain your own hair, but the head surface is not flatter than cornrows.

Slick back your hair with gel – the method very suit for the people with very short hair, which also can offer very flat head surface, but compare with cornrows hairstyle, it is not convenience to clean and maintain your own hair

Twist your hair to form buns –  it is the quickest hairstyle, you should make them small, otherwise will cause lumps or bumps under the wig. If you have long hair, twist two or more flat buns is essential to fit the hair under a lace front wig. Though it is very easy create, but it is not popular, as twist will cause frizz and tangle faster than others method.

Protect your own hair and scalp

As your hair and scalp will long-term under lace front wig, so before installing lace front wig, you should protect your own hair and scalp, apply some moisturized hair products, such as spray some leave-in hair conditioner on your hair and scalp or use some scalp cream to protect them under wig.

How to style a lace front wig for beginners

After you complete all prepare work, you can start style you lace front wig. All prepare work is for creating natural appearance, style wig is for you have a beautiful hairstyle based on a natural appearance. You can style your lace front wig on canvas or your own head when you wear it. If you are interested in know about wig installing could read the article: How to wear lace front wigs without glue?

The bellow we will share some most common and fashion hairstyle for lace front wig.

curly lace front human hair wig

How to style a lace front wig for beginners
How to style a lace front wig for beginners – curly lace front human hair wig


※Hair Grade: Top Grade Hair, deep curly wig, Medium Luster, Bleach/Dye Friendly
※Hair Length: 16inches-30inches is available, Very Soft, Healthy, and thick
※Lace Wig Type: 13*4 Lace Front Wig human hair near me
※Cap Size: Average Size
※Natural Hairline: natural hairline and baby hair resemble real common 180% density

Body wave

How to style a lace front wig for beginners (No skills needed)
How to style a lace front wig for beginners


Body wave is most popular type, which creates the most natural defined waves that can make you look and feel more gorgeous and confident. Body wave hair style also be named by big curls that hold for longer and can be styled individually.When you wear the body wave hairstyle wig, the wave flow down your back in a style that most female find very sexy. It is very easy to be style and keep the wave texture, also easy change it to straight, whenever you want to. So it is the most popular hairstyle.

Straight hair wig

the difference between supper double drawn hair, baby thin hair and single donor hair
How to style a lace front wig for beginners

Straight hair is best for beginners, though it is simplest, but you also need carefully do it, after all it is made of human hair, gentelly brush the hair and minimize heat treatment. Please settig the low heat when you use the flat iron, avoid the hair long time under high heat.

CONCLUDE – How to style a lace front wig for beginners

Above is all about How to style a lace front wig for beginners , hope they are useful for you, leave me a note in the comments. So let me know how it turns out, thanks you very much! Besides the article, HOW TO FIX A LACE FRONT WIG for more elementary knowledge about human hair wig.

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